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Remodeling Musts—Bathrooms Trends for the New Year

Remodeling Musts—Bathrooms Trends for the New Year

Remodeling Musts—Bathrooms Trends for the New Year

Peoria, Arizona Remodeling Musts—Bathrooms Trends for the New Year

The bathroom is a primary factor in how well a home sells, so it’s especially worthwhile to incorporate modern design and long-term functionality.

TWD’s history as a Phoenix general contractor has led us to an emphasis on universal design, so we can make your home remodeling work to keep you comfortably in your home as long as you wish to stay, while keeping up with remodeling trends so that your home will sell when the time comes.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming trends that will be on the “musts” lists for bathroom remodeling in 2016.

Old Becomes New Again

Freestanding tubs and trough sinks look right at home in a historic landmark building, but they are also on the list of hot bathroom trends. Trough sinks are rectangular and wide, which makes them useful for two people trying to brush their teeth in the morning, or otherwise share the basin. Anyone who has ever tried to shave with a little one squeezing in will appreciate the extra width.

Today’s freestanding tubs are not traditional clawfoots, but have sides that run top to floor, allowing for a more modern look. A variety of designs are available from Asian-inspired geometric tubs to rounded shapes with a raised end that provides a backrest.

Showers Are Both Accessible and Elegant

One of the most visual impacts of universal design is seen in showers. While soaking in a deep tub may be pleasurable, it just isn’t practical for many people, so the shower becomes a great alternative.

Curbless” showers don’t have a lip to trip over, and even allow wheelchair access. Various designs are available, and may incorporate a floor drain or a subtly sloping floor. The visual effect is seamless with the rest of the room, giving the bathroom a larger feel.

Luxurious Details Can Be Built Right In

In addition to modernized bathing, bathroom remodeling includes a lot of smaller things that make big differences. Your general contractor can easily install high-efficiency fixtures. Flow-controlling faucets and showerheads, and low-flow toilets cut water bills and save precious water.

A quite novel, but very useful, feature on the list of bathroom trends is anti-fog mirrors. We say it’s about time!

Visit Our Showroom to See for Yourself

One of the most important times to be forward thinking is in bathroom remodeling. Make sure to work with a general contractor who has the knowledge and experience to integrate current bathroom trends with universal design that will be functional through the varying life stages of growing families.

Here at TWD we employ certified Universal Design Professionals who are dedicated to the practice of aging-in-place design techniques so that you get the most out of your Phoenix home remodeling. Come in to our design showroom to see some of these upcoming design trends in the most popular material choices today! 

Remodeling Musts—Bathrooms Trends for the New Year
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