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STUCCO: What Is It & Why You Need To Repair It Now

STUCCO ⁠— What Is It & Why You Need To Repair It Now

The #1 coating for home exteriors in the Greater Phoenix housing market. Stucco. While it may not be the part of your home that gets the majority of your attention, it is one key area to be aware of.
When stucco is properly applied and maintained well, it can last for decades – maybe even …

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What the Experienced Stucco Repair Team at TWD Can Do For You

Are you in need of stucco repair in Phoenix or a neighboring city? If so, you’ll want to call on the skilled and experienced team at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. They’ve been doing commercial and residential stucco repair and application since 1996, so you’ll get your job done right the first time.
Take a look …

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Does Your Stucco Repair Contractor Know the Difference Between EIFS and Stucco?

An experienced stucco repair contractor should know the difference between stucco and EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system), which is sometimes referred to as a synthetic stucco. However, while a stucco contractor may know the difference, many of them don’t really know how to repair or apply EIFS. That’s why you’ll want to figure out if …

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Should You Hire a Contractor or Do Stucco Repair in Phoenix Yourself?

Maybe you noticed crumbling, cracked, discolored or other damaged stucco on the exterior of your home by chance. Or perhaps you were doing your regular monthly inspection when you noticed it. Either way, you now have the question of whether this is something you can fix yourself, or if you should hire an expert for …

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Are You in Danger of Needing Stucco Repair?

If you’ve read other stucco articles on this blog, then you already know the dangers of letting stucco damage go unrepaired. The big problem is moisture – just one small crack in your stucco can lead to mold or even rot the next time it rains or even if your sprinkler system throws water onto …

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Ways to Use Stucco in Your Home Remodel

When you think of stucco, the first thing that pops to mind is the typical stucco exteriors on homes and businesses in Arizona. Stucco is a great choice for a building’s exterior, because it’s a protective coating that’s durable and looks great. Indeed, properly applied stucco can last for many years, so you may not …

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Protect Your Home With Stucco

What is the most neglected aspect of your home? Most people will guess various areas inside their home, but what about the exterior? And we aren’t talking landscaping! When was the last time that you truly accessed the actual exterior of your home? Whether it is stucco, brick or siding, this exterior layer protects your …

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