STUCCO ⁠— What Is It & Why You Need To Repair It Now

STUCCO: What Is It & Why You Need To Repair It Now

The #1 coating for home exteriors in the Greater Phoenix housing market. Stucco. While it may not be the part of your home that gets the majority of your attention, it is one key area to be aware of.

When stucco is properly applied and maintained well, it can last for decades – maybe even as long as 50, 75 or more years. However, if the stucco exterior is not properly cared for, then it makes your home vulnerable to water intrusion and weathering elements. Don't fall victim to costly repairs that could have been prevented or minimized.

What Is Stucco?

Stucco is a cement-based product that combines cement, sand and lime, then mixed with water. The combination hardens into a workable and durable material that is applied over surfaces and walls.

Stucco acts as an insulating blanket around your home. It's great in the hot Summer months in Arizona when you're seeking to keep your home cool. However, even though it may last for many years, improper application, damage, building settlement, weather or even just age can break down this exterior coating.

Problem is, once stucco is damaged, it allows for water to seep in. Water which seeps in behind stucco has a difficult time drying, which quickly leads to mold, rot and even structural integrity problems in extreme cases. A small problem can quickly escalate, which is why you'll want to take care of any needed stucco repair in Phoenix right away.

The Benefits of Stucco

Phoenix home builders and homeowners alike more often than not choose stucco for the exterior of their homes. After all, stucco does offer many noteworthy benefits including durability, versatility, and affordability just for starters. Here's a closer looks at its numerous benefits:

  • Solid Coating – Having your home coated in stucco provides a solid seamless covering.
  • Durable – The extreme heat here in Greater Phoenix, combined with our monsoon season makes stucco an ideal choice for your home. From high winds and dust storms to scorching temperatures, stucco can withstand all of our weathering elements.
  • Life Span – Stucco exteriors can last up to 50+ years.
  • Low Maintenance – As long as you stay on top of repairing any damage, stucco really will last for years to come without any other major upkeep.
  • The Benefits of StuccoAffordable – With the life span of stucco it's an affordable material choice both now and in the future when compared to its alternatives.
  • Versatile – Stucco can be colored, and applied with various texturing effects to give your home the look you want.
  • Fire Resistant – The combination of cement, sand and lime make it naturally resistant to fire. If you are upgrading your home with stucco, be sure to mention it to your homeowners insurance as it may even help save on your premiums.
  • Energy Efficiency – The insulating qualities of stucco add energy efficiency to your home, which can be crucial in extreme temperature climates.

To get the most out of your stucco and maximize its long-lasting benefits, you do want to take care in keeping it free of voids. Voids can be caused by one of many things, from direct contact damage to settling of your home. Catching small and larger damaged areas can be done by performing a perimeter walk of your home on a regular basis. Assessing monthly is a good rule of thumb.

Tips For Completing Your Stucco Inspection

To help reduce the chances a small problem will turn into a big one, inspect your home or business once a month. Here are three tips for completing this inspection…

  1. Look for Signs of Damage

    Cracks in stuccoThe most common signs of stucco damage include:

    • Cracks in the stucco, which may be as small as hairline cracks. Be sure to examine the stucco closely so you can detect even the smallest cracks.
    • Crumbling stucco. This may be due to damage, improper application, pest infestations, vibrations, weather or natural wear.
    • Holes in the stucco. This may be from crumbling stucco, or it may be the result of damage, such as something hitting the wall.
    • Discoloration or staining. Avoid the temptation to just paint over the blemished area. Discolored stucco can be a sign of water damage or the occurrence of mold. You'll want to have a professional contractor inspect it for any serious issues.
    • Soft Spots - stucco damageIndentations or soft spots. These could be indication of water damage lurking underneath. Unfortunately, water damage can require additional costs for repair as time goes on should the damage include mold, rot or structural damage.
  2. Pay Attention to Vulnerable Areas

    When you're doing your inspection, pay particular attention to the areas around the windows, doors, chimney and foundation, as these areas are the most likely to show damage or other problems.

  3. Call in a Phoenix Stucco Repair Contractor

    Once moisture seeps in through damaged stucco, it starts damaging your home from the inside out. It can destroy the walls and even affects the structural integrity of your home. Remember, you don't want to put off calling a professional if you have a problem with your stucco. What might be a small repair today could turn into a much bigger (and more expensive) problem next week or next month if moisture seeps in. Don't take any chances in protecting the investment you've made in your home by contacting the stucco experts at TWD today.

Caring For Your Stucco

  • Inspect Your Stucco Regularly

    Do a walk around your home once a month to inspect the stucco exterior. Look for chips, cracks, holes, buckling, bubbling or any other signs that the stucco is damaged. If needed, use a ladder to inspect the upper levels of your home.

    Caring For Your Stucco - chips, cracks, holes, buckling, bubblingIf you suspect some event recently caused damage, such as a broken tree limb that hit the house or maybe a stray baseball from the kids playing in the yard, then inspect the house immediately to look for damage. Which brings us to the next point...

  • Monitor Closely and Repair Any Damage Immediately

    Even a small chip or crack can cause problems. Worse yet, any damage to the stucco can affect the integrity of the surrounding stucco. That means that if you get a small chip, crack or other damage, the damaged area is likely to enlarge. Don't wait for this to happen. Instead, repair any damage immediately either by using a patch kit yourself, or by calling a certified contractor for your Phoenix stucco repair job. Many home remodeling contractors in Phoenix also handle stucco, but always be sure to work with a company like TWD, whose repair and renovation team specializes in working with stucco and the varying textures to ensure a properly blended repair.

  • Clean the Stucco Carefully

    The garden hose and a bristle brush for stubborn stains works well to clean undamaged stucco. You might be tempted to power wash the exterior, however this should be done by a professional to avoid causing or enhancing any minor damage.

Your stucco exterior can last many years, especially if you take care of it properly. No matter the size of the damage or how small, one of the best ways to protect your home from interior damage is to fix any exterior damage as soon as you see it. You don't have to do this yourself though…

Why Choose TWD For All Of Your Stucco Needs?

Why Choose TWD For All Of Your Stucco Needs?If you need stucco repair or application in Phoenix, then you may have already noticed that there are plenty of contractors who're willing to take your business. However, there's one company that stands heads and shoulders above the rest: Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc (TWD). Here is why so many homeowners and business owners trust TWD for all their stucco repair and application needs, and why you should too…

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  • TWD Will Take Care of Everything

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