Should You Hire a Contractor or Do Stucco Repair in Phoenix Yourself?

Shelley Res. Stucco (After)

Maybe you noticed crumbling, cracked, discolored or other damaged stucco on the exterior of your home by chance. Or perhaps you were doing your regular monthly inspection when you noticed it. Either way, you now have the question of whether this is something you can fix yourself, or if you should hire an expert for your stucco repair in Phoenix.

Ask yourself these questions to help you decide…

Are you fairly handy?

First things first – have you done any sort of repairs around your house before? If not, call in a pro to take care of your stucco repair in Phoenix. This isn’t a time for you to test out your repair skills for the first time, as improperly repaired stucco can lead to bigger problems over time.

Is it a small amount of damage?

If you’re handy, then you can probably patch a small amount of damage. However, if it’s a large crack, hole or other damage, then you’ll want to bring in the professionals. That’s because your stucco repair contractor in Phoenix will want to examine the wall to be sure you don’t have water damage behind the stucco. What’s more, a professional will also check if the damage is just an anomaly, or if it’s a sign that your stucco has a defect.

For example, crumbling stucco that wasn’t caused by something specific (such as a tree limb falling onto the house) may be a sign that the stucco is becoming worn or that it was improperly applied. Same with cracks around chimneys, doorways, windows and the foundation. Hairline cracking is normal, but more intense cracking should be addressed immediately.

Point is, you can fix a small crack – but you won’t be doing yourself any favors if you’re just putting a bandage on a bigger problem. A professional stucco repair contractor in Phoenix will be able to assess the true extent of the damage, and fix the problem no matter how extensive it is.

Do you have the proper tools?

Even a small stucco repair job can quickly become expensive if you need to buy all the tools to complete the job. These tools may include a ladder, chisel, hammer, metal shears, wire brush, paint brush, bucket and other tools. If you don’t already have these on hand, then it may be cost effective for you to hire a professional.


When in doubt about whether to tackle a job yourself, opt to call in a stucco repair contractor like the experienced team at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. The TWD team has been applying and repairing stucco on homes and businesses since 1996, so they have the skills and experience to get the job done right. So get in touch today for your free onsite consultation and quote – go to to set up your appointment today.