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The Importance of Color Psychology In Your Home Remodel

When used correctly, color is the most powerful way that you can invoke a pre-determined mood or energy. Each individual color speaks to us non-verbally within a split second of seeing it, causing an immediate physiological reaction, set a mood or convey an emotion. While one color can energize us, another one may root or …

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Keep Up to Date with These 2017 Home Remodeling Trends

The real estate crash made people feel understandably leery of spending money on home remodeling, but we’ve seen such recovery and stabilization in Peoria and the Greater Phoenix area that a lot of homeowners are getting excited about home improvements again. Many of our customers have been delaying kitchen remodels and other big projects like …

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7 Home Improvements You’re Most Likely to Make a Mess Of

Are you considering doing some home remodeling on your own? Do-it-yourself, or DIY, projects abound on the internet and on TV. You can find programs showing homeowners doing all sorts of remodeling jobs from painting to adding on rooms—but just because you see it on TV doesn’t mean you should actually try it yourself!
Depending …

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Warning: What You Don’t Know About a Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix Could Hurt Your Wallet

The average mid-level bathroom remodel in Phoenix goes for right around $15,000, depending on what all you need done. However, if you’re not careful it’s easy to blow right over your budget. That’s why you’ll want to read the following guidelines for protecting your wallet when doing any type of bathroom remodeling in Phoenix.
Tip …

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Should You Hire a Contractor or Do Stucco Repair in Phoenix Yourself?

Maybe you noticed crumbling, cracked, discolored or other damaged stucco on the exterior of your home by chance. Or perhaps you were doing your regular monthly inspection when you noticed it. Either way, you now have the question of whether this is something you can fix yourself, or if you should hire an expert for …

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Five Awesome Ideas for Your Next Phoenix Home Remodeling Project

Are you planning to do some home remodeling in Phoenix this year? If so, then check out these clever remodeling ideas to add fun, beauty and functionality to your home.
Install a Mini Fridge In Your Kitchen Island
Most homeowners install cabinets and other storage space within the kitchen island. Now here’s a clever idea …

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Check Out These Clever Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix

If you’ve been thinking about doing a bathroom remodel in Phoenix this year, then you probably have a lot of the big details already worked out. For example, you may have a good idea about the overall design, the type of tub or shower you want, and maybe even what sort of vanity you’d like …

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Tips for Designing Your Custom Closets in Phoenix

Installing one or more custom closets in your Phoenix home might be a good option for you, especially if you find that you tend to need more storage space. Many times installing a custom closet solves the problem, because it allows you to store your belongings more efficiently. Plus a custom closet makes you more …

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The Top Home Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, then you’ll want to put your Phoenix home remodeling and repair contractor on speed dial. That’s because you’ll get a better price for your home if you take care of the major repairs. What’s more, the home will sell faster and close easily, since …

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Quick and Easy Ways to Freshen Your Home This Spring

It’s that time of the year again when Arizona homeowners start their spring cleaning. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, this is also the time of the year you do home repairs and generally freshen up your home. Check below for some great outdoor repair and remodeling ideas that can make a big impact …

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