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When to Call a Phoenix Drywall Repair Specialists at TWD

If you need drywall repair in Phoenix, then there’s no better team to solve your problems than the drywall contractor Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc (TWD). They provide a wide range of drywall repair and replacement services, and they can handle most any residential or commercial job. Take a look at what they can do for …

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Design Ideas for Your Dream Laundry Room

You’ve seen the magazine photos and television shows with gigantic luxurious laundry rooms that you can only imagine washing your clothes in. Laundry rooms have become a hot trend in the remodel industry. Re-designing your laundry room or expanding to create a multi-purpose room is on the top of many upgrades to make.
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5 Improvements to Make Before You Selling Your Home

It’s no secret that home sales and pricing are on the rise. Families are taking advantage of low interest rates while they are available. Pricing on current homes have risen back up to normal levels more even keel with what is owed, so you can afford to get out of your home without losing money. …

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Designing Your Garage Addition

The average family owns a truck or SUV as their primary mode of transportation. The automotive industry has done an amazing job capitalizing on the “sport utility” needs of a family or active couple. Gone are the days of having a little sporty vehicle that is small enough to fit in an ordinary home garage. …

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Bathroom Remodeling: Breaking the Barrier of Walls

Consider your dream spa-like bathroom. You may have thought about one you have seen in a magazine or even a fancy hotel that you have stayed at. For over the last 10 years it has been common among the most luxurious hotels to have open spacious bathrooms with all of the finest amenities. Many people …

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3 Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

Doing a kitchen renovation is often one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. It’s also something that can really boost your satisfaction with your home, if you plan carefully. However, the kitchen remodeling process itself can be tough to navigate, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why you’ll want …

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Summer Checklist for an Efficient-Running Home

The Summer months and high temperatures are just around the corner. Have you started working up your honey-do list for the Summer? Many people have a long running to-do list of chores to keep their homes running smoothly, but updating it seasonally can make a big difference in what really gets accomplished. There is a …

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Could Your Home Use Another Bathroom?

If you’re thinking about doing some home remodeling in Phoenix this year, then one item you may consider putting at the top of your list is to add another bathroom. Indeed, you may even decide to do a bathroom remodel on your existing bathrooms and add a new bathroom at the same time.
There are …

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Add Personality to Your Home with Trim Molding

If you live in a typical tract home, you very well know how cookie-cutter-like the homes can get. The interior most likely has 8’ ceilings, standard 3-1/4” streamline baseboard, average looking flooring in a neutral color and no real design concept to set it apart from the same floor plan down the street. So what …

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3 Ideas for Freshening Your Kitchen Design

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a kitchen remodel in Phoenix. Indeed, if you’re working on a limited budget there are still plenty of ways to freshen your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are three of these ideas…
Install a Backsplash
If you have an …

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