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Three Universal Design Details You Should Not Overlook

Three Universal Design Details You Should Not Overlook

Three Universal Design Details You Should Not Overlook

Peoria, Arizona Three Universal Design Details You Should Not Overlook

When planning a remodel that will let you stay in your home through the later years, you should incorporate as many universal design principles and practices as possible. Universal design has become popular over the past few years, thanks to increasing awareness of accessibility for those aging through various life stages. Breaking out of the “one standard size” mold has resulted in creative design, and even more variation in manufactured elements.

As one of the top Phoenix remodeling businesses, Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. (TWD) has made it their mission to become well versed on the requirements and design possibilities for those aging in place. They have nationally certified professionals on staff to make sure they can provide the design support that will keep you in your home for as long as possible. In addition to the bigger design elements that are incorporated, these three details will prove to be extremely valuable for years to come!

Accessible Burner Controls and Burners

To be compliant with the ADA standards, stovetops must have controls that are on the front, rather than on the back wall behind the burners. This is necessary for wheelchair users or those with limited reach, especially over hot burners.

An additional factor that can be included in your kitchen remodel is a cooktop with burners aligned side by side instead of having one in front of the other. At some point we have all reached for a pot on the back burner, only to scald a forearm on steam coming off the pot on the front burner. It’s typically a painful, but minor burn; however for some, even minor burns can be serious. Additionally, lifting a pot off the rear burner requires more arm strength, so not having to reach so far back is advantageous.

Bench or Table Height Planter Boxes

When remodeling your outdoor space, consider the things you enjoy doing now and how you can continue to do them in the future. A favorite pastime of many people is gardening, but most find that as they age it becomes too difficult to get down on the ground or at least to repeatedly squat and stand. By building in planter boxes surrounded by bench seating or freestanding at an elevated height you can still enjoy maintaining your garden without straining. This also gives you the ability to work the soil and tend your plants without having to crouch or kneel. Planter boxes even make gardening pleasant from a wheelchair.

Utilities at Ground Level

Fuse boxes are often located in garages or basements out of site making them inaccessible for many homeowners with limited mobility. Consider moving them to a ground-floor utility room or accessible garage wall. Placing them at a wheelchair accessible height assures maximum usability for all members of your household when needed.

If these tips have got you thinking about some of the modifications needed at your Phoenix home, then it’s time to give TWD a call. Their certified universal design professionals have the training and experience to help you create the home you will want to stay in for the rest of your life. Visit their website at https://www.twdaz.com today to schedule your free home remodeling consultation!

Three Universal Design Details You Should Not Overlook
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