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With a stunning kitchen remodel—You’ll fall in love with your kitchen again!

Dulberg Kitchen Remodel PhoenixAre you in your Arizona home, dreaming about pinning recipe ideas in a beautiful gourmet kitchen? We know you are a brilliant chef and an avid baker, and you need a kitchen space where your ideas can become a reality. It is now easier than ever to get the dream kitchen you have always wanted, with the right help from a top-rated remodel team that is known and trusted in Phoenix, AZ.

Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc services Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas for your kitchen remodeling with an experienced team of designers and contractors. The perfect kitchen is within reach, as we work with your family’s wish list and budget so you can enjoy your new space.

Our team at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc always takes a person approach to designing and remodeling the ideal kitchen for your Phoenix, AZ home.

What To Expect When You Meet With Our Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Phoenix?

  • FREE design consultation in our showroom, located in Phoenix, AZ with one of our kitchen remodeling experts.
  • Full access to our designer home showroom to plan your entire project from start to finish. See the wood grain in the cabinetry, feel the touch of the stone, the glimmer in the countertop and coordinate your entire color palette all at one, convenient location, saving you time and money.
  • A rough sketch of your dream kitchen remodeling renovation.
  • A detailed estimate outlining all of the materials and inclusions for your kitchen remodeling project.
  • 3-D renderings so that we can bring your kitchen remodeling plan to life, ensuring that you are going to fall in love with the layout, the look and the flow of your new space. Our team gives you a visual of how everything will come together.
  • Providing superior customer service. Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. is built on the philosophy that our customers are a part of our Arizona family, and our goal is to build a long-standing relationship with you as your general contractor of choice.

Reasons You Need A Kitchen Remodel Now:

kitchen remodeling for functionality and space

Functionality and Storage Space

Your cabinets may be busting at the seams, because of the inadequate space that standard cabinetries have for items such as large pans and countertop appliances. Kitchen remodeling will enhance the functionality and storage options for your space. Say goodbye to the cluttered countertops, and embrace the practical storage capabilities that you could have through kitchen remodeling.

Improve Flow

Kitchen remodeling does not only maximize the space inside your cabinets but will also increase the directional flow in the room. A modified layout may be the best option for your Phoenix, AZ home allowing for time-saving efficiencies and more cooks in the kitchen.

Modernized Look

kitchen remodeling example of a multi-purpose Island Do not let laminate countertops, vinyl flooring and archaic features of an outdated kitchen decrease the resale value of your home. Our design team will make the kitchen remodeling process easy on your eyes and your wallet.

A Multi-Purpose Island

Your kitchen is the hub of your household and a high traffic area. Introducing a multi-purpose island to your kitchen remodeling plans will make the space a more practical environment for you and your family. Need a place to finish that school project, or extra space for your meal prep, no problem!

Transform Ordinary Kitchen Into Extraordinary Today

State-of-the-Art AppliancesPhoto of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix

Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. has established partnerships with numerous well-known manufacturers to bring their ideas and a complete kitchen package to your home in Arizona.

Quality Flooring and Stone

The days of vinyl are distant memories with the eco-friendly high trend, low maintenance materials becoming increasingly popular, our team is always on top of the latest trends. Oversized travertine planked porcelain tile with the look of real wood and bamboo are a few noteworthy flooring options to consider for your kitchen remodel.

Durable Countertops

To handle the daily routine of your family, your kitchen will need a durable surface for everything from food prep to cleanups and everything in between. Granite, quartz, butcher block, and engineered stone are the most sought-after countertop materials in today’s market, all offering a variety of color and style choices to complement your space.

Custom Cabinetry

Semi-custom and custom cabinetries are available in a diverse array of color and glaze options to bring your look alive. Choosing a complimenting door and decorative molding paired with upgrades such as pull-out drawers, open shelving and specialty storage features for your cabinet layout will enhance the appearance of your new kitchen. Ask our Design Team today about including soft-close functionality to top off your new cabinetry with a smooth touch.

Ready to have our expert design team at Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. handle your kitchen remodeling experience? Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation for your home in Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas to be one step closer to stepping into your new luxury kitchen.

How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel In Phoenix Really Cost?

How much does a kitchen remodel in Phoenix cost?You can ask any Realtor about what projects appeal more to buyers, have the greatest impact and higher perceived value, and you will get TWO predominant of answers.

“Complete Kitchen Remodel AND Kitchen Upgrades”

More than any other renovation, the very thought of a kitchen remodel will allow you to see the noticeable impact that it will have on you and your family, your daily routine and the enjoyment that you have when being at home. The kitchen is hub of almost any household. It’s not only where you cook and prepare meals, but entertain, pay bills, do homework and gather together as a family.

There are numerous reasons WHY homeowners want to do a kitchen remodel, what are yours?

  • To upgrade worn-out and/or dingy surfaces.
  • Bring in new current finishes and materials.
  • Add more functionality to their home.
  • Improve livability and flexibility of the home.
  • Modernize the look of the space.
  • Increase the salability.

When you’re working on your kitchen remodel you need to make sure you have a plan of attack to keep your project on track and under budget. For a more detailed look into what your remodel could cost, in time and money, to complete, check out our article “How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Cost?

From the time l walked into TWD's office to the completion my kitchen project I have never believed it could go so smooth. Everyone was so nice and professional. I will definitely have my next home project done by TWD.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Every TWD kitchen remodel is designed specifically for our homeowner. As a general rule of thumb, a kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from 10% – 25% of the value of your home depending on the work that is needed. The complexity, size and components involved all go into determining the level of remodeling needed.

At a basic level maintaining the current layout without any relocations, you can safely budget being in the $15,000 – $35,000 price range, while at an intermediate level can cost approximately $35,000 – $75,000 involving minor modifications. A major remodel consisting of elaborate modifications and layout changes can be in the $75,000 – $125,000 price range.

For More Information Visit Our Blog: “How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Really Cost?”

As with any remodel, it depends on the size of the kitchen and complexity of the project. The average kitchen can take between four to eight weeks to properly renovate, not including the planning and design phase or time for material staging. Unlike other contractors in Phoenix, TWD does have a “staging phase” for all of our projects. During this time, we’ll order, receive and quality check all of the materials that will go into your project and have them staged ready to go in order to eliminate delays or product availability issues during construction. Our goal is to complete your project as smoothly and quickly as possible because we understand that living in a construction zone is simply not for the faint of heart.

The biggest chunk out of your kitchen remodel budget will likely go towards your cabinetry.  On average 35% of the overall budget is spent on cabinets alone. Whether you are planning to retire in your current home or reselling it in the upcoming years, you’ll want to choose a good quality cabinet to get the most out of your investment.

In order to determine which countertop material is right for you, you’ll need to ask yourself what the most important characteristics are to you. A few critical things to consider is how sensitive a particular material is to stains, spills and heat. Does it requires any additional or extra care versus another? What is the likelihood of breakage and chips; and how easy is it to repair? Quartz are man-made engineered from a combination of resin and quartz, making it known for its extreme durability and easy maintenance. Granite withstands cuts, stains, scratches and heat easily when properly sealed, but its durability causes it to weigh substantially more requiring added support measures to be taken. Granite is recommended to receive annual sealing to keep it looking like new. If you are looking for a maintenance free product, granite may not be right for you.

Tip #1: By knowing your priorities for your kitchen remodel, you can better access which items are a “need” vs a “want”. For example the “needs” in a kitchen will vary for a chef that prepares extravagant meals, than they will for an avid pastry baker and likewise for the family on the go that prefers takeout meals.

Tip #2: If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, consider refacing them in lieu of a full cabinet replacement or simply upgrading the hardware to give your current cabinetry a new look. By saving money on your cabinetry, it may just allow you the wiggle room you were looking for to splurge on your countertop or other selection in your kitchen that is more of a “need”.

Tip #3: Avoid changing the footprint of your kitchen, and thus minimizing the need for plumbing and electrical relocations.

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