Does Your Stucco Repair Contractor Know the Difference Between EIFS and Stucco?

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An experienced stucco repair contractor should know the difference between stucco and EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system), which is sometimes referred to as a synthetic stucco. However, while a stucco contractor may know the difference, many of them don’t really know how to repair or apply EIFS. That’s why you’ll want to figure out if your home exterior is stucco or EIFS so that you can find the right contractor for your specific repair or replacement job.

Here’s how to tell…

Check for Joints

Most contractors who install EIFS do not make proper joints are components of the house that jut out, such as a light fixture or even the doorbell ringer. If you look very closely next to these sorts of protrusions, or even remove these items, you may see what looks like a Styrofoam board. Note that it won’t actually be Styrofoam, but something very similar in looks and consistency.

If you see this board, then you have an exterior insulation finishing system rather than stucco. However, not seeing this board doesn’t necessarily mean you have stucco. It all depends on if the EIFS was installed in such a way that the board is visible. Use the next test to help you decide…

Check the Wall

Next up, knock on the wall. If it sounds hollow, the exterior is probably made from the EIFS material. If it’s more solid – something more akin to knocking on a brick wall – then you probably have a stucco exterior.

Another thing you can do is run your hand along the bottom of the wall to see how far the board juts out. In some cases, this test may be impossible if the contractor installed the stucco or EIFS all the way down to the foundation. However, if you can feel the board and it is ¾” inch thick or more, then you probably have EIFS.

Ask a Specialist

When in doubt, ask a stucco specialist who’s experienced with both EIFS and stucco. You can find this type of specialist on the Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc team. These experts have nearly 20 years of experience with stucco, EIFS and other exteriors. If you need repair or replacement of your stucco or EIFS exterior, get in touch today with the skilled team at . You’re sure to get great work at a fair price, so get in touch today to repair your exterior problems before a small problem turns into a bigger one.