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You Hired an Interior Designer, Now What?

You Hired an Interior Designer, Now What?

You Hired an Interior Designer, Now What?

Peoria, Arizona You Hired an Interior Designer, Now What?

You have made the decision to remodel your home, hired an interior designer that you feel can help you plan out your vision, but now what? HIRE A GENERAL CONTRACTOR!! Though an interior designer will get to know you on a personal level, much like a psychiatrist gathering bits of information such as likes, dis-likes, favorite color schemes, your moods, etc a general contractor will learn your routine and how it affects the flow in your home. It’s amazing to have a counterpart that will help you choose window treatments, lamps and pillow designs to go with your paint scheme throughout the building process. However, here are a few important elements about the productive relationship that you will be build with your general contractor.

How do you live? If you are a busy, constantly on the go mom with three active children and a work from home husband, you are going to have different needs than How do you live? an established couple both working in the corporate world that love to entertain. Your general contractor will learn your common routine and factor them into the design layout of our remodel.  If you have more than one cook in the home, including wider pathways in the kitchen is a necessity. Small children may require easy to reach items at their level. Formal guest bathrooms will include different aspects than that of a child’s bathroom. Will there be any elderly or special needs requirements needed in the home? These are things to know ahead of time when designing your layout to include wider doorways, curb-less showers, etc that an interior designer may not be concerned with.

How long do you plan on staying in your home? If we are talking rugs and drapery, those items are easy to change out when it comes time to put your house on the market. On the other hand, room conversions, patio enclosures, media walls and other major renovations can have a serious affect on the resale value of your home. If you live in a predominantly young family neighborhood and are considering ridding your home of the loft/game area or moving walls that could decrease the size of the living area in order to gain space in a home office or such, a good general contractor can discuss those changes with you and give you valuable advice on things to keep in mind. Though the new space my look pretty when complete, if it limits the potential buyer pool on your home or value it may not be worth it if you are not planning to remain in your home long.

Don’t forget the small details! A general contractor will inquire on your appliances/future purchases for a kitchen remodel, just as they will for your electronics and A/V equipment for a custom media wall design. Being a designer for a general contractor requires you to think outside the box and consider those minor details that normally one would not. Knowing if a state-of-the-art coffee machine is on your wish list, or if you are an avid baker should be factored into your dream space with necessary electrical and workspace in all the right places to be convenient and functional. Finishing a kitchen build out only to find out that a customer loves their specialty coffee or is planning on expanding their family with a baby and realizing their new trendy kitchen does not have appropriate electrical outlets or flow can be a disappointment. Trust me; a baby brings a whole new set of appliance needs!

Knowing the possible purchase of new speakers or amplifiers can change the layout of niches in a media wall. An inquisitive designer will plan those items so there is sufficient space to decrease the potential of items overheating, as well as access holes for cords to be connecting pertinent items. If you are on the market for a larger TV or to upgrade to a wall-mount projection, those items should be discussed during the design phase of your remodel.

These items only scratch the surface when considering the value of a general contractor for your remodel needs. If you are ready to make that first step in remodeling or updating your home, your first call should be made to a local general contractor to begin the consultation process. They will discuss other items such as time frames, budget and can even help you plan your project in phases so as to not disrupt your family time!

Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc in Peoria, Arizona has made their name by delivering superior customer service and providing a range of services stretching far beyond other companies capabilities. They employ only the best craftsmen, bring in the highest quality materials and have a full remodeling showroom that is exquisite. If you are in the Arizona market and have not heard of TWD give them a call at (623) 544-1211 or visit their website at www.twdaz.com to get a feel for why they are considered one of the best general contractors around.

TWD, building customers for life!

You Hired an Interior Designer, Now What?
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