5 Bathroom Remodel Design Trends for 2024

Bathroom Remodel Design Trends for 2024

Bathrooms are the most private and personal space of your home, which makes remodeling them to better fit your needs especially important. For many homeowners in the Phoenix Valley, the bathroom is the top remodeling project planned for this year. Current bathroom design trends are focused on creating a space that promotes relaxation and comfort for all members of your household. By upgrading your master bathroom or even the guest bathroom, you can increase efficiency for your daily hygiene routine while also improving the overall safety measures within the space.

Whether you are looking to completely renovate your bathroom or make minor improvements to your existing bath, you have come to the right place for design inspiration! With the help of expert designers' predictions, we have compiled a helpful list of the latest and greatest bathroom trends that are expected to flourish in 2024. These trends will help create a bath that is timeless, practical, and beautiful all in one.

Top 5 Phoenix Bathroom Design Trends For 2024:

1. Spa-Like Retreats

Incorporating spa-like amenities will continue to be a popular bathroom trend throughout 2024. Spa-like baths are a tranquil place for homeowners to unwind and reduce their daily stress levels. When remodeling your Phoenix bathroom into a spa-like retreat, it is important to focus on a design and fixtures that will promote relaxation and the importance of self-care. There are many ways of bringing the feeling of being at a luxurious spa into your own bathroom, but here are top rated bathroom features to create the ideal spa-worthy bath to get you inspired:

  • Calming color choices. The most powerful way to invoke a particular mood or feeling is by use of color psychology in your home.
  • Deep soaking bathtubs are a great addition to add a touch of relaxation for longer soaks and luxury bathing due to being able to immerse your entire body. Many of the new tubs on the market include luxury features such as a built-in seat, contoured shape interior, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy options depending on your needs.
  • Bathroom remodel in PhoenixRain fall shower heads are typically larger in size and allow for full body coverage that you can immerse yourself in.
  • Heated towel warmers are ideal for your bath towels, as well as your robe to take the chill off after exiting your spacious open shower. Another benefit of having a warmer included in your shower design is that after using your linens to dry off, the warmer will dry them out for you, thus reducing the need to launder quite as often.
  • Aesthetically pleasing product dispensers - Get rid of the old plastic bottles by adding refillable decanters for your soaps, shampoos, and lotions for a more upscale and visually appealing look!
  • Amenity stations showcase all your favorite perfumes and beauty products by keeping them within reach and displayed neatly on a customized shelf.

2. Color Palettes That Set The Mood

Choosing a color scheme for your bathroom is essential as it quickly evokes the tone and mood of the space. For instance, brighter tones will help bring feelings of happiness, whereas neutral tones may create a more calming atmosphere. If you are struggling to find the perfect color scheme for your bath space, look no further! We have gathered the top trending bathroom color options that expert designers advise homeowners to consider.

  • Color Palettes That Set The Mood in a bathroom remodelEarthy color tones - Earthy color tones help make a bath feel warm and inviting. These colors can be incorporated by using natural stone textures, woven textiles, and wood vanities. Common earthy tone color palettes that pair harmoniously together are:
    • Sage, rust, and blush
    • Beige, cream, and taupe
    • Brown, green, and light gray
  • Medium to light shades of blue - Incorporating blue tones in your bathroom can provoke many emotions. Blue is a patient color; it is said to be calm and bring out a soothing effect. Darker blue hues may demonstrate strength, or even exhilarating and playful as a brighter tone of blue.
  • Warm neutrals - A neutral color palette will always be popular in modern bathrooms as they are timeless and add warmth into the space. Neutral colors that are common in bath designs are beige, taupe, or gray.
  • Classic white - All-white bathroom designs are classy and ageless. They never go out of style. Having an all-white bath is a great option when natural light is limited, and the space feels dark. Using bright whites helps brighten up a space, while making it feel softer and clean. Committing to a white bathroom does not mean everything in it has to be white. Incorporating greenery or art pieces to add contrast and interest is perfectly acceptable.
  • Peach fuzz - The Pantone color of the year, Peach Fuzz, is a soft and delicate color that can easily be incorporated into your bathroom. Peach Fuzz is a mix of orange and pink, making your bathroom space feel warm and inviting.

Creating your own color scheme:
To create your own color scheme that matches your personality and décor, follow the rules of three. This rule includes sticking to one neutral, one richer color, and one accent color. This rule of three will successfully create a color palette that is proportionate and flows.

3. Trending Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to designing your Phoenix bathroom, consider the accessories that you would frequently use to make your bath space more functional. Below are accessory options that can make your bathroom easier to use!

  • trending bathroom accessoriesSpacious Niches - A shower niche is an open-storage space that helps display all your showering items within reach. Shower niches are essential to include in your shower remodel as they create a streamlined, clean look and help declutter your shower. Be sure to discuss the sizing of your shower products with your remodel designer to ensure your new niches are tall enough to hold your favorite shampoo, body wash, and more. When it comes to positioning, consider putting your shower niche at chest-to-eye level, making it easy and comfortable to grab your needed items without strain.
  • Handheld shower heads - Handheld showers offer a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Handhelds offer more control as you can hold the shower head in your hand and get direct water flow where you need it most, making shampooing a breeze. They are also extremely beneficial for families with young children, those bathing pets in their shower, and especially for anyone with limited mobility who benefits from showering from a sitting position. Consult with your Arizona bathroom designer about incorporating other water fixtures, such as body sprays and a rainfall shower head, to create a more customized showering experience.
  • Open shelving - Bathroom shelves can be used for many reasons, such as a space to hold extra toiletries, linens, and as a place to display beautiful décor. Having open shelving in lieu of closed off cabinetry, makes the space feel more open and spacious. Typically, these shelves are placed conveniently by your sink, above the toilet, near the soaking tub, or in the drying area of your shower keeping necessities within arm's reach.
  • Backlit mirrors - LED mirrors have been prominent in the last few years and are gaining traction, and this year will be no different. The backlit feature is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the room's ambiance without taking up any additional space. As technology evolves, features such as motion sensor capabilities, television, internet, and built-in AI like Alexis or others that connect to your favorite apps for music, weather, and more will become increasingly popular and affordable.
  • Multiple sources of light - Bathroom lighting is an important feature to help increase your bath's functionality. Proper bathroom lighting is needed to ensure daily activities can be performed successfully and safely. Your expert remodel designer will work with you to include multiple lighting types that suit your needs and your mood. For example, when soaking in the tub after a long day, you'll likely not want to be blinded by the bright lights. Rather utilize dimmable lighting to de-stress. On the contrary, you'll need brighter task lighting to check your hair and makeup.
  • AI (artificial intelligence) - You've likely already started hearing about AI-enhanced features being included in Arizona kitchen remodeling, providing conveniences such as pre-starting your oven, adjusting cooking temperatures, adding items to your grocery list, etc. Many designers are starting to specify more AI-enhanced bathroom fixtures with capabilities that will connect to your water, lighting, air quality monitoring, music and more! AI can and will likely become a popular resource for caregiving as well, with being able to provide assistance that will promote and prolong independence. Fixtures will be able to send alerts if water is left or medicine cabinets are opened for example. Voice assistance will allow homeowners to control aspects within their home hands-free, like adjusting lighting, temperature, and even calling for medical aid.

4. Safety-Minded Modifications

safety focused bathroom modificationsMany Arizona bathrooms desperately need renovations that include universal design features for aging (and living) in place safely and comfortably. When thinking about your Phoenix bathroom design and remodel project, it is important to consider ways to make your bathroom space cater to all ages, abilities, and even future limitations that may arise within your family. Below are a few design elements that can be included in your next bath remodel that can support all stages of life.

  • Grab Bars - Installing grab bars in bathrooms is beneficial as they offer extra support and stability for those needing assistance when bathing. These grab bars should be strategically placed near wet or slippery spaces to help avoid slipping and falling. The orientation of these grab bars will depend on the specific need of each person. Horizontal grab bars help users maintain their balance and offer a steady grip, whereas vertical grab bars offer a secure hold to sit down or stand up in the shower/bath area.
  • Shower benches or seats - Many design experts consider shower benches as a non-negotiable design element. This is due to the numerous benefits benches offer. To name a few, shower benches make bathing safer, offer a place to sit, offer space for storage, and help those who may have injuries or mobility issues to bathe.
  • Curbless shower pans - The curbless shower pan concept continues to grow in popularity, as it offers a barrier-free entry for making it easy to enter and exit the shower without the tripping hazard. Essentially it eliminates the divider between your shower and the rest of your bathroom for maximum accessibility. Talk to your remodel designer about a barrier-free, or even a low-threshold option for your space.
  • Lever handles - Lever handles are a favored design element to include in an ADA compliant bathroom as these handles provide an easier operation one handed, as well as with those that may develop arthritis or have limited grasping ability. Replacing traditional door knobs that require a tighter grip to twist open will be a top priority this year for bathroom remodeling. Lever styles are simply more accessible for everyone.
  • Bidet Seats - While the pandemic gave the push for bidet toilets that it needed, the trend continues to gain in popularity. A bidet toilet is a great addition to your bathroom remodel for personal hygiene, are gentle for sensitive skin, as well as those with other health conditions. Not to mention, bidet seats are particularly helpful for aging individuals or those with limited mobility, as they reduce the need for twisting or reaching while offering a gentle way of cleaning.
  • Slip-resistant flooring - When designing your Master bathroom, it is important to make smart and safe choices regarding tile selections to prevent falls and injuries. There are numerous tile options to choose from that will limit the chance of a slippery incident. Common tile selections that are typically less slippery are textured porcelain tiles. Textured or matte finishes offer enhanced traction and will reduce the potential of slipping or falling.

5. Exhaust Heater Units

Exhaust fan heater units are very suitable for bathrooms. These units quickly warm up your bathroom before or after showing and help keep it cozy while you get ready for the day. Bathroom exhaust heaters do much more than just keep you warm. They also help remove moisture from the air in your bathroom. Eliminating extra moisture in your bath is essential, as it will help keep mirrors and fixtures dry and limit mold or mildew's ability to grow. Proper ventilation in your bathroom will make getting ready much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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