Melissa Zink

I have used TWD to remodel my bathroom in 2018 and they just finished my new kitchen. I can’t say enough good things about them. I highly recommend them. You can tell that the company has been around for many years and based on that long experience they know how to do things right. They communicate a lot with you. First they have a designer who will work with you to create a comprehensive plan for your job. They spend time on this step to make sure they understand what you want. They are very honest and never overpromise. They ask for your budget and help you make choices that will stay in your budget. After the design step you will meet the project manager for your job. Both of the managers with whom I worked were really good. They had gone over the plan in detail with the designer and had a very good overview of the whole thing. They communicated every day to make sure that I knew what was happening and who would be working. The subcontractors that TWD works with are real experts and also friendly and polite. TWD also has the advantage of being a big enough company that they can employ some of the skilled people full time, like the carpenters and tilers. They let you know right away if something is going to throw off the project timing and they work to fix that. They make sure you are very satisfied when your job is completed and every detail is how you want it. Finally, and this really impressed me, they bring in a cleaning service to make sure all of the remodeling mess and dirt is gone. As you can tell, I really recommend them. They are not inexpensive. However the materials and workmanship are all high quality.