7 Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2016

Bathroom Remodel Trends

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best investments you can make for adding to the salability of your home, but more importantly, a stylish and updated bathroom remodel makes your home much more enjoyable while you are in it. Starting the day with a positive outlook is much easier when you can bathe, shave, put on makeup, and whatever else your morning routine consists of, in an aesthetic and functional space.

Anyone who thinks all bathrooms are pretty much alike has not seen these trends that are taking bathroom design to a new level for 2016!

1. Universal Design

Working with your your general contractor to incorporate universal design into your remodeling will assure that your home becomes a place you can live in as long as you wish to, allowing you to age in place, rather than having to move to a more senior-friendly home later on. If you love your Glendale home now, why not work with your remodeling contractor to make it your home as permanently as possible?

2. Focus on Functionality

The modern look is uncluttered and streamlined. Include plenty of storage in your remodeling plans so you can keep everything you need close at hand, without having it sitting all over the countertops.

3. Go Natural

Elements from nature, especially wood and stone, warm up the bathroom and make it feel more cozy. Using neutral colors with brighter elements reserved for decoration works well to contribute to a natural feeling.

4. Create an Enjoyable Ambience

There are probably a million novels that include a candle-lit bath with a glass of wine as the main character’s way to unwind. You don’t have to light candles to have a relaxing ambience with today’s fixtures and accessories. Consider using mood lighting and cabinetry that looks like furniture in your bathroom remodel to make the room attractive.

5. Cool with Blues and Greens

Colors have a powerful influence over emotions, and cool blues and greens are calming. Too much of a good thing loses the effect, though, and too much color can feel overwhelming, so team them up with a lot of clean white or neutrals for your bathroom remodel.

6. Tiles Are Plain but Patterned

The trend this year is moving away from fancy tiles, but by creating patterns, instead of a grid of squares, simple tiles can be made into very interesting designs.

7. Cut Down on Grout with Giant Tiles

Another trend with a modern look is using oversized tiles for floors and walls. This creates a clean, sleek look—and the reduced amount of grout means easier cleaning.

Specializing in bathroom design, TWD’s design team stays on top of industry trends and material choices. Our team is certified in Universal Design and would be happy to discuss how we can make your home more comfortable and efficient for all members of the family. Call us today to set up an appointment!