7 Remodeling Essentials for a Successful Project

7 Home Remodeling Essentials for a Successful Project

Home remodeling is exciting, but it is also a major undertaking and there are a few things you must not forget about, or you could end up losing time and money—or worse. These seven remodeling essentials will help keep your project on track and make sure you end up with a job you are happy with.

1. Plan Comprehensively

What this means is that there are many factors that go into your home remodeling. You will probably initiate the whole process when you decide that you need a kitchen remodel, additional bedroom, or maybe need to introduce universal design elements to accommodate a disabled or aging family member. But then you need to decide how much remodeling you want to do, and what your budget is. You need to decide whether you are concerned with increasing your property value, or if the renovation is just to make your home more comfortable. Even the season of the year affects the job.

We have a lot more information on our blog that goes into much more detail on how to plan your home remodeling. The point here is to make sure you are aware of the many factors that affect the success of your project, and plan accordingly.

2. Be Prepared to Adjust

A good plan will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during your home remodeling project, but no matter how carefully you plan, unexpected situations do arise. If your home is an older home, or has had DIY upgrades and repairs done, you may encounter problems that you were unaware of or systems that are not up to code.

If you have planned comprehensively, you should be aware of potential pitfalls, have a good understanding of the project at hand and the likely issues, and your budget constraints. This knowledge will enable you to make a good decision when something comes up. Losing time adds costs, so a quick decision on how to proceed is valuable.

3. Keep Up Your Home Maintenance

Don’t get so caught up in the big remodeling project that you overlook the ongoing maintenance that keeps property values high, and homes comfortable to live in. If the exterior of your home is damaged or has peeling paint, you should take care of it immediately because the underlying surfaces can also become damaged, leading to further, much more expensive repairs being needed.

Letting the maintenance slide can lead to a general decline in the amount of enjoyment and pride you get out of the house. During home remodeling, you will have to live with more dust and noise than normal, but keeping everything else clean and up to date will make the experience more pleasant and maintain your property value.

4. Keep Your Cool

If the tile you wanted is unavailable, or the paint color you chose looks dreadful once it is actually on your walls, you have a situation to deal with, but it is important not to let it get to you. If you get upset or frustrated, you may tend to make bad decisions in order to speed things up or just get it over with. Home remodeling is a big deal, and great results will give you pleasure for many years, so it’s worth the effort to keep your head, and not get bent out of shape.

5. Hire a Licensed, Insured and Experienced Contractor

Nothing adds more time and expense to a remodeling job than having to do the work over because it wasn’t done correctly in the first place. Experience is one of the most valuable things a contractor brings to the job, and at TWD, we are proud of our over 20-year history right here in Phoenix and the surrounding area, because it means we know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ve seen it all, and have certified design specialists on staff to help with your remodeling design plans.

You don’t want to be stuck if a contractor messes up, so making sure you work only with licensed and insured professionals is part of your responsibility to yourself and your family. It’s always nice to “help a guy out,” but your home remodeling is too important to trust to anyone but the most qualified remodeling contractor.

6. Don’t Do It Yourself Unless You Really Are Qualified

It can be very tempting to save some money, and even develop your skill set by doing remodeling work yourself. There are some tasks that are easily accomplished, and we understand that it doesn’t take a decade to develop the skills needed to paint the bedroom. When it comes to more serious work though, like plumbing and electrical, or even demolishing walls, if you don’t have the appropriate training, don’t make it a DIY project.

7. Don’t Choose a Remodeling Contractor Based on the Low Bid

Cost is usually a big factor in remodeling, but going cheap can end up being very costly if you get shoddy workmanship that has to be replaced soon, or a job that takes longer than you planned on because the cheapest contractor wasn’t experienced enough to estimate correctly and get the job done efficiently.

If you would like help with your home remodeling project, give us a call at 623-544-1211. Our certified design specialists are always happy to help you come up with a home remodeling plan that meets the needs of you and your family.