2020 Home Remodeling and Design Trends


Now that 2019 is a wrap, everyone is looking ahead to what home remodeling and design trends 2020 will bring. We are all anxious to find out which trends will be sticking around for another year, those that will be hitting the road and of course the hot up and coming design trends that will be stealing the spotlight.

Experts across the nation are making their predictions about the trends that will shape 2020. To help you stay ahead of the industry and plan your next remodeling projects, we've compiled a list of styles and trends that you are likely to start seeing more of. Get your idea boards and honey-do lists ready, here we go …

DESIGN TRENDS: The Top 10 Revealed

  1. Bathroom Seating

    Bathroom remodels that include seating, other than the toilet will gain in popularity. Having a bench, chair or stool conveniently located in the bathroom allows homeowners the comfort of sitting while completing their daily routines. From brushing teeth, putting on shoes, applying makeup, or simply taking a moment to breathe in the steam from the shower while catching up on your social media updates, a place to rest is a must in the New Year.

  2. Dining Room Remodels

    When you think of remodeling, in most cases you presume it's the kitchen or bathroom right? 2020 will bring families together for formal occasions again. While day to day meal routine will remain in an informal atmosphere, we'll start seeing more planned gatherings and grand meals take place in the dining room. Dust off that dining table because it's time to inject color, pattern, and personality to the space.

  3. Laundry Room Makeovers

    Laundry Room Makeovers

    Let's be honest, laundry has never been a fun chore. Thus, over the years the laundry room has never been a focal point of the home or area sought out to improve upon. 2019 inspired homeowners to begin remodeling the space into more of a multi-purpose room. This trend will be carrying into the upcoming year, with even more energizing and cheerful color selections, patterns and features.

  4. Matte Black

    You've started hearing in the latter part of 2019 about manufacturers focusing more on matte black options. Lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and more will adopt the matte black crave and will broaden their offerings with accents of mixed metals.

    Although rose gold, brushed gold and warm brass have been out on the market for quite a while, they are warming up as well.

  5. Increased Storage

    Buyer research has indicated that homebuyers are requesting super-pantries or a separate butler's pantry with ultra-storage options. Another way to increase storage capability is the addition of a kitchen island, which will remain as a sought after project in the coming year.

  6. Soft Color Palette

    Many homeowners and designers alike will begin to stray from the all-white kitchen design that has been popular in recent years. Keeping the "soft" palette though, the inclusion of light grays and blues will be more widespread.

  7. Cabinetry DesignCabinetry Design

    White cabinets will continue to be popular. According to a recent poll by Houzz, more than 40% of renovating homeowners in 2019 are electing to install white cabinets in their homes. While this trend will remain, the twist will be to the layout. In the upcoming year, you'll begin to see more deep drawers, pull-outs and open shelving included in the design to break up a monotonous wall of cabinet boxes. Open shelves provide an opportunity to display décor and accessories that show off your personality making it a trend likely to stay.

  8. Creative Flooring

    The New Year will be all about creative flooring. Hard surface manufacturers (tile, vinyl, and laminate) will continue pushing towards replicating the look of natural wood floors, however, the industry will shift more towards unique patterns and unconventional sizing. Wider planks, herringbone patterns, chevron lay and shaped tiles, such as hexagon will lead the way.

    Carpet will remain a go-to for particular sections of the home for homeowners. It's kind of in its own niche. The manufacturers will keep pushing the bar to bring out never-before-seen carpet looks. With the huge strides they are making and technological advancements, carpet isn't any less prominent when looking at flooring trends.

  9. Standout Sinks

    Looking ahead to a year of improvement, you won't have to try hard to find an on-trend kitchen sink. On the forefront in regards to design, is taking your normal style favorites and offering them in a wider range of material and finish options. Interchangeable apron front panels will be gaining traction. Let's not forget to mention the rise in anti-microbial and dirt-resistant finishes as well.

  10. Increase in Smart Technology

    Make no mistake, technology has made an impact on all of our lives. Remember the days when you didn't have a smartphone connected to you at all times? Now you can talk into thin air and have your virtual assistant and/or smart devices do your tasks for you and even add items to your grocery list. Would the younger you have ever guessed you'd have this talent? As the industry continues to evolve and we break through the technology barrier with new state-of-the-art features and capabilities that would have blown our minds 5, 10, even 20 years ago, we will continue to see improvements. Augmented reality features will rise mixing the virtual world and real-world, which will bring advancements in the design and remodeling process.

    Connected devices will push the boundaries with appliances, security, and home upgrades making them more feasible and prominent than ever before. This is especially true for kitchens and baths as a whole. Not necessarily a single appliance, but an entire connect room that you can manage from one device or app. Artificial intelligence will be one of the leading factors. Look for things and devices that can learn your habits and preferences.

    In a recent interview, Kate Bailey with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery told experts "Going into 2020, we think technology will support aging-in-place design. Automation offers many solutions for the aging-in-place community in all categories – plumbing, lighting, and appliances. Aging adults quickly recognize the benefits of advanced functions like voice controls for smart lighting to increase safety, and therefore they are a population who are adopting it with eagerness." Thus consumers can expect more options in regards to temperature controls and sensors, motion control or voice-activated products and leak detection devices for homeowners to become more proactive in making and keeping their home safe.

COLOR TREND: It's All About The Blues

Color TrendBlue tones are predicted to take center stage. Pantone released their Color of the Year for 2020 as Classic Blue (19-4052). A hue that inspires peace and clarity with reassuring qualities. "This year's color, Classic Blue, is a welcome refuge for our uncertain, often disconnected era. In a time where public faith in institutions, advertising, and the future are increasingly challenged, many desire a return to trust, authenticity, and empathy. Blue hues, long associated with peace, calm, and the dependable daylight sky, feel solid and reliable. It is this constancy and comfort that Classic Blue offers us." as stated in a recent industry blog about Pantone's choice.

NavalSherwin Williams announced their Color of the Year as Naval (SW 6244), a rich navy that gives a calm grounding feeling. Architectural Digest did a recent article on the choice and spoke to Sue Wadden, the Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams who stated "The use of color in interior design is changing—it's not just about what a space looks like anymore, but also about the feelings space can evoke. Because navy has strong ties to nature and well-being, it made sense to select Naval. It is reminiscent of the night sky, which people have looked to for centuries for guidance, as a muse and as a reminder to live more mindfully."

Both industry gurus have mentioned 2020 being an empowering year of change and wellness with a focus on living and being our best selves. Instilling confidence and presence. It's no wonder blues will be the biggest trend going into this new decade.


  • Industrial Design

    Leaving a decade of uncertainty, we'll also be leaving the cold industrial design style behind as well and looking towards styles that let us amerce into what is really important in life and self-nurturing inspiration.

  • Faux Plants

    Finding ourselves jumping into a year of change, incorporating real plants into your home design or décor is a superior choice. While a perfect faux arrangement might be great initially, the character comes from how a plant grows. Faux anything will only remain the same day after day. As we said, it's a new era and one that will evolve.

  • Soft PinksSoft Pinks

    The past few years have brought in lighter-toned pinks and blushes, so we're ready to say goodbye to anything in the pink family this year.

  • Accent Walls

    After quite a few years in the spotlight, accent walls have begun their fade. The new trend will single-colored walls with colorful décor and furnishing as the accent.

  • Over-The-Range Microwaves

    Tuck this necessity away somewhere that is more safely accessible and free up the focal point of your kitchen for something more appealing.

2019 was a good year for the remodeling and home improvement industry. Forecasting the year ahead shows strong demand and bullish optimism for 2020. The oldest of the millennial generation is now approaching their mid-30's, which is a key age for homeownership. Over 10,000 baby boomers per day are heading into retirement. Many of which are drawn to retirement-focused housing communities, second homes to split up their year at, and/or remodeling existing homes for accessibility and upgrading. All of these factors indicate a strong demand for housing in the Arizona market, as one of the most ideal climates for both types of homeowners due to weather and affordability. Let's not forget that interest rates remain to hear historical lows as well. All in all, we have a wonderful outlook on the year ahead and the possibilities that await.

As one of the premier remodeling contractors in the Phoenix market, TWD cannot help but be optimistic about the upcoming year and the exciting changes ahead. When you find yourself ready to remodel or in need of home repairs, we hope you will reach out to our team by going to www.twdaz.com or search #twdaz. Since 1996 we've been helping homeowners with all of their home improvement needs and we would love the opportunity to be your contractor of choice.