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The drywall services that are offered by TWD provide each customer the opportunity to diversity their project and home. Drywall improvements to your home provide a strong sense of style and dimension. Removal of a dropped ceiling can give a room the illusion of being much larger in size. You can even consider removing an interior wall to open up your space. Whatever the drywall need, from repairing cracks, holes and water damage to adding a touch of personality by converting pass-throughs into unique archways or incorporating new wall niches for shelving , TWD is skilled at helping you build your home around your lifestyle.

Acoustic Ceiling Texture, A Thing of the Past?

Years ago it was common to have an acoustic ceiling texture, also known as popcorn ceilings, in your home or garage. Times have changed, as styles and trends do. Though TWD can make necessary repairs to your ceilings with this particular texture when needed, it has become increasingly popular to have them scraped completely, particularly during remodeling projects. Although it may seem to be quite the project to remove all of the finish, we take great pride in protecting your furniture and belongings in the process. Areas are masked and have plastic applied in order to trap the debris from spreading. A new texture is applied to match the wall finish in your home creating a seamless transition and a new look for your room.

A Quick Look at Drywall Finishes

Not all drywall applications are the same. Our experienced tradesmen will use the drywall techniques that match your style and create cohesiveness with the rest of the home.

Skip TrowelDrywall TexturesThe most well-known, hand applied texture. The trowel is held to the wall at an angle and flattens the mud as it its moved, thus creating a skipping effect. The consistency of mud used can scale the texture down or generate a broad appearance for a larger open room.

Knock Down

A prominent texture that is sprayed on using a hopper. The mud is then knocked down or flattened using a knock down knife. This method has many variations depending on the consistency of the mud and the pressure (psi) of the hopper to create your desired look.

Orange Peel

Imitating the rind of an orange, this texture is sprayed on using a hopper. The mud used is applied with an organized look. Infinite patterns and densities are created with this application depending on the consistency of mud used and the nozzle setting on the hopper. No finishing tools are needed to create this bumpy uniformed pattern.


Very similar to Orange Peel, the Splatter texture is sprayed through a hopper, but with a lighter consistency. The splatters create a random effect that imitates an unfinished texture.

Santa Fe

A true Santa Fe texture is applied by hand using a drywall knife and has the appearance of being smooth from further distances. Up close however, it looks as if two separate layers of material were applied with one showing through the other in random areas. While similar to a Skip Trowel finish, it is applied with a higher percentage of coverage.

Not only do we provide high-quality drywall and plastering services, we also provide painting services to make your newly finished surface look it’s best.

I only use TWD for my projects involving drywall work. They have professionally handled all of my work, followed up after the job was completed with an on site walk-through to make sure the work met their standards. I highly recommend them.”

Pete Walton, Homeowner

“…your employees who worked on the job is first rate and very professional. Besides doing a wonderful job, they were so tidy and clean and protected all our furniture and floors.

Ronald Holt, Homeowner

“Just a note to thank you for doing a remarkable job on our cracked ceiling. The patch job is totally undetectable…”

Richard Warren

We use them for drywall repairs and painting. They did extremely professional and excellent work. When I asked them what other work they do at Todd Whitaker design?,…… I was amazed. It seems they do everything except landscaping. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to neighbors and friends. I like the fact that they do smaller repairs and total remodeling. And... OH YES, they left everything clean and neat.
5 / 5
Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green drywall, or more commonly referred to as greenboard, is moisture-resistant. PURPLE® drywall is moisture-resistant, as well as mold and mildew resistant. Both products are used in bathrooms and other wet areas of your home due to their resistant properties. PURPLE® drywall is only made by National Gypsum.

Sheetrock is actually a brand name for drywall. Like Kleenex is the brand name of various tissue products. The line of Sheetrock products carries a variety of different pieces, sizes and thicknesses of drywall, as well as other specialty products.

Example: A 10’ x 10’ room with 8’ ceiling height. For this size room, each wall would be 80 square feet (10’ wide x 8’ tall = 80). You have four walls in the room, so 80 square feet x 4 = 320 square feet of drywall will be needed. Drywall typically comes in either 4’ x 8’ (32 square feet each) or 4’ x 12’ (48 square feet each) sheets. If your room requires 320 square feet of drywall, you’ll just divide that by your sheet size to determine how many sheets will be needed.

Drywall textures are used to finish wall surfaces, hide taped drywall seams and imperfections. There are a variety of techniques and application styles, however the most common textures are orange peel, knockdown, and skip trowel. For more information on how these textures are applied, visit Arizona’s drywall expert, TWD.

When performing a drywall repair, consult an experienced drywall contractor that has the knowledge and skill to seamlessly match the repaired area to your existing wall texture. Matching textures is an art.

Acoustic, or most commonly referred to as popcorn ceiling texture, can be removed. Using a scraper to gently scrape the texture from the existing drywall can be a messy and tedious home improvement project. Take the necessary steps to contain the debris within your work area. Be careful not to gouge the drywall or tear the drywall in any way, thus requiring additional costly repairs. Once the texture is removed, the ceiling should be repaired as needed and dings filled to create a smooth surface. A new texture will have to be applied prior to painting.

While having acoustic or popcorn ceilings will not typically make or break a sale, it does date the home.

The overall look of popcorn ceiling texture is not necessarily bad per say, however it can be particularly dangerous if the home was built some time ago. Pre-1978 homes are likely to contain asbestos in the ceiling texture. One of the main reasons homeowners choose to have the popcorn texture removed by a professional is to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is known to cause such medical conditions as mesothelioma, asbestosis and even lung cancer, so it is important to take the necessary precautions to have it contained and removed safely.

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