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Phoenix Remodel Company Gives 15 Ways to Save On Your Remodel

There’s one thing our customers always wonder about, but hesitate to ask us: How can they save money on their home remodeling. It’s totally understandable. Nobody in Peoria wants to sound cheap, or offend someone they may be doing business with in the near future; but on the other hand, when it comes to hiring …

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Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control

Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control

Every industry has its darker side, and home remodeling is no exception. You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about a kitchen remodel gone wrong, or a bathroom remodel that ended up taking three months because the contractor disappeared in the middle of the job. These kinds of awful experiences are enough to make …

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Home Upgrades with the Biggest Return on Investment

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that home remodeling doesn’t increase the home’s value by the amount that it costs. It would seem that a $15,000 kitchen remodel would make the home worth $15,000 more, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it doesn’t generally work that way. Depending on the location, kitchen upgrades may actually be the …

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7 Home Remodeling Essentials for a Successful Project

7 Remodeling Essentials for a Successful Project

Home remodeling is exciting, but it is also a major undertaking and there are a few things you must not forget about, or you could end up losing time and money—or worse. These seven remodeling essentials will help keep your project on track and make sure you end up with a job you are happy …

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Green Remodeling: Eco-Friendly Remodeling Tips

Living in a desert environment makes us all keenly aware of natural resources, and one of the great effects that’s having is that green remodeling is really catching on here in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Homeowners and remodeling contractors alike are becoming more aware, not only of what materials are being used and what …

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Home Remodeling With Kids

Stay Safe and Sane While Remodeling with Kids at Home

Home remodeling is a challenging time for anyone, and when you have kids at home, it makes everything about the process more difficult. Kids are less patient with respect to not being able to access snacks or go in and out when they want to, and less able to delay bathroom usage, but even just …

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Homeowner Do's and Dont's for a Successful Home Remodel

Working with a remodeling contractor isn’t something that most people do very often, and it can be difficult to figure out how to make sure you are getting a good deal, that they’ll do high-quality work, and that they’ll be a cooperative partner in the business agreement between the two of you. Here are a …

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Don’t Let These Myths Scare You Off of Home Remodeling

With all the excitement over “Ghost-busting” going on this summer, we thought we’d get in on the action with a little busting of our own—but we’ll stick to myth-busting and leave the ghosts to the pros. There are a few home remodeling myths that seem to have been lurking around, causing confusion for many years, …

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3 Remodeling Projects That Increase the Value of Your Home

A good Phoenix home remodeling project can add a lot of beauty and enjoyment to your home. Even better, many home improvement projects add value to your home as well. Some home remodels add more value than others, which is why you’ll want to take a look at the following three projects that increase the …

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Top Secrets for Saving Money on Home Remodeling

It’s no secret that home remodeling can be expensive, but it can make such a huge difference in how much you enjoy your home that it’s certainly worth doing. If you are concerned about the expense, we understand. Home remodeling jobs here in the Phoenix area run the gamut from a couple of thousand dollars …

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