Design Trends in Kitchens & Baths

Kitchen & bath trend

Year after year kitchen and bath remodeling rank the top two home improvement projects to do among national surveys collected. The kitchen, now a multi-faceted room in your home plays many roles from meal prep and clean up, home office, entertaining and social gathering room and a place the kids can complete their homework. The bath, more specifically the master bath holds a different importance from the family congregation space the kitchen provides. Seen as a serene escape, a place where you begin and end your day, relax your mind, and let your stress drift away. It’s no surprise that homeowners consider these two areas of the home “most important”. Let’s talk design … What is it that homeowners want in the design of their kitchen and bathroom remodel?

  • Clean lines and edges.
    Sophisticated design elements paired with clean simple lines are the winning combination for a chic, modern kitchen or bath.
  • Light and natural color schemes.
    Raw tones and earthy materials are a perfect way to bring the outside in.
    Fact: All-white kitchens continue to be a sought after trend
  • Organic and natural finishes.
    Popular trends are wood, stone, and “pebble tile” that allow you to connect with nature while disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. 
  • Incorporating a pop of color.
    This can be an accent wall, backslash, colored appliances or decorative element. 
  • Textured backsplash.
    Not only does a backslash add a color pop, but it also provides dimension and character to a simple space 
  • Functionality.
    Every family has their specific routine, habits or hobbies. Your home should cater to these elements in your daily life. Adding specialty storage in the kitchen for your baking essentials or open shelving in your bathroom for keeping your spa products within reach of the soaking tub all make you more efficient.

Like so many other homeowners, a kitchen or bathroom remodel is likely in your future. Whether for resale purposes, to improve functionality or if you are planning to age in place, an experienced home remodeling contractor will work with you to design your dream space tailored around your needs and your budget.

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