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Over a lifetime, the average American will spend over one year in the bathroom. A practical space is essential, but should it not be luxurious to?

At Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc., we service your bathroom remodeling needs in the Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Your bathroom may be one of the smallest spaces in your home, and our experienced team of designers and contractors understand that your bathroom retreat needs to be customized.

Beautiful, comfortable and practical bathroom remodeling can definitely add value to your Arizona home.

What can you expect when you meet with Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.’s trained bathroom remodeling professionals in Phoenix?

Shower Rendering for Bathroom Remodel Project

  • FREE design consultation in our showroom, located in Phoenix, AZ, with one of our bathroom remodeling experts.
  • Full access to our design showroom to plan your entire project from start to finish so you can choose your textures and colors, all at on convenient location.
  • A rough sketch of your dream bathroom remodeling renovation.
  • A detailed estimate outlining all of the materials and inclusions for your bathroom remodeling project.
  • 3-D renderings so that we can bring your bathroom remodel to life, ensuring that you are going to fall in love with the layout, the look and the flow of your new space. Our team gives you a visual of how everything will come together.
  • Providing superior customer service. Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc is built on the philosophy that our customers are a part of our Arizona family, and our goal is to build a long-standing relationship with you as your general contractor of choice.

Inspiring Bathroom Trends:

Modern Bathroom Remodeling ProjectMaster Bathroom – Replace your underutilized soaking tub with a spacious walk-in shower – options such as dual showers, body sprays, aromatherapy features, and steam capabilities are available.

Replace your built-in tub with a gorgeous standalone soaking tub for a touch of sophistication and nostalgia.

Guest Bathroom or Hall Bathroom – Clean and simple lines are key.

This is your primary, high traffic bathroom for your guests – which means you will want to keep it the cleanest.

Take the minimalist approach for your bathroom remodeling plans, by including a frameless or semi-frameless glass for the shower enclosure, and neutral tiles that extend from the floor into the shower, making your bathroom appear larger in size.

Ample countertop space is key for spare toiletries and linens.

Kids Bathroom – Keeping this space multi-functional is key for an organized and fun-for-all-ages experience.

Get creative with storage options for bath toys, laundry and hygiene products.

If you have multiple kids sharing the same space, during your bathroom remodeling planning, keep in mind the best way for them to utilize the space simultaneously – tub/shower combos or having the toilet separated by a door.

It is time to transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary:

Master Bathroom Remodel Phoenix
Spacious Walk-In Showers: This is a sought after amenity in the Arizona housing market, so it is important to keep this in mind when you are remodeling your bathroom. A few features to consider:

  • Multiple body sprays
  • Rainfall showerheads
  • Steam options
  • Bench seating
  • Corner foot ledges

Stand-Alone Tubs: The perfect way to relax after a long day is with an over-sized soaking tub. A few features to consider:

  • Jets
  • Aromatherapy options
  • Ambient lighting

Durable Flooring and Stone: Consider gorgeous alternatives to vinyl for your bathroom remodel:

  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Porcelain plank tile

Modernized Toilets: Toilets are the most over-looked detail in a bathroom, and you can make it a priority in your bathroom remodeling plans:

  • Height, size, and functionality are all important details
  • Soft-closing toilet seats
  • Heated seats
  • Bidet capabilities

Long-Lasting Countertops: Your bathroom calls for a durable surface that can withstand water, soap, cosmetics, and other chemicals. The most popular trending materials for your bathroom countertop are:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble

Custom Cabinetry: Semi-custom and custom cabinetry are available in multiple colors, materials and glaze options with door styles to complement any bathroom. Including these convenient details can help with the functionality of your bathroom design:

  • Pull-out drawers
  • Open shelving
  • Specialty storage
  • Soft-close features

Bathroom Remodel - SinksSophisticated Sinks: Your bathroom remodeling experience would not be complete without choosing the right sink. Depending on your needs consider the following options:

  • Space-saving pedestal sink
  • Creating a focal point with a custom vanity
  • Making a bold statement with a vessel sink

Streamlined Glass: Primarily for their functionality, shower doors can be for more than just keeping water off the floor:

  • Clear, frameless shower doors will create the illusion of a larger space
  • Add rain glass panels if you decide on a snail shower for a touch of privacy

Ready to have our expert design team at Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. handle your bathroom remodeling experience? Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation for your home in Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas to be one step closer to your luxury bathroom retreat.


Bathroom Remodel Cost in Phoenix You have heard in the news and seen articles online …

A bathroom remodel is one of the top-ranked remodeling projects that you can have done to your home.

If you are considering putting your home for sale on the market, you surely want to get fair market value and attract buyers. A bathroom (and/or kitchen) is typically the ultimate deciding factor that can push a prospective buyer into the “I’ll take it!” conversation or just the opposite and send them running to the next house. You want to be sure that your master bathroom lives up to its full potential and a remodel is just want you need to make that happen.

In most circumstances, homeowners like you do not have a true desire to move. A new neighborhood, all of the packing and unpacking, having to get all new window treatments and landscaping will begin to add up, the risk of losing the spacious bedrooms or walk-in closets that you have come to appreciate, all very good reasons not to move into a new home. The solution is easy! Remodel. Incorporating a few Universal Design practices into a bathroom remodel would provide you the flexibility and durability that you need to continue to grow and remain in your current home.

When you’re working on your bathroom remodel you need to make sure you have a plan of attack to keep your project on track and under budget. For a more detailed look into what your remodel could cost, in time and money, to complete, check out our article “How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Really Cost?

“… amazing from bid to finish. They were always on time, prepped everything for daily clean up. The staff and contractors were always friendly and professional. The work was performed as agreed and they always followed up to make sure we were satisfied along the way. We recommend TWD and will most definitely use them again in the future.”

Claire Kerr, Homeowner

“The design staff does an outstanding job of tailoring remodels and design for any budget. All of their team members are a pleasure to work with. TWD is a one-stop contractor able to fulfill that successful remodel so that you will be proud to say “TWD made my dreams come true.”

Cactus Stone & Tile, Supplier

We are very happy with the people TWD sent to our home to perform the bedroom and bathroom remodel. The idea that you have a place online to view a schedule of the work to be performed is very convenient however it is not kept up to date when delays are encountered which decreases its value.Bottom Line- We feel TWD is one of the best and most trusted company in the business and plan on contracting with them again in the future to make further improvements to our home.
5 / 5
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Phoenix, 85027
AZ, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

In general terms, a full bathroom remodel in Phoenix can cost anywhere from 6-15% of the value of your home depending on the scope of work needed and selections. At a basic level maintaining the current layout without any relocations and not updating flooring you can safely budget being in the $10,000 – $15,000 price range. An intermediate level can cost approximately $15,000 – $35,000 involving slight modifications to the layout of the space, plumbing relocations, as well as building code updates and new flooring for example. A major remodel consisting of elaborate modifications and layout changes can be in the $35,000 – $50,000+ price range.

For More Information Visit Our Blog: “How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Really Cost?”

A guest or hall bathroom remodel in Phoenix can take four to six weeks on average from time of tear-out to completion bearing in mind that no “unknowns” are discovered. An example of an unknown item that is sure to cause delays is mold. As more elaborate selections are made or relocation of plumbing is needed, this modest schedule will begin to expand to accommodate the additional labor hours/days that are needed.

TWD prides ourselves on staging all of your material selections before your project is ever started, in order to eliminate any material delays during construction.

Building codes vary from state to state so we do recommend speaking with your local municipality about your specific project, most minor bathroom renovation projects will not require a building permit. Some examples of ones that may: when your remodel changes the footprint or roofline of your home, involves adding windows to an existing exterior wall, implicates a sewer or gas line, relocating plumbing supply or drain lines, or installation of new electrical circuits. When you are ready to remodel, do your due diligence by consulting with an experienced and reputable general contractor like TWD.

For budgeting purposes, to tile the surround in a small standard tub/shower combo can run in the neighborhood of $2,000. Depending on the grade of materials used, that price can vary substantially though.  While some ceramic or porcelain tiles can be cost effective for your project, many homeowners like the look of metal, glass or mosaics in their shower which can come with a hefty price tag. Talk to one of TWD’s professional designers today about ways to budget for your upcoming project.

Tip #1: Avoid having to relocate plumbing. Rearranging the toilet or tub can tack on thousands to the price tag. By keeping the general layout of your bathroom, you can use the existing piping and save.

Tip #2: Consider replacing the toilet seat and lid instead of the entire porcelain unit. This will still give your personal space a fresh new look, while saving you money on a new one and its professional installation.

Tip #3: Open shelving can be a cost-saving alternative, as well as space saving. Open shelves create the illusion of more space in a smaller and sometimes cramped area. Include a few baskets or drawers to house personal items, while using the shelving to showcase colorful towels and guest toiletries.

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