Add Personality to Your Home with Trim Molding

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If you live in a typical tract home, you very well know how cookie-cutter-like the homes can get. The interior most likely has 8’ ceilings, standard 3-1/4” streamline baseboard, average looking flooring in a neutral color and no real design concept to set it apart from the same floor plan down the street. So what will make your home stand out from the rest? Personality! Now you are probably wondering, how do I enhance the personality of my home? Here are a few ideas that are sure to add character.

Baseboards: Many homeowners focus on caring for their walls, leaving the baseboards collecting dust. Upgrading your baseboards may be the ideal project for you. With options ranging to over 7” in height, there are various designs and finishes to choose from. Talk with your general contractor about having your base stained in lieu of painted for a richer look. Plus, don’t forget that you can add accents to your trim, decorative corner pieces and even stacked base for a custom look. Some homeowners that have concrete, tile or stone flooring are even opting out of having baseboards all together.

Crown Molding:  Adding crown molding essentially decorates the transition between the wall and ceiling in your home. Simply put, it is an architectural feature that provides Crown Molding intricate silhouettes. This type of trim can be added with flat ceilings, vaulted ceilings or a combination of the two and is most commonly added to key rooms in the home such as the Master Suite, Living Room and Kitchen if not carried throughout. (Photo Shown: Compliments of TWD)

Chair Rail: Molding installed on the wall at a consistent height (popular range being 32”-42”) can provide an elegant transition for dual wall colors, textures or patterns to be used. Functionally is assists with protecting the wall from furniture that gets placed up against the wall as well.

Door and Window Casing: Wrapping your doors and/or windows with decorative casing will enhance the overall style in your home. Like baseboards and other moldings, casing can be painted or stained in your desired color. Do not disregard open archways and pass-throughs. They should also be included in your trim project to keep the flow consistent throughout the home.

Doors: Who said that you have to keep the stock hollow-core door slabs that came in your home? Imagine your home with multi-paneled doors, perhaps a pocket door in Doors smaller areas to save on space, or French doors to turn the doorway of your bedroom into a grand entrance. From clear to frosted glass, mirrored, metal, wood or MDF, there are a variety of door finishes to choose from that are sure to add style to any room of your home. (Photo Shown: Compliments of

These are just a few ways that you can enhance the makeup of your home, but you don’t have to stop there. If you are replacing the doors in your home, you may not want to reuse the old brass hardware or handle sets that you currently have. Going with rubbed bronze or a satin nickel finish could be the finishing touch that is needed to complete your new look.

A skilled general contractor can work with you in making these cosmetic upgrades to your home, while staying within your budget. Not sure which projects will give you the most bang for your buck? Contact the team at TWD. As a leader in the valley since 1996, they have worked with countless homeowners just like you and can lend their experience in adding the perfect custom touch that you envision. Visit their website for a full list of services they offer at and experience the TWD Difference.