Summer Checklist for an Efficient-Running Home

Rozaci Res. Living Room Lid (After).2

The Summer months and high temperatures are just around the corner. Have you started working up your honey-do list for the Summer? Many people have a long running to-do list of chores to keep their homes running smoothly, but updating it seasonally can make a big difference in what really gets accomplished. There is a good chance that the time consuming chores needed on the exterior of your home won’t get done when it is a toasty 112 degrees outside. We recommend saving those for the Fall or Winter months. During the heat of the year, try focusing on interior projects or those outdoor chores that don’t take a lot of time. Here are some ideas of great Summer projects to keep your home running as efficient as possible.

1. Spend time in the Kitchen – Now that the holiday baking season is over, most people typically dread turning on their ovens. The Summer months are a great time to focus on cleaning out Spend time in the Kitchen your Kitchen cupboards, countertops and pantry areas. Toss out expired foods and unnecessary clutter to create additional room and opportunity for a better flow. Still wish you had more work space and storage? With the assistance of a good general contractor, simple modifications such as adding a few specialty cabinets for baking pans and sheets or adding an island to optimize space can be made to get your Kitchen back in working order in no time. (Photo Shown: Todd Whittaker Drywall,

2. Beautify your Entry – The entrance to your home sets the overall mood. As soon as your foot steps in the door what do you see? Possibly a coat rack or shoes and backpacks cluttering the walkway. By adding a bright new rug and little organization, you’ll soon forget about the untidiness of the past. Talk to your local general contractor about adding seated storage or a “mud room” area for all of your outdoor necessities like umbrellas, shoes and coats to keep them hidden and under control.

Beautify your Entry

3. Care for your Linens – Once the heat has arrived, not only is it time to switch out your bedding and linens, but when was the last time your Laundry Room received a bit of attention? Adding storage to your Laundry Room will help you be more efficient throughout the year. Whether you are considering cabinetry or shelving, sheets and towels can be stored in a tidy manner while still within reach. Other ideas could be a pull out hamper, adding a utility sink, pet bath or installing a wall-mounted ironing board. An experienced general contractor can help with projects that may be out of your DIY realm. (Photo shown:

4. Touch up Walls – It is inevitable that your walls will receive scuff marks, nail holes and dings, or worse off settling cracks that have occurred over time in your home. Make an appointment with a drywall contractor in your area to take care of any unsightly blemishes and perform an annual paint touch up throughout the home. Keeping up with small repairs will save you money in the long run by not letting existing damage worsen. A good drywall company or general contractor will be able to spot any cracking that may need additional attention, as well as repair any possible water damage in wet rooms.

5. Become More Energy Efficient – Do the high Summer temperatures bring you high Summer electric bills? Take the extra steps to make your home more energy efficient by upgrading your windows. Poorly performing glass is like throwing money out the window. Look for these features when shopping for new windows: Dual pane, Low-E (low-emissivity), ENERGY STAR qualified and energy efficient window frames. Your local general contractor can assist you in picking out the ideal windows for your home and budget. If new windows are not on this year’s agenda, we recommend you perform an annual inspection of your existing windows and doors to ensure they are properly sealed to prevent drafts. Sun screens and/or blackout curtains are other great ways to minimize heat transfer.

If you have been thinking about tackling any of these items on your home maintenance list, then it’s time to connect with a reputable general contractor in Phoenix! Not to worry though because Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc (TWD) has experienced craftsmen that specializes in everything from drywall, stucco and paint to full home renovations. No matter the project, your first call should be to (623) 544-1211. One visit to their website ( and you will see why they have such a great reputation serving valley homeowners since 1996.