Bathroom Remodeling: Breaking the Barrier of Walls


Consider your dream spa-like bathroom. You may have thought about one you have seen in a magazine or even a fancy hotel that you have stayed at. For over the last 10 years it has been common among the most luxurious hotels to have open spacious bathrooms with all of the finest amenities. Many people consider wall-less open bathrooms uncomfortable or distasteful when asked about their personal home, though it is considered a luxury and the feeling of being pampered while at a hotel. So why not break the barrier of walls and transform your bathroom into the lavishness that you deserve at home, instead of only on vacation?

What is a Wall-less Bathroom?

A wall-less bathroom has minimum separation between the bathroom and the master or executive suite. Either the wall separating the two rooms has been completely eliminated or large pass-throughs have been opened up bringing the rooms together as one. Interior walls such as around the tub or shower space are also removed. No need to become frightened though because curtains, blinds and half walls still remain for a sense of privacy. The goal is to create an airy feeling in your bathroom, which will in turn also gives the illusion that extra square footage was added!

The Pros

Eliminating walls adds to the amount of usable space you will now have giving you a larger area to work with. This will allow you to enjoy having the room for that dreamy soaking jet tub you have imagined, enlarged walk-in snail shower or custom trough sinks you have been jealous of. Whatever is on the top of your wish list, your designer will now have more room to incorporate them. This open layout is ideal for individuals and couples that detest small closed off spaces and don’t mind a bit less privacy in exchange for a spa-like feel.

The Cons

The CompromiseThis trendy layout is not made for everyone. If you are one that tends to get uncomfortable with regards to hygiene and germs, this no-wall layout conjoining the suite and bathroom may not work for you. Some people may not like the idea of relaxing and sleeping conceptually in the same room as they wash in. Furthermore, there can also be fear of the lack of privacy available.

The Compromise

Not ready to take the full plunge into a wide open wall-less bathroom? Not to worry. There are plenty of options to comprise this concept and still get the spacious feel. When remodeling your bathroom, half walls can provide enough privacy for the modest. The use of curtains or room dividers can give you some private areas for dressing and such. Frameless glass doors or glass block walls can be a step towards the wall-less concept while giving you the little bit of comfort you want and having the illusion of open space. In lieu of eliminating all walls completely, another trade off could be to expose the tub only. Free standing tubs are definitely a popular luxury item making their way into a lot of bathroom remodeling. (Photo Shown: Compliments of TWD)

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