....TWD has really impressed us, beautiful showroom, design capabilities, little hints

...Good morning. Just another night I am not sleeping so I thought I would take this time to express our thoughts on TWD.  So far we could not be happier with TWD.  All your contractors and employees have just wonderful (even with me supervising, ha ha ha).  All of them have put up with me asking questions and watching, when I am not sleeping.  All have really impressed me, but the lady painter was the star so far.  I have never seen a painter who can trim with both hands perfectly, wow.  Arturo and Felix were really good and impressed me a lot.  Ian, Brian and Noel, the electricians were also really good and had some great ideas to improve our electric stuff; they also fixed the mistakes the house builder messed up.  Rick, the plumber, was very patient with me and did not not mind the questions, he was also very good at his job; there were some mistakes the house builder made in the plumbing and Rick straighten them all out.  Jamie is very good at what he does; he thinks on the fly and straightens out all the wrong the house builder did; I can hardly wait to see the finished tile work, especially the fireplace area.  All have been excellent at cleaning up before they leave.

The TWD staff have been very kind and understanding with us though out our "got to have it-itis".  There is no one better at listening and designing than Ron; my idea of designing is calling someone.  Eric has been very pleasurable, listening and helping in anyway he can, very talented man.  I think Debra is probably tired of me calling, but every company should and needs her skills with people to bolster their company.  Mimi is a jewel among jewels, her kind voice and caring attitude is really spectacular; she also smiles a lot when I pay the draws!

Yes, TWD has really impressed us, beautiful showroom, design capabilities, little hints on what would look good and those that would not, so far we could not be happier.

OK here is the clincher, all of a sudden a gentleman shows up and wants to see the progress on our remodel, Todd Whittaker the owner of the company, in all my years of working I have never seen an owner take time to talk to the homeowner more or less show up.  To say the least, we were really surprised and almost said "you have to be kidding".  No one would just drop in and ask to see the remodel progress (wow).

Well, it is 2:45 AM and I am now getting sleepy.
All we can say is from the our hearts is: