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    Is your bathroom lined with once-trendy, now-outdated or ugly tile? Do share, has your builder-grade cabinetry seen better days? Whether you're considering minor bathroom improvements or luxury bath remodeling in Phoenix, there is hope. A well thought out and designed guest bathroom remodel or master bathroom renovation can achieve high-impact results for you and your family's indoor living.

    Bathroom [bath room/noun]: A temporary sanctuary where we seek refuge from the chaos we call life. A place to wash worries away.


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    As one of the main rooms in your Arizona home and one that you use on a daily basis, it is important that your bathrooms be functional and safe to use. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you need a Phoenix bathroom remodel now:

    • Are my bathrooms outdated? The '80s and '90s were fun, but the styles are severely outdated now.
    • Do I need to upgrade my Az bathroom with more water-saving and energy-efficient features?
    • Are the materials in my bathroom discolored or stained?
    • Is there tripping or slipping hazards?
    • Is now a good time to incorporate (decorate) grab bars for added stability and safety? Having a grab bar within showers, near bathtubs, and beside toilets are all areas that can be useful to those of any age.
    • Would it be beneficial to have a seat or built-in bench in the bathing area?
    • Do I worry about the safety of my aging relatives or myself?
    • Is it possible that I have a (minor) water leak that may require repair or replacement services?
    • Is there visible water damage in your bath that needs repair?
    • Do I need better or more enhanced lighting in my Phoenix or Scottsdale bathroom?
    • Is my space lacking luxury spa-like features, adequate shared storage, or maybe tech capabilities that would make my daily routine more enjoyable and efficient?

    If you answered YES to these questions, then the next question is…

    Bathroom Remodel Phoenix

    Do I really need to hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor? Yes!

    This might be the most important decision of your bath remodeling project. Hiring an inexperienced handyman or attempting your bath remodel in Phoenix as a one day DIY project could end up being the biggest disaster on the planet. You may think that you are saving a buck, but in reality, you're taking a real gamble that could end up costing you more. Shoddy work in a bathroom can lead to water damage, electric shock, fire, and worse yet a homeowner's claim on your hands. No other room entails more skillful work per square inch than bathrooms do. Plumbing and electrical are specialty skillsets that should be left to the professionals. Reputable bathroom remodeling contractors will take care of all the fine details from design concepts through build-out in order to complete your bath remodel project up to current building codes, in a safe manner, using quality materials that will last and with a level of workmanship that only comes with years of Arizona bathroom and kitchen remodeling experience. Not to mention the pros are used to working in homes while the owners continue living in them and have procedures in place to maintain a clean safe work area.

    Even so, creating a unique design concept that will get the most out of your available space and that incorporates complementing materials that fit your budget can be quite intimidating. Do you know the best tile or stone to use around bathtubs or in a shower? Which countertop material is best for homeowners that prefer less upkeep or that can withstand heat better than others? Consider all of the things on the planet that could get spilled or dropped on your bathroom vanity – from a hot curling iron or straightener to harsh chemicals and colorful cosmetics. Selecting materials for your Scottsdale bathroom remodel that are not ideal could create a real safety hazard being in a wet area or require more maintenance than you care to share. These types of bath remodel mishaps will come with additional costs over the life of your project.

    Hate your small guest bathroom? Not to worry. There are countless tips and tricks that a remodeling contractor can use to maximize every single inch of available space. An expert designer will work with you to gain storage and luxury, without compromising your sanity. Utilizing the expertise of a kitchen and bath remodel designer within the construction industry is imperative for remodels of any size to ensure a successful and gorgeous end result that fits your needs now and for years to come.

    Bathroom Contractor Phoenix

    "The design staff does an outstanding job of tailoring remodels and designs for any budget. All of their team members are a pleasure to work with. TWD is a one-stop contractor able to fulfill that successful remodel, so that you will be proud to say 'TWD made my dreams come true'."

    Cactus Stone & Tile, Supplier 5 /5


    If you have been researching home improvement ideas for Phoenix, Scottsdale or the surrounding areas, or have talked to any realtor, chances are you've heard that …

    A bathroom remodel is one of the top-ranked remodeling projects that you can do for your home.

    The bathrooms and kitchen alike, are the two interior areas of a home that appeal the most to home buyers and make the biggest impact.

    Bearing in mind that the age of your home, the level of remodeling work needed, and your taste in material selections all have a direct correlation in determining the cost of your project. As an overall rule of thumb, a Phoenix bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from 6%-18% of the total value of your home. Until you have the fine details outlined, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint an exact project price. To get you started in the right direction, we've used our experience as one of the leading bathroom remodelers in Phoenix AZ to create this valuable guide. In it, we cover the three basic levels of bath remodeling and improvements. You'll find helpful information about the varying budgetary cost ranges and common inclusions. It is noteworthy to add that these cost approximations are for indoor living, and any outdoor living areas or home additions do have a broader scope of work involved.

    Once you know what level of remodeling is needed for your home using our free guide, the next step is finding and hiring the best remodeling contractors.


    The full home remodeling services offered by TWD are like no other in the Arizona market.

    1. TWD employs on-staff bath and kitchen remodel designers, not third party consultants, that work with you every step of the way. We are proud to say that our employees are nationally accredited design professionals that are trained in Universal Design and Interior Design giving you peace of mind that your remodels will include features that allow you to continue living and aging in place more comfortably. Our team provides a stress-free no-pressure environment and free consultation so that we can get to know you and your needs better. Our goal is ultimately to earn your trust and become your remodel contractor of choice for the life of your home.
    2. Full access to our kitchen and bathroom remodeling showroom where you can plan your entire project saving you time and money from running all over town outdoors. You can see the wood grain and precise coloring of the signature cabinetry, feel the texture of the stone, see the shimmer in the countertop and coordinate your entire interior design color palette all at one convenient indoor location.
    3. Unlike other bath remodelers in Phoenix Az, our remodeling project design retainers are an affordable flat fee and are not based on the dollar value of your project. Our team will outline every detail of your remodel, provide 3-D renderings showing you a virtual look at the possibilities for your space, and an all-inclusive cost for your project. While other Scottsdale bathroom remodeling contractors prefer bidding with material allocations to seem more affordable from day one, at TWD we do not believe in these tactics. Our staff will provide you a total cost for your project that you can be confident in.
    4. Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Contractors —  Ranked #1 Full -Service Remodeler in AZ! 2016-2018

      TWD was built on the philosophy that our customers are a part of our Arizona family legacy, and our goal is to build a long-standing relationship with you a contractor that you can rely on for all of your home improvement needs. We do this by providing superior customer service and maintaining good communication. Read our real customer reviews and glance at our bathroom remodel photo gallery to see firsthand how this sets our team apart.

    5. Access to our online project management software allows you to stay involved in your remodel project from anywhere on the planet on your time schedule. Create your unique log-in and follow along throughout your project. See daily job notes and progress pictures, interact with our team, view the construction schedule, and get real-time payment updates on the balance of your project. Everything you need at the click of a button, 24/7.

    "This is my 2nd time using Todd Whittaker Drywall and I will only use them for home remodeling/construction. They are fair, reliable, professional and great to work with! Every single person that comes into my home is knowledgeable and pleasant and knows what they are doing. This is an amazing company from the top to the bottom

    Carrie Ladwig, Phoenix Homeowner 5 /5


    1. Schedule your free in-home consultation.

    2. Meet with our remodeling experts to perform a walk of your home discussing any bathroom remodeling needs.

    3. Receive a detailed proposal addressing the precise needs for your home.

    4. Upon scheduling your project with TWD, you will receive access to our 24/7 online project management system.


    "We just finished our third project with TWD, a master bathroom remodel. As with the first two projects, they were extremely professional, always kept us informed on project status, and most importantly finished on time! You would be amazed how often you hear how workers don't show, unexpected costs pop up, and overall quality is poor. NONE of these have ever been a concern when working with TWD, and in fact, we just signed on for our fourth project with them. You will not regret hiring TWD for your next home remodeling project!"

    Joe Atkielski, Phoenix Homeowner 5 /5

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    In general terms, a full bathroom remodel in Phoenix can cost anywhere from 6-15% of the value of your home depending on the scope of work needed and selections. At a basic level maintaining the current layout without any relocations and not updating flooring you can safely budget being in the $10,000 – $15,000 price range. An intermediate level can cost approximately $15,000 – $35,000 involving slight modifications to the layout of the space, plumbing relocations, as well as building code updates and new flooring for example. A major remodel consisting of elaborate modifications and layout changes can be in the $35,000 – $50,000+ price range.

    For More Information Visit Our Blog: "How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Really Cost?"


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