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3 Kitchen Modifications to Help You Age in Place

3 Kitchen Modifications to Help You Age in Place

3 Kitchen Modifications to Help You Age in Place

Peoria, Arizona 3 Kitchen Modifications to Help You Age in Place

3 Kitchen Modifications to Help You Age in Place

The kitchen is one of the most actively used rooms in the house, and also one where you do a lot of walking and standing. As an aging homeowner, being able to safely prepare your own meals is one of the factors that determines whether you are able to age in place. Having a safe and functional kitchen is a key part of a home intended to be your permanent residence, so it is a great idea to design it with long-term needs in mind.

No one wants to be forced to move to assisted living at an earlier age than absolutely necessary, and the best deterrent may just be a few home modifications designed to let you age in place. Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. (TWD) is a Phoenix Kitchen remodeler that understands the needs of aging homeowners.

Install Non-Slip Flooring

It doesn’t take much to make a person fall down. Kitchen floors often get wet, and even a small amount of oil spilled on a smooth surface can make for a very slippery surface. To see how slip resistant flooring is, you simply need to check its listed coefficient of friction. The standard for persons with disabilities is 0.6, which would also be a useful standard for aging homeowners. As an experienced Phoenix kitchen remodeler, TWD can help you determine what is available locally that will meet your needs for aging in place.

Select Appliances That Are Easy to Operate

To live on your own, you aren’t required to be able to serve up a three course meal, but you do have to be able to provide nutritious meals for yourself. Appliances with large, easy-to-use controls will remain much more useful as you get older.

Not only will your strength diminish as you age, but arthritis commonly causes it to be difficult to make fine adjustments and turn small knobs. Kitchen remodeling designs should include appliances that feature large buttons and handles that are easy to grasp. Since aging homeowners often have diminished visibility, easily readable labels and panels should also be considered.

Arrange Commonly Used Items so They Are Easy to Reach

Overhead storage is handy, but as you age, it becomes more difficult and less safe to lift things over your head. Before you replace kitchen cabinets, think about the things that you use often, and plan plenty of easily accessible storage.

By incorporating these simple modifications into your remodeling plans, award-winning Phoenix kitchen remodeler TWD can help you stay in your home longer, allowing you to enjoy more privacy and freedom as you age in place. Contact us today at 623-544-1211 to discuss your kitchen remodeling needs, and we will help you age in place in comfort and style.

3 Kitchen Modifications to Help You Age in Place
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