Top Interior Design Trends for 2024

The Top Design Trends for 2024: Revealed!

2023 was the year of home improvement projects. However, we expect 2024 to be even better! As we kick off the new year, it is time to let go of the outdated and embrace what is new and improved. We are so excited about what this year has in store for innovative remodels and design concepts for Phoenix home remodeling.

Every year, experts stretching from all over the nation predict what the top captivating remodel design trends, materials, and colors will be for the year. To make the most out of your upcoming remodeling projects, we have compiled this inspiring list of the top trending recommendations you need to know about this year. These trends will dominate 2024 and give your home the refreshment it needs!

The Top 12 Design Trends

  1. Smart Home Integrations

    Say goodbye to the traditional light switches and appliances in your home, and hello to home automation. Integrating technology in a home will create a more efficient, convenient, and safe living space. Transforming your home into a smart one is more than just a trend. Home automation is becoming the norm in our everyday life. Integrating technology in your home can be as easy as switching to lighting systems that you can operate remotely, smart appliances, and advanced thermostat control systems that teach your comfortable home temperature at specific times of day. Smart lighting systems offer a huge amount of convenience as they can be used everywhere in the house, such as in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more! These lighting systems allow you to control your color, brightness, and even timing of lights remotely from your smart device. These lights help save energy, create ambiance in your home, and have more control over your lights for added safety and security.

    Smart appliances are a terrific way to upgrade your kitchen and laundry room areas. These appliances are controlled remotely, making tasks like laundry less of a hassle. With the help of these appliances, a load of laundry can be started when you need it. A pot of coffee can be brewed and ready when you are. Run the dishwasher while you're gone to ensure your favorite mug or serving dish is clean in time for dinner. Let your appliances do the work for you without you even having to be there.

    Thermostat control systems may also be a great upgrade to your home to help save money and energy. With these control systems, homeowners can set schedules, adjust the temperature remotely, and keep the home at a comfortable living temperature. With the right choice of devices, it will be easy to transform your home into a more convenient and efficient living space.

  2. Unique Accent Tile and Flooring

    Unique Accent Tile and Flooring for a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, AZIf you want to modify your Phoenix home this year, adding unique accent tiles or new flooring is a wonderful choice to refresh your space. This year, we predict more texture and color variations for tile and flooring.

    There's no denying that tile will be an integral part of your next Phoenix home remodel. Tile is a great way to boost your space's character. Explore timeless options such as a marbled look, mosaics, and those with a classic feel that are oversized or even uniquely shaped. Stunning accents can be used in a shower design for kitchen backsplashes to create a feature wall, built-in bar area, and more! With so many new tile options coming onto the market, it's important to consult with your trusted remodel designer for recommendations on what materials are ideal for your space and budget, not to mention the level of maintenance (if any!) that will be required. Mix and match colors and textures to create a unique, cohesive design.

    Flooring is a fantastic way to revitalize your home, however choosing new flooring can be difficult. Flooring plays a leading role in a home's feel, look, and functionality. To select the perfect flooring for your home, consider comfort, durability, color, texture, and home lifestyle. Homeowners selecting new flooring should focus on balancing needs with the desired style.

  3. Luxury Plumbing Fixtures

    As 2024 unfolds, the world of faucets and plumbing fixtures will continue evolving from the 2023 trends. Gold hues such as brass and bronze will continue to be popular as the golden hues are used to brighten kitchen and bathroom designs, which makes the space feel refined and classy. Gold fixtures have advanced and are used for many home styles today, from traditional to more subtle modern designs. These golden hues will keep their appeal in Phoenix kitchen and bathroom designs by generating a sense of warmth and an inviting ambiance.

    Beyond the color, the hottest fixtures will bring smart sophistication to your home. Personalized showering experience, smart water-saving features, remote water temperature and precise measurement controls, sensor technology, and all the bells and whistles that promote self-care. The advancements in the plumbing industry continue to push the limits of capability, and we cannot wait to see the new products coming on the market this year.

  4. Multi-Functional Spaces

    Multi-Functional Space created as part of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix, AZCreating your room for multiple purposes helps make the most out of your allotted space. Maybe you need a dedicated area to store pet supplies and bathe your four-legged friend. Consider transforming your laundry room into a multi-purpose space that caters to both needs. Another idea could include functional home office space or a coffee bar within the kitchen or living area. One way to properly create a multi-functional space in your home is to think vertically. With limited floor space, walls can create more purposeful space to store necessities. Installing floating shelves or built-in cabinetry allows you to turn an unused wall or corner of a room into a home bar, breakfast nook, or other creative idea. This can be done by creating zones within a room. If you have a small room, it is easy to define various zones using area rugs, making the space feel more spacious.

  5. Two (Or Even Three)-Tone Cabinetry

    Two-tone cabinetry will continue to be a top design trend in 2024, creating instant interest in a home. This movement is much more than a passing trend, as it continues to gain popularity year over year, with many Phoenix homeowners even opting for three-tone cabinetry. Incorporating more than one color of cabinetry can create a unique distinction between lower and upper cabinet space, perimeter versus island space, or even a distinction between the kitchen and beverage center or other task areas. There are many ideas on incorporating two-tone cabinetry in your kitchen, such as mixing wood with whites and adding pops of color. The easiest way of doing so is mixing a lighter-toned cabinetry color with a darker contrast color. This could be done by having a white or cream upper cabinet and a darker lower cabinet, such as a gray or black. Working with an expert remodel designer, such as the ones at TWD, they will work closely with you to find the perfect two or three-tone cabinetry that is not only stylish but will blend cohesively in your space and create the ideal vibe in any room that you're looking to remodel.

  6. Appliance Garages

    Interested in reducing the clutter in your kitchen? Appliance garages might be the perfect way to help streamline your kitchen storage and declutter countertops. Appliance garages are functional and aesthetically pleasing as they keep microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, and other items out of the way until needed. There are multiple types of appliance garages, such as pop-ups, tilt-ups, rollups, or open-and slide-back-into-pocket models. Working with your remodel designer, they can design the style of appliance garage to fit your needs perfectly while blending it into the look of your space with a matching cabinet door style. This makes them quite versatile and easy to incorporate in any style kitchen as well. A desire in 2024 is to keep a clean and decluttered space that can easily be managed with the help of these garages.

  7. Lighting That Makes A Statement

    Home experts are predicting several trends that will dominate in 2024. One to pay particular attention to is upgraded and eye-catching light fixtures. In the simplest form, lighting is a way to illuminate a space and enhance the home's overall appearance. However, your lights are a perfect fixture in your home to upgrade this year. Not only can it become the focal point of your space, but it's the perfect way to draw attention to aspects of your Phoenix home design. Decorative pendant lighting, LED backlit mirrors, or other dimmable lighting options can all be used to not only provide the task light you need but also to change the mood in your home when it comes time to wind down.
    Custom lighting for a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, AZ

    • Pendant lights are practical and will add ambient lighting throughout a large space. There are many uses for pendant lights, such as for a bedroom, kitchen island, entryway, dining room table, etc.
    • LED backlit mirrors, which are aesthetic and functional, are a continuing trend from last year. These mirrors are essential for getting ready and checking hair, makeup, or wardrobe. Splurge for the backlit mirrors also includes smart features like touch sensors to turn the light off and on, television and internet capabilities, and motion sensors to turn on when someone is in the sensor area.
    • Dimmable lighting features are an easy way to transition a hectic day into a relaxing atmosphere. You can quickly set a peaceful tone in your space by having full control over the color and brightness. Furthermore, the lower electrical output can reduce the amount of electricity used to help save energy, expand the lifespan of the bulbs, and help reduce light intensity during late hours.

    Talk to your TWD Designer about ways to seamlessly incorporate multiple lighting options into your next Phoenix home remodel.

  8. Cabinet Hardware

    When it comes to giving your cabinets or kitchen a fresh new look without doing a complete overhaul, consider updating your cabinet hardware, as this will make a tremendous difference to the overall feel of the space.

    As we quickly dive into 2024, four main finishes will remain the top choice for your Phoenix home renovation. These finishes are matte black, gold, brushed nickel, and polished chrome. Matte black finishes are very sleek and modern, supplying a sharp look that can be very versatile. Gold finishes can be polished or brushed. Both of which create a chic and upscale feel. Brushed nickel will remain a popular go-to for transitional and modern kitchen and bathroom designs as it is the most practical and safe option for many Phoenix families. Two main reasons are being more resistant to water spots and nicely hiding fingerprints more so than some of the other metal color choices. Polished chrome maintains its popularity as a contemporary finish.

  9. Mixed Metals

    Many things just do not pair well together, but mixing metals is not one of them. Mixing metals continues to be a top trend as it provokes interest and depth in your home. Combining different metals such as silver, brass, gold, and iron are all options that could be mixed. When considering mixing metals, sticking to 2-3 metals is important to avoid it looking disjointed or too busy. Ideally, combining a cool metal with a warm metal is an effortless way to create balance and structure. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a chic, modern, or classic look- mixing metals is a great idea for your next Phoenix remodel that you should consider.

    Are you curious how to effectively bring multiple metals together into your home? "Mixing Metals: The Do's & Don'ts for Your Home Remodel" blog does an excellent job supplying tips to get you started!

  10. Mixing Patterns and Textures

    Mixing Patterns and TexturesDesign-build remodeling continues to evolve, and one of the latest trends that is sparking interest in Phoenix homeowners is cohesively mixing patterns and textures. This may seem daunting, but when done correctly, it is so appealing and helps create balance in the space. To begin mixing patterns and textures, it is important to start with a neutral base, such as painted walls in white, beige, or gray. This creates a blank canvas and makes the options of adding patterns and textures limitless! Next would be to consider a color scheme you love to guide you in finding textures and patterns that fit within that scheme.

    • Patterns: Patterns are repetitive designs that add visual interest. This can range from bold to mellow patterns such as checkered, plaid, stripes, damask, etc. When mixing patterns, stick to a dominant pattern and find others to use as accents that will complement.
    • Textures: Textures refer to a design element that has tactile qualities on the surface. These textures may be rough, bumpy, smooth, silky, soft, or glossy. The 3-dimensional tile is another popular choice that has also started gaining attention over the past few years. Simply put, textures may be a physical feeling or visual appearance. Textures help create illusions of depth in your very compelling home.
  11. Tub-to-Shower Conversion

    Phoenix homeowners looking to do a bathroom remodel are removing their tub-shower combo and opting for a spacious walk-in shower, and we are on board for it! It is important to consider a few important aspects before taking the leap with this popular bathroom design trend. One would be how often the existing tub is used now. Removing a tub that is used regularly could disrupt your daily routine. This especially holds for the primary bathroom that your children use. For a Master Suite bathroom, you'll want to look at ways to incorporate a standalone soaking tub separate from the walk-in shower to accomplish both design goals for your space. Another important question is if you remove the tub-shower combo in your bathroom, will there still be a bathtub in the home that can be used if needed? For resale purposes, many families that look at your home will require at least one tub for bathing children, resulting in a better future resale value.

    There are many benefits to converting your tub to a shower, as it can help increase space, modernize the bathroom layout, improve water efficiency and safety. Tubs require a lot of water to fill up and use, with showers there is less water usage. By removing the tub and having a safer, barrier-free entrance to your shower, you are greatly reducing the chance of slipping and falling. Wet areas in your home carry a higher risk of falls, so any way to reduce that risk is worth every penny.

    Tub-to-Shower Conversion for a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, AZ

  12. Indoor-Outdoor Living Concept

    This year is all about making your home as functional for your entire family as possible and there are endless options. Creating an indoor-outdoor living concept helps bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. Oftentimes, this concept is mastered by using large sliding doors, French doors, or expansive windows to help connect the two separate spaces. The most obvious benefit of this living concept is that it makes your home feel larger and more spacious by expanding your living area outdoors. This layout is perfect for Phoenix homeowners and makes it simple to host friends and family year-round. Another benefit of increasing the glass size of your doors or windows is the immediate increase in natural light. Having a good amount of natural light in your home is said to provide mental health benefits that are essential for combating anxiety and stress levels and improving mood and clarity.

    Indoor-Outdoor Living Concept

2024 Pantone Color Of The Year: Peach Fuzz

2024 Pantone Color Of The Year: Peach FuzzThe Pantone color of the year that experts worldwide are raving about is Peach Fuzz. This is a soft, delicate shade between the colors of pink and orange. This color communicates a feeling of kindness and tenderness. PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz highlights the need for togetherness and comfort as we progress through the year. It embarks on creation and will make your space feel safe and inviting when used in your home.

Want to incorporate Peach Fuzz into your next Arizona remodel? Home décor, accent walls, or patterned features are great ways to add this new pale hue subtly.

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