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Universal Design - Child-Friendly Design Elements for Your Kitchen

Universal Design - Child-Friendly Design Elements for Your Kitchen

Universal Design - Child-Friendly Design Elements for Your Kitchen

Peoria, Arizona Universal Design - Child-Friendly Design Elements for Your Kitchen

Universal Design, aging-in-place and forward thinking are all relatively hot topics in the Kitchen Remodeling industry. When you hear those terms being used you may automatically think that they refer to those older in age. However, Universal Design practices though beneficial to families nearing life stages for their latter years it is also valuable for families with younger children. Incorporating child-friendly elements and safety features into your kitchen remodel will make your kitchen safer and more functional for the entire family. Here are just a few elements that you should consider discussing with your remodeling contractor.

  • Designated snack area that can be accessed easily and out of the way of the cooking area.
  • Ample storage at low levels where children can store cups, bottles and plastic containers allowing them to engage in kitchen tasks safely.
  • Never locate the microwave over the range. The microwave is the first appliance that a child will learn to cook with and therefore should be designed in a base or tall cabinet away from stovetop burn hazards. Ask about microwave models that feature a locking mechanism to secure if necessary, as inventive toddler age children are quick to hide toys and other items in drawers if accessible.
  • A lower counter height is more accessible for younger children, whether in a highchair or sitting. Chairs and shorter countertop height stools are safer for a child to climb and sit on versus bar height seating which can tip easily.
  • Incorporating a refrigerator drawer at the end of a cabinet run or accessible undercounter fridge serves well as a child’s beverage center for drinks, snacks and lunchboxes while limiting the need to wonder into the main work areas of the kitchen thus making it much safer for cook and the entire household.
  • Countertops with rounded corners.
  • Be sure to include plenty of counter space in back of a cooktop that is located within an island.
  • Appliances should be affixed with anti-tip devices.

These design elements are just the start of designing a safety minded kitchen for your family. Your first step though should be to contact a reputable remodeling contractor in Phoenix with Universal Design Certified Professionals on staff. Those that have been through this national training are expertly skilled in design elements such as these and will walk you through designing your ideal kitchen for your family today, and as you grow.

Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc., also known as TWD, is the contractor of choice for homeowners in the Phoenix area. Their on-staff team of design professionals has the national Universal Design certification, as well as other extensive training making your decision simple to make. Trust in TWD for your kitchen remodel or other home renovation project. You can visit their website at https://www.twdaz.com for a full range of services they offer, beautiful portfolio of real projects they have completed and to schedule your free consultation today.

Universal Design - Child-Friendly Design Elements for Your Kitchen
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