Best Bathroom Remodel Design Trends for 2023


Bathroom renovation projects flourished in 2022; however, we predict that the trends of 2023 will positively impact them even more so. This year's bathroom trends will continue to build from those of prior years by focusing on ways to design a comfortable and revitalizing bath space for homeowners to enjoy. Creating a space that emphasizes relaxation and healthy living and utilizes smart features to make everyday living easier is the ultimate goal in bath design. We are excited to see the future for luxury baths with the help of innovative remodels and design elements.

Design experts are forecasting the top trending bath designs for the year. To make your upcoming bathroom remodel as gorgeous, timeless, and efficient as possible, we have compiled a helpful list of the trends you need to consider. These trends are expected to excel in 2023 and will continue into the following years.

Bathroom Design Trends: The Top 10 Revealed

  1. Backlit Mirrors

    Enhanced LED backlit mirrors are going to be a prominent trend this year, especially with bathroom designs leaning towards a minimalistic approach. Adding backlit mirrors to a bathroom design is aesthetically and functionally pleasing. They are an easy way to give your bathroom a luxury feel while still being practical. These mirrors take away the need for traditional lightbulbs, thus providing energy-saving and space-saving benefits within your overall design. Including LED mirrors in a bathroom is essential, as this is where you get the best view and lighting for checking hair, makeup, and wardrobe. LED mirrors can include smart features like touch sensors to turn the light off and on, television and internet capabilities, as well as motion sensors to automatically turn on when someone is in the sensor area.

  2. Popping Accents

    Color plays a huge part in the overall design of any space in your home. The use of color can invoke particular feelings of creativity, love, healthy living, calmness, and more. Mixing in textiles and bold patterns can elevate your design and add a unique flair. Coming out of a pandemic where homeowners were looking for peace and restorative properties, many are now gravitating to bold, fun patterns and textures to add an exciting pop of personality to their space.

  3. Walk-In Showers

    Creating a fabulous walk-in shower is a great way to add a luxurious spa-like feeling to your bathroom. Home & Gardens experts say that “Walk-in shower rooms make for ideal, easy-to-access, and clean family wash spaces”. When considering a modernized bathroom design, a walk-in shower or wet room has many benefits for Phoenix homeowners to elevate their showering routine. They are more accessible for all family members to shower safely, easy to clean and maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and will allow you to incorporate additional water features. By integrating multiple fixtures, such as rainfall, a handheld faucet, and body sprays, allows each person to have a more customized showering experience. Based on the walk-in shower design and homeowner preference, you can choose to go with an open design concept or enclosed for a touch more privacy. Whichever layout fits your needs, a walk-in shower will encourage relaxation and is a practical addition to any home.

  4. Fixtures and Faucets

    Fixtures and faucets in a bathroom remodel in Phoenix Chrome and stainless finishes for fixtures and faucet colors were considered a staple in bathroom design for many years; however, interior design experts predict that warmer finishes such as aged bronze and brass will rise in popularity this year. When choosing a tone for bathroom hardware, there is no need only to choose one any longer either. Mixing metals is a great way to add a boost of character. One example might be to select an aged bronze faucet and a matte black showerhead, and then you can incorporate both throughout the bathroom design.
    Another trending approach to the bath is using an open-spout mixer faucet, a calming design serving more than one purpose. The overflow allows the sink to drain faster by having air go into the system. It also only has one handle as it combines warm and cold water into lukewarm water, which saves time and energy.

  5. Wet Room

    Based on the allotted space in a bathroom, introducing a spacious “wet room” will be a great addition for homeowners looking for a multi-functional serene place. A “wet room” is a waterproofed area that typically has no enclosure separating the shower or bathtub from the rest of the bath. Everything is on the same level and is completely sealed against water. The bathroom floor, as well as the shower, are sloped toward a drain to avoid excess water. A wet room is great for children, individuals with accessibility limitations, and those who want an overall larger open space that is still easy to clean. Wet rooms are popular as the layout is flexible to accommodate all phases of life. When considering the installation of a wet room, there are a few things to keep in mind, though. The entire bath floor, walls, and surrounding areas will need to be sealed with a waterproof application to protect from any possible water damage. A sloping floor and drain will also need to be installed to guide the water properly.
    Transforming your bathroom from a tub/shower combo into a wet room layout is sure to create an all-inclusive pampering atmosphere that you’ll look forward to using daily.

  6. Open Shelves

    Open Shelves in a bathroom remodel in PhoenixOpen shelving is not going away anytime soon. The idea of open shelves started as a kitchen trend but has since transitioned into bathrooms (and other areas of the home) to offer the convenience of organizing bath towels, toiletries, and more in a decorative manner. An overabundance of closed cabinetry can make a bathroom feel closed off and lacking character. Open shelving is a great way to take advantage of open wall space and be a convenient way to always have your needed items in a quick-to-reach place. There are a number of ways to use open shelving in a bathroom, whether the allotted space is small or large. A homeowner can use the toilet storage space, adding height to the bathroom and providing a space for towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries. Open shelving can also be utilized in the shower and nearby the soaking tub for everyday toiletry and aromatherapy items or as a dedicated drop zone in the dressing area.

  7. Smart Features

    As technology continues to advance, it leans more into luxury elements. Utilizing smart features in the bathroom is becoming more and more common. Advanced technology features such as self-cleaning toilet functionality, adjustable lighting controls, warming drawers for towels, heated floors, and precise water temperature capabilities are being welcomed with open arms. Many features can also serve as energy-saving innovations. Adding smart features to your Phoenix bathroom remodel may seem overwhelming at first for a non-tech-savvy homeowner; however, with the help of an experienced designer, it is an ideal way to make your space more lavish and efficient.

    Your home is where you go to let off some steam at the end of your busy day. Don’t let your bathroom fall short of providing the wellness features you deserve.

  8. Freestanding Bath Tubs

    Freestanding bath tub in a bathroom remodel in PhoenixMost homeowners’ goal when choosing a tub is to pick a style with a visual appeal. While free-standing tubs lend perfectly to a minimalist design approach, they can complement any style. These tubs are ideal in small and large areas and come in varying styles, contouring shapes, and sizes. When remodeling a compact bathroom, you’ll want to shop for a new freestanding tub that is smaller and consumes less floor space. If space is not an issue, we recommend visiting a design showroom to physically sit in various freestanding tubs to find the perfect shape that caters to your optimal relaxation.
    The general rule of thumb is that having a tub in your home is recommended for resale purposes. Freestanding tubs are a popular design element for 2023 because of their easy installation, not to mention they allow more flexibility in terms of placement in your space.
    Sinking into a freestanding tub, particularly one with a view, is the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day.

  9. Hidden Power Outlets

    Electrical outlets are an essential aspect of a bathroom; however, they are not always eye pleasing in the overall design. A clever way to keep electrical outlets out of sight is to have powered vanity drawers that serve the purpose of holding storage as well as heating up styling tools. When considering outlet placement, it is important to consider the electrical needs of your bathroom and keeping the aesthetic in mind. There are three ways to include electrical outlets in your bathroom that do not take away from a stunning design, such as “conceal, camouflage, or compliment.” Concealing electrical outlets can be done by placing them in medicine cabinets or drawers, keeping them in a convenient place while out of sight. Camouflaging outlets is also a possibility which can be done by color-matching the walls they are on or by precisely placing outlets on the grout lines and blending them in with the tile design. Last could be to stray from these ideas by complementing your electrical outlets and allowing them to serve as a design element in your space. This can be done by painting the outlets as an accent color to make the design pop.

  10. Spa-Worthy Bathroom Inspiration

    Spa-Worthy bathroom inspiration for your bathroom remodel in Phoenix.A trend that will continue to rise in 2023 is transitioning bathrooms from being task-orientated to a design focused on ultimate relaxation and comfort. Creating a bathroom with inspiring features that remind you of your favorite spa or tranquil vacation spot is feasible with the help of an experienced remodeling designer. They can design the space to include features such as a steam shower, soothing soaking tub, rainfall showerhead, perfectly positioned body sprays, etc., to create the ideal showering experience. Using neutrals, blues, and greens in your bathroom renovation can be helpful in creating your calming oasis. There are no rules to create a spa-worthy bathroom because it’s solely based on catering to your unique senses. Incorporate greenery and plush spa robes hanging on hooks to complete your look. When considering this bathroom approach, think about what you enjoy most about a spa retreat and start there!

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