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Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control

Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control

Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control

Peoria, Arizona Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control

Every industry has its darker side, and home remodeling is no exception. You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about a kitchen remodel gone wrong, or a bathroom remodel that ended up taking three months because the contractor disappeared in the middle of the job. These kinds of awful experiences are enough to make anyone leery of beginning a remodeling project, but with some knowledge of the business—and careful attention to managing your negotiations—you can be assured of a timely project that leaves you feeling satisfied instead of tortured.

Sometimes things just go wrong on a job, and they have to be dealt with to keep the project moving forward, but there are a lot of issues that are completely avoidable, and we’re going to give you an insider’s view on how to do just that.

Not All Contractors Are “Good Guys”

As professional remodeling contractors, we hate to say it, but it’s true: there are some bad eggs in this field. As a result of the housing market crash several years ago, a lot of hardworking folks in the construction and remodeling industry lost their jobs and eventually found other ways to make a living. The problem is, now that the building industry is back on its feet, there’s a labor shortage and some shady characters are stepping in, pretending to be experts in the field.

Before you agree to work with a general contractor, make sure you check out their credentials. Make sure they are actually licensed and insured. A surprising number of “contractors” are not.

Checking Reviews Is a Must

After you make sure they are a legitimate contractor, you need to check for customer reviews to make sure that they do good work and are the kind of person you want coming in and out of your home. It used to be standard practice to use customers as references, but due to privacy concerns, it isn’t the best way to find out about contractors now. Online reviews are a great source of information, and if there were serious problems, you will hear about them.

Agreements Must Be in Writing to Be Effective

It’s much easier to get someone to say yes to doing work to a specified standard than it is to get them to redo it when you aren’t happy with it. The best way to avoid ever being in that situation is to get everything in writing. A remodeling contractor is in the business of doing manual labor, and may be resistant to a lot of paperwork, but it is still a business, and you should have a contract for everything you pay for.

We have been servicing Peoria and the Greater Phoenix area for 20 years, and have a reputation we are proud of. If you have questions about home remodeling, and how to make sure you get the work you want, give us a call at 623-544-1211.

Keep Your Remodeling Job Under Control
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