3 Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix


Doing a kitchen renovation is often one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. It’s also something that can really boost your satisfaction with your home, if you plan carefully. However, the kitchen remodeling process itself can be tough to navigate, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why you’ll want to follow these tips for a smooth, successful and satisfying kitchen remodel in Phoenix.

Tip #1: Plan for the Same Footprint

Even if you want to create a drastically different look during your kitchen renovation, you should still plan on keeping the same basic footprint. This means that plumbing should stay right where it is, because moving the sink and dishwasher more than about two feet tends to be a major expense. You may also need to keep your other appliances close to their current spots, depending on your electrical outlet setup.

Tip #2: Imagine Using the Kitchen

As you’re planning your kitchen renovation in Phoenix, you’ll want to think about how you’ll actually use your kitchen. What work zones do you want to set up? Where will you store dishes and utensils to best accommodate those work zones?

For example, you may think of storing high use items in a bottom cupboard because that cupboard is closest to a particular work zone. However, kneeling down to look in a dark cupboard gets old really quickly, so you’re better off putting low-use items in those places which are harder to access.

Another thing to consider is how many cooks you’ll have in the kitchen at the same time. If you often have two cooks, then sure to make your walkways wide enough to accommodate two people easily.

Tip #3: Expect the Unexpected

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, you should expect the unexpected. Even if you carefully plan your renovation, there is a chance that you’ll encounter a problem that could add to the time and/or cost of your project. For example, some problems (like plumbing problems) aren’t detected until the contractor has ripped out a wall. These sorts of things can add to additional time and expense, so factor in the unexpected.


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