6 Stucco Home Improvement Ideas For Arizona Homeowners

Stucco Home Improvement Project Ideas

When you think of stucco, the first thing that pops to mind is the typical stucco exteriors on homes and businesses in Arizona. Stucco is a great choice for a building's exterior because it's a protective coating comprised of cement, sand, and lime making it a durable option that looks great when finished properly. However, stucco isn't just for the exterior of your home. You can also use stucco for these other great home remodeling projects in Phoenix …

  1. Construct A Barbeque Area or Island

    If you already have a stucco exterior on your home, then you can extend this design element out into the yard. One good way to do this is to build a barbeque area or island using stucco materials. This standalone area can include your grill, a beverage refrigerator, storage space for extra propane or charcoal, and a countertop for meal prep.

  2. Build An Outdoor Kitchen

    Carrying indoor living outside has been a trend that has grown in popularity for the past few years, especially for families that spend a lot of time outdoors. Who wants to go in the house to cook, if your family or guests are having fun in the backyard? By having an outdoor kitchen, it seamlessly blends the exterior of your home out essentially creating another complete cooking workstation. An outdoor kitchen can include full or partial sized amenities such as a grill, refrigerator, warming drawer, sink with running water, cabinetry, television, sitting area, and even specialty items like a pizza oven. By having stucco elements that match your home, it creates a cohesive feel for cooking and dining outdoors.

  3. Install a Decorative Wall

    Decorative WallAnother great use for stucco is to use it when building a pony wall or other decorative wall. Creating an attractive accent that matches your home can be done in the front or back yard to add character.

    A stucco pony wall looks great in projects such as surrounding a fire pit, creating a dedicated porch sitting area, or even used to separate the pool area from the rest of the yard.

  4. Coat Your Garage or Shed

    Many Phoenix homeowners have detached garages and/or sheds for additional space. A storage building or garden shed doesn't need to be the eyesore. By coating these structures with stucco, you give them a more built-in and high-end look that matches your home.

  5. Upgrade Patio Posts

    Do you have ugly posts supporting your patio? Update the look of your patio with stucco columns for a more appealing look. Your new columns can be square (most common), rectangular or round. Take it a step further by including stacked stone around the base as an accent to complete your renovated look.

  6. Refinish Existing Walls

    Refinish Existing WallsStill another thing your Phoenix stucco contractor can do is to refinish existing structures with a stucco exterior. For example, if you currently have a brick wall in your yard or perimeter block wall fence, your contractor can overlay a stucco exterior that matches the color and texture of the stucco on your home. It's both beautiful and durable.

    Now that we've given you some inspiration for new remodeling projects around your home, the next question is whether or not to hire an experienced stucco contractor. For many Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners, it's a no-brainer to hire a reputable stucco company, while for others you could be contemplating if it is possible to DIY.

Should You Hire a Contractor or Do Stucco Repair in Phoenix Yourself?

Maybe you noticed crumbling, cracked, discolored or other damaged stucco on the exterior of your home by chance. Or perhaps you are considering a new stucco application project on your home. Either way, you now have the question of whether this is something you can successfully do yourself, or if you should hire an expert for your stucco repair or new stucco application in Phoenix.

Ask yourself these questions to help you decide…

Are you fairly handy?

First things first – have you done any sort of repairs around your house before? If not, call in a pro to take care of your stucco repair in Phoenix. This isn't a time for you to test out your repair skills for the first time, as improperly repaired stucco can lead to bigger problems over time increasing the total costs of repairs.

Is it a small amount of damage?

Damaged WallIf you're handy, then you can probably patch a small amount of damage. However, if it's a large crack, hole, or other damage, then you'll want to bring in the professionals. That's because your stucco repair contractor in Phoenix will want to examine the wall to be sure you don't have water damage behind the stucco. What's more, a professional will also check if the damage is just an anomaly, or if it's a sign that your stucco has a defect.

For example, crumbling stucco that wasn't caused by something specific (such as a tree limb falling onto the house) may be a sign that the stucco is becoming worn or that it was improperly applied. Same with cracks around chimneys, doorways, windows and the foundation. Hairline cracking is normal, but more intense cracking should be addressed immediately.

Point is, you can fix a small crack – but you won't be doing yourself any favors if you're just putting a bandage on a bigger problem. A professional stucco repair contractor in Phoenix will be able to assess the true extent of the damage, and fix the problem no matter how extensive it is.

Do you know the difference between EIFS and stucco?

More often than not, many people don't. An experienced stucco repair contractor should know the difference between stucco and EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system), which is sometimes referred to as synthetic stucco. However, while a stucco contractor may know the difference, many of them don't really know how to repair or apply EIFS, so you'll want to be mindful of who you hire. That's why you'll want to figure out if your home exterior is stucco or EIFS so that you can find the right contractor for your specific repair or replacement job.

Here's how to tell…

  • Check for Joints

    Most contractors who install EIFS do not make proper joints at components of the house that jut out, such as a light fixture or even the doorbell ringer. If you look very closely next to these sorts of protrusions, or even remove these items, you may see what looks like a Styrofoam board. Note that it won't actually be Styrofoam, but something very similar in looks and consistency.

    If you see this board, then you have an exterior insulation finishing system rather than stucco. However, not seeing this board doesn't necessarily mean you have stucco. It all depends on if the EIFS was installed in such a way that the board is visible. Use the next test to help you decide…

  • Check the Wall

    Next up, knock on the wall. If it sounds hollow, the exterior is probably made from the EIFS material. If it's more solid – something more akin to knocking on a brick wall – then you probably have a stucco exterior.

    Another thing you can do is run your hand along the bottom of the wall to see how far the board juts out. In some cases, this test may be impossible if the contractor installed the stucco or EIFS all the way down to the foundation. However, if you can feel the board and it is ¾” inch thick or more, then you probably have EIFS.

  • Ask a Specialist

    When in doubt, ask a stucco specialist who's experienced with both EIFS and stucco. You can find this type of specialist on the Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc team. These experts have nearly 25 years of experience with stucco, EIFS, and other exteriors being in business. If you need repair or replacement of your stucco or EIFS exterior, get in touch today with the skilled team by calling us at 623-544-1211 or emailing us here . You're sure to get great work at a fair price, so get in touch today to repair your exterior problems before a small problem turns into a bigger one.

Are you skilled at matching various textures?

While you may think the concept of a small repair couldn't be too hard for you to tackle, matching the finish of the repair to the existing texture on your home is the real art. Spending time and money on a stucco repair is one thing, but having that repair still visible afterward will continue reminding you that there was an issue there. That's why hiring a professional for any type of stucco work is recommended to keep your investment looking good.

Do you have the proper tools?

Even a small stucco project can quickly become expensive if you need to buy all the tools to complete the job. These tools may include a ladder, chisel, hammer, metal shears, wire brush, paintbrush, bucket, and other tools. If you don't already have these on hand, then it may be more cost-effective for you to hire a professional that has the tools and expertise to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time.

What the Experienced Stucco Repair Team at TWD Can Do For You

Are you in need of stucco repair or application in Phoenix or a neighboring city? If so, you'll want to call on the skilled and experienced team at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. They've been doing commercial and residential stucco repair and application since 1996. As one of the leading stucco teams in Arizona, their team has tens of thousands of projects in their portfolio of all complexities. They pride themselves on offering quality craftsmanship at an affordable price point.

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