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The Top Home Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home

The Top Home Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home

The Top Home Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home

Peoria, Arizona The Top Home Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, then you’ll want to put your Phoenix home remodeling and repair contractor on speed dial. That’s because you’ll get a better price for your home if you take care of the major repairs. What’s more, the home will sell faster and close easily, since you won’t have buyers demanding you make repairs before the sales goes through.

Take a look at these items and make sure they’re in good order before you put your home up for sale…

Worn or Damaged Exterior

A potential buyer is going to form their first impression of your house based on the exterior, which is why you’ll want to ensure your home has good curb appeal. Walk around the home and take note of the following problems:

  • Worn roofing, missing shingles or other damage.
  • Crumbling, cracked, discolored or other damaged stucco.
  • Cracked windows.
  • Cracks in the foundation.
  • Cracks around chimneys, windows and doors.

If you see any of these problems, call your Phoenix home remodeling contractor or stucco repair contractor to assess the damage and give you an estimate. You’ll want to get exterior problems fixed quickly, because if left alone they’re likely to grow into larger problems.

Drywall Damage

Sometimes homeowners see damage as part of the history and character of the home. For example, you might see a blemish in the drywall as a reminder of a time when the kids got a little rambunctious. However, all a potential buyer will see is damage that needs Phoenix drywall repair services. That’s why you’ll want to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and look for items needing repair.

Faulty Plumbing

Open up cupboards, go in the basement and climb into your crawl spaces to inspect as much of the plumbing as you can. Look for leaks, corrosion and other signs of problem. Keep in mind that if the plumbing has been leaking into the floor or walls, there may be some rotting or even dangerous structure damage. When in doubt, have your home remodeling contractor in Phoenix assess and repair the damage.

Loose Handrails

This applies both inside as well as outside on the deck. Wiggle all your handrails, as well as the slats and other rails surrounding your deck. You may be able to tighten them yourself with a hammer and nails. If the stairway or deck requires more extensive repair, then call in an experienced home remodeling contractor in Phoenix to do the repair for you.

Tired Paint

Worn and peeling paint lowers the value of your home and turns off buyers. A fresh coat of paint is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to freshen the interior and exterior of your home.


Getting a home ready for sale is a big job. Fortunately you don’t have to tackle these home repair jobs on your own. Simply get in touch with the home remodeling and repair team at TWD. They can handle any job, including drywall repair, stucco application, painting, and complete remodeling.

Find out more about what TWD can do for you by contacting them today at https://www.twdaz.com/contact/ — you’ll be glad to have their repair and remodeling help as you prepare to put your house on the market!

The Top Home Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home
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