Stunning Design Trends for Your Dream Laundry Room

Stunning Design Trends for Your Dream Laundry Room

Doing laundry isn’t the worst job in the world, but few people put it anywhere near the top of their “favorite things to do” list either! Why not make this necessary chore much more pleasant by turning your laundry room into one of your favorite rooms in the house?

Here are some stunning trends in laundry room remodeling that TWD can help you bring into your Scottsdale or Phoenix area home.

Turn the Laundry Room into the Control Center for Your Home

The laundry room can be a real multi-purpose room if you install a desk or work table where you can set up your computer and take care of home-management tasks. Putting a calendar and memo board on the wall helps keep things on track, and you can even put up a bulletin board where each member of the family can leave and receive memos of their own.

Patterned Walls and Floors Liven Up the Room

Like closets, the laundry room typically gets no respect when it comes to planning interesting looks. That’s changing though, and the once-utilitarian second-class space is being made over into another interesting modern room in its home.

Brightly patterned wallpaper can really liven up the space. Tile floors are available in many patterns, so skip the plain square grid and go for something more geometrically interesting.

Continue the Kitchen Aesthetic

The laundry room is frequently located just off the kitchen, and can be treated like a mini-kitchen remodel, or better yet, can be an add-on to a kitchen remodel. That makes it easy to carry the theme from the kitchen into the laundry area, which can make both rooms seem bigger.

Whether you match the style of your laundry room to your kitchen or not, your laundry room can have a kitchen-like appearance, including countertops, cabinets and a fancy faucet. Another lovely kitchen idea that is being transferred to the laundry room is the backsplash. Beautiful glass or ceramic tiles line the kitchen wall, so why not have your general contractor match up the laundry? A backsplash behind the sink and in the washing machine area will help protect the walls as well as add beauty to the room.

Fancy Doors Set the Space Apart

Does your laundry room even have a door? Many don’t, and those that do generally have the cheapest, plainest door that the home builder could find. We’re seeing a trend towards doors that make a statement this year, like glass French doors. If vintage or country is what you like, look at installing a salvaged door. There are many great designs to choose from that can give a rustic barn-like look or something much more delicate.

Hopefully these ideas have set your gears in motion, and you are seeing your laundry room in a whole new light! TWD’s certified universal design specialists can help you plan your remodeling to accommodate all family members and continue to work for you as you age in place. Give us a call or stop by the showroom to see what we can do for you.