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This was our first ever remodel experience, with a large kitchen and butler’s pantry. Everyone involved handled every aspect of our projects with true professionalism. - Brad & Linda F.


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    Do you walk into your home and dream about the idea of a kitchen renovation that converts your space into one that feels more sleek and modern? Visions of having plenty of storage, changing to another style, or even about completely transforming your space into a chef’s signature kitchen that inspires you to cook and entertain can come true!


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    More than any other interior home project, Phoenix kitchen remodeling will allow you to see a very noticeable impact on you and your family, your daily routine and the enjoyment that you have when being home. The indoor kitchen is the hub of almost any household. It’s not only where you cook and prepare meals, but entertain, pay bills, do homework and gather with one another as a family.

    Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering if you need kitchen renovation services:

    • Do I have cluttered kitchen countertops and the need for more adequate storage space?
    • Do I have dysfunctional or hard to reach areas in my kitchen?
    • Do I dislike the flow of my kitchen? Is it lacking optimal space for more than just one cook?
    • Is my kitchen outdated with archaic features and materials?
    • I love having family time and wish we could all eat together. Can a remodeling contractor redesign the kitchen to be a good fit for all of us?
    • I enjoy entertaining friends and family, does my current kitchen make that difficult to do? Does it keep me separated from my guests?
    • I would like to put my Phoenix home up for sale in the near future. Could my home use some kitchen and bathroom upgrades to make it more appealing to other homeowners? Will not doing any remodeling projects hurt my resale value?
    • Is my kitchen unsafe to my level of stability, reach and strength that I have currently have? And more so in later years as I continue living in place?

    If you answered YES to these questions, then the next question is…

    Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Phoenix

    Do I really need to hire a professional remodeling contractor? Yes!

    Hiring an inexperienced handyman or attempting your kitchen remodel as a weekend DIY project, while may cost less up front, is not an approach you’ll want to gamble on. Reputable kitchen contractors take care of all the signature details, some of which you may have not even considered. From start to finish, a contractor will complete your dream home remodeling project up to current building codes and within budget. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is being over budget and out of money with an unfinished kitchen on your hands, a flood, fire or worse due to subpar work.

    Nonetheless, choosing the best materials for Phoenix kitchen remodels can be quite the daunting task. Without the help of a professional interior designer or remodel designer that specializes in Phoenix remodeling, you could end up with a countertop, stone or tile that requires more maintenance that you’re up for. With the endless selection of materials that homeowners can use throughout their whole home, do you know which are more suitable for higher traffic rooms? Are you aware of the countertops that are not a good fit to use in areas with higher moisture, that cannot handle hot pots and pans being set on them, or which materials that are more porous making them subject to staining issues?

    Utilizing the expertise of an interior kitchen and bath designer within the construction industry is imperative for any kind of Phoenix home remodeling to ensure a successful and beautiful end result that fits your needs now and for the years ahead.

    "TWD Inc. is a finely tuned company. From initial call through finished job each person knew their role and communication during the process was top notch. I would recommend them in a heartbeat !!! That do exactly what they say they will do plus some."

    Susan Cook, Phoenix Homeowner 5 /5


    You can ask any Realtor about what Phoenix home remodeling and improvement projects appeal most to buyers, have the greatest impact on homeowners and the highest perceived value, and you will get TWO predominant answers.

    "Complete Kitchen Remodels AND Kitchen Renovation Upgrades"

    The components of an Arizona kitchen remodel and the amount of work needed have a direct effect in determining the project price. Generally speaking, Phoenix Arizona kitchen remodeling can cost anywhere from 10%-25% of the value of your home. While this proves to be true for Scottsdale, Peoria and surrounding area remodels, it does only pertain to interior kitchen renovation services. Outdoor living spaces do have other factors to take into account that can sway the project price. While it is difficult to pinpoint an exact cost until the fine details and material selections have been outlined, we’ve used our experience as a contractor to put together this valuable guide to get you started.

    Once you know what level of remodel your home needs and the approximate prices ranges that are covered in our free guide, the next step is finding and hiring the best Phoenix remodeling contractor to turn your dream into a reality.


    The whole home remodeling services offered by TWD are like no other.

    1. Our on-staff designers work with homeowners every step of the way. As a nationally accredited kitchen and bathroom professionals, they are trained in Universal Design giving you peace of mind that your design will include features that allow you to continue living and aging in place more comfortably. Our team provides a stress-free no-pressure process. We want the opportunity to earn your trust and become your contractor of choice for the life of your home.
    2. Full access to our beautiful home remodeling showroom to plan your entire project from beginning to end. You can see the wood grain in the cabinetry, feel the touch of the stone, the glimmer in the countertop and coordinate your entire interior design palette all at one convenient location, saving you time and money.
    3. Our remodeling project design retainers are an affordable flat fee and are not based on the dollar value of your project. We’ll outline every detail of your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project, provide 3-D renderings showing you the possibilities for your home, and an all-inclusive cost for your project. Other companies prefer bidding with material allocations to seem more affordable. At TWD, we do not believe in these tactics, which are likely to over exceed your budget. We’ll give you a project price you can be confident in.
    4. TWD was built on the philosophy that our customers are a part of our Arizona family legacy, and our goal is to build a long-standing relationship with you as a home remodeling contractor that you can rely on. We do this by providing superior customer service and maintaining good communication.
    5. Access to our online project management software 24/7. Create your unique log-in and follow along throughout your remodeling project. Read daily notes and see progress pictures, interact with our team, view the construction schedule, get real time balance updates, and the ability to retrieve all documentation for your project at the click of a button.
    Kitchen Remodel project in Phoenix - Kitchen island


    1. Schedule your free in-home consultation.

    2. Meet with our remodeling expert to perform a walk of your home discussing any kitchen remodeling needs.

    3. Receive a detailed proposal addressing the precise needs for your kitchen.

    4. Upon scheduling your project with TWD, you will receive access to our 24/7 online project management system.


    "We had Todd and his team remodel our master bathroom and kitchen about 1 year ago. Ron from the design team at TWD did a great job listening to what we liked and wanted. Then he set out to designing us a great kitchen and bathroom, we couldn't be happier. The crews that did the work were professional and took pride in the work they did. We are getting ready to contact TWD again to have them remodel our second bathroom. I highly recommend TWD if you are in the market to get any home remodeling done. They show up when they say they will, they are professional and they do quality work, what more could you ask for."

    Thomas Duzy, Phoenix Homeowner 5 /5

    Request Your Free In-Home or Design Showroom Consultation


    Every TWD kitchen remodel is designed specifically for our homeowner. As a general rule of thumb, a kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from 10% - 25% of the value of your home depending on the work that is needed. The complexity, size and components involved all go into determining the level of remodeling needed.

    At a basic level maintaining the current layout without any relocations, you can safely budget being in the $15,000 - $35,000 price range, while at an intermediate level can cost approximately $35,000 - $75,000 involving minor modifications. A major remodel consisting of elaborate modifications and layout changes can be in the $75,000 - $125,000 price range.

    For More Information Visit Our Blog: "How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Really Cost?"


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