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Home Essentials : What Homeowners Want Most

“Ninety-four percent of luxury home buyers would give up 1,000 square feet of living space in their next home if they could gain such trade-outs as living in a better neighborhood or getting a shorter commute, a new survey finds.” as stated in Remodeling Magazine.
When looking at purchasing a new home or even remodeling …

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Reasons Your Home Needs a New Entry Door

When considering upgrades and updates needed on your home, typically homeowners’ lists include items for the kitchen and bathrooms. Those are the two most used rooms of your home. Maybe new windows are lucky enough to make it to your wish list for energy saving purposes. Replacing an entry door is only thought about when …

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Creating Your Spa-Like Bathroom

If a spa-like bathroom is on your wish list, we got some great tips for you! Surveys show that bathrooms are one of the top remodeling items on most homeowners’ to-do list. But what gives a bathroom that spa-like feeling that you get at your favorite luxury day spa or hotel suite? Planning your own …

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Five Great Ideas for Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can easily become the hub of your kitchen, as it adds style, storage and even seating to the room. Whether you’re looking for something beautiful or practical, here are five island ideas to consider as you begin your kitchen remodel in Phoenix…
Use an Antique Table
If your kitchen remodel in Phoenix …

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Bob Duncan Doors (Progress)

5 Clever Phoenix Home Remodeling Ideas

There’s a good chance your plans for home remodeling in Phoenix include your bathroom, kitchen, master suite or even your living room. While these living spaces are usually the first places to get renovated, there are plenty of other ways to remodel your Phoenix home. Take a look…
Turn the Attic Into a Livable Space
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7 Questions to Ask Before a Remodel

You have worked alongside your general contractor and designer to come up with the ideal layout for your remodel, made all of your new beautiful color and material choices, and even signed the contract. Now you are anxious to hurry and get started with construction right? Hold that thought! Before your project starts there are …

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Adding a Kitchen Backsplash

Gourmet kitchens are the popular trend right now in regards to home remodeling. However, if you haven’t been budgeting and saving to remodel your existing kitchen, a full renovation just may not be feasible. If you are looking for a compromise that will make a statement, consider a kitchen backsplash. Adding a backsplash to your …

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When to Call a Phoenix Drywall Repair Specialists at TWD

If you need drywall repair in Phoenix, then there’s no better team to solve your problems than the drywall contractor Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc (TWD). They provide a wide range of drywall repair and replacement services, and they can handle most any residential or commercial job. Take a look at what they can do for …

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Design Ideas for Your Dream Laundry Room

You’ve seen the magazine photos and television shows with gigantic luxurious laundry rooms that you can only imagine washing your clothes in. Laundry rooms have become a hot trend in the remodel industry. Re-designing your laundry room or expanding to create a multi-purpose room is on the top of many upgrades to make.
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5 Improvements to Make Before You Selling Your Home

It’s no secret that home sales and pricing are on the rise. Families are taking advantage of low interest rates while they are available. Pricing on current homes have risen back up to normal levels more even keel with what is owed, so you can afford to get out of your home without losing money. …

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