Top 15 Kitchen Trends For 2019 - What’s Hot And What’s Not?

The Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2019

What’s hot and what’s not?

We’re talking about kitchen design trends that you can expect to see in the upcoming year. From industrial inspiration to glam metals, built-in wine rooms, home bars and kitchen islands, 2018 has been a year full of cool and modern trends – and there’s no sign of these trends slowing down anytime soon.

Over the years, the kitchen has become the hub of your life and a multi-purpose room for many of your daily tasks. It’s not just for the avid cook or baker – it’s now a place where form and function are more important than ever before. Whether you are planning a full kitchen remodel or are ready to make a few specific upgrades, we’ve compiled the best of the best in kitchen design trends to inspire your dream kitchen, along with a few that you’ll want to save your money on.

  1. Appliances That Pack a Colorful Punch

    Stainless is out and color is in! Bright bold colors that are eye catching and do not conform to the norm as we used to know. Colorful options may come at a premium, but these high style cook tops, hoods, stoves and overs are the hottest trend being talked about. The rules about having all of your appliances matching in the same finish, have been tossed out with last year’s trash. These colorful appliances are here to make a statement.

  2. Say Goodbye to White Kitchens

    Clean white kitchens have always been a timeless and classic trend, so you won’t necessarily be seeing them wave goodbye completely. Alternatively, painted and colored cabinets will be increasing in popularity this coming year. Blues, greens, warm stains and even black will be the talk of the town. The kitchen is the hub of the household and therefore should resemble the personality and meet the needs of every member of the home. No more boring kitchens here. Instead we are diving into color for some much needed inspiration. Not sure you want to let go of your white scheme just yet? Ask your remodel designer about integrating a 2nd cabinet color into your space. If the perimeter cabinets are white, elect for blue cabinetry in your island. Dare you have your lower cabinets in one color, and the upper cabinets in another contrasting color? The design ideas will be endless this year.

  3. Specialty SinksSpecialty Sinks and Backsplash

    Gone are the days of the stainless steel double basin sink. These days sink manufacturers are pushing the envelope with bright metals, hammered finishes and intricate detailing, even gold. Say hello to large and in charge kitchen sinks in the main prep area with a bar sized sink in the butler’s pantry or home bar. You’re likely to see more metals making their way into the spotlight as well. It will be the year of statement-making options for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

  4. Backsplashes That Catch All The Attention

    The popularity of backsplashes continue to rise. While typically a smaller area to tile, many Phoenix homeowners are choosing tiles with intricate designs, pops of color, or mix and match materials to stand out in their new clean kitchen. They can be installed from the countertop to the base of the upper cabinets for a full effect, however talk to your remodel designer about taking it to the ceiling. Kitchens with hoods over the cooktop have additional wall space that can be utilized to fill in with your favorite funky tile to draw your eye up.

  5. No More Granite?

    While granite will never exit the marketplace, it will continue to dwindle in popularity against its main rival, quartz. With being virtually indestructible, quartz is gaining momentum to stake claim as the top choice for kitchen countertops again in the coming year. Just be sure to avoid excessive heat from pots and pans as they can damage your beautiful tops.

  6. Less Is More. Embrace The Look Of Less Cabinetry.

    Like the open concept floorplan, open airy kitchens with less cabinetry is now a thing. It’s the no upper cabinet trend. Yes! In years past, homeowners begged for additional cabinetry, especially in their kitchen to keep their daily use items concealed. This minimalist movement is gaining traction though and those who are remodeling are asking for clean and open space. The best way to achieve this it to eliminate some of those upper cabinets completely. Yikes! If that is too scary, spring for incorporating floating or open shelving as a less risky alternative. Additional storage can be built into other areas such as the butler’s pantry or by use of an armoire.

  7. Black is the New White. Or Is Black the New Gray?Matte Finish

    There for a while, gray was the in-trend go-to color for your kitchen scheme. Let us be the first to tell you, black is back. Emerging from the 80’s, black is becoming the go-to color again for your kitchen for 2019 with its sharp contrast and modern elegant feel. Your designer can work in coordinating warm woods and metallic finishes for a fresh new look that is on point.

  8. Matte Finish

    If you’ve been into any design showrooms lately, you’ve most likely started seeing matte finishes making their way into the spotlight. From appliances, cabinetry and fixtures, sleek matte choices will be trending in popularity. Did we mention that ultimately they are easier to keep clean than other selections? No fingerprints here.

    Stainless steel is about to be overtaken by bold color choices and patterned elements that will be a conversation starter in your kitchen. This especially holds true for refrigerators, stoves, and hoods.

  9. Undercounter Appliances

    Taking the trending minimalist approach one step further, putting appliances within lower cabinetry will become more prominent in 2019. No more microwaves on countertops or appliances within your direct line of sight.  These kitchen necessities will become hidden.

  10. Golds Are Making The ComebackGold fixtures and backsplash

    As you may have noticed, all of the top manufacturers of hardware and fixtures had begun bringing in various hues of gold during the latter part of 2018. This trend will likely continue through this next year with even more options to choose from than ever before. Rose gold, brushed gold, black golds, champagne and other metallic gold finishes for a high end look. These variations of gold are quite the twist on the timeworn traditional gold color that you previously dismissed.

  11. Smart Kitchens

    We live in the world of technology. From smart phones and devices to security systems and garage doors that you can operate from across the world. These advances will continue to enhance our lives and become more noticeable within the kitchen. Be on the lookout for smart appliances, remote lighting and alternative cooking options.

  12. Induction Cooking

    You’ve likely heard of induction cooking, but haven’t been properly introduced to it just yet. Induction cooktops are safe to touch, utilize less heat, and cook at a faster pace making them ideal for many families. You know the saying, a watched pot never boils. With induction cooking imagine the time you’ll save with its rapid cook times. Not to mention it eliminates the need for a bulky range hood in your kitchen, leaving you with available wall space.

  13. Beverage StationsBeverage Stations

    Wine storage, beverage refrigerators, carts and coffee stations will be hot in the coming year. There’s something for every beverage connoisseur when considering dedicated storage and convenience options. This will be the year to slow down and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage! Talk to your general contractor about remodeling underutilized corners, niches or storage areas into your very own home bar.

  14. Statement Flooring

    Striking floor patterns that pack a punch will be on this year’s wish list for Arizona homeowners. No more boring or basic tiled floors here. We’re talking bold and dynamic. Flooring choices that are full of character.

  15. An Eye On Wellness

    Many Americans are going green. It’s all about health and wellness in the New Year, and the healthy trend will be lingering on. Taking the necessary steps to rid your household from harsh chemicals and opting for more natural design elements. Adding additional natural light. This is a more lax and comfortable style involving nature, bringing small plants indoors and having surfaces that match our new lifestyle.

Now that we’ve covered some of the exciting trends and design concepts for 2019, are you wondering what kitchen trends from years past that you should avoid? These once popular trends are now fizzling out …

  • Mason Jars
    Great for storage, not for drinking. It’s time that we all move on from this trend. Stick to recycling and re-using them for what they are intended for.
  • Subway TilesEnough with the plain tile. Opt for unexpected tile color, grout color or uniqueness to set your home a part from your neighbor, or the local restaurant.
  • Pot Racks
    With so many custom cabinet options now available on the market, there’s really no need for this dust catcher any more. Instead look at new cabinet choices out there that boast deep drawers. If you’re going for the open concept, you don’t want anything dangling in your line of sight anyway.
  • Brown Granite
    Unless you are going for the 1980’s look, steer clear. With so many other choices available right now, opt for a less dated top that is easier on the eyes.
  • Chevron Patterns
    If you must, stick with a minimalist approach that is tonal. Chevrons have gotten so popular that they are becoming over-used and all too common.
  • Bar Height Tables
    Unless you are a bachelor, skip the bar height. Typical countertop heights have a more homey and timeless feel.
  • Faux Finishes
    Faux no more. The cheap alternative hacks are just not the real thing.

Kitchen Remodel Trend 2019As you can see, there are a lot of mixing of trends and styles can that go into rejuvenating your kitchen. Maybe you are dreaming of having a kitchen that lives up to your colorful personality, there are aspects of your room that are in desperate need of repair, or your growing family simply cannot fit around your table any longer. No matter what your motivation is, you’ll want to consult with a professional general contractor that specializes in kitchen remodeling. We suggest utilizing one with an on-staff designer that can help bring your vision to life, designing your dream kitchen with everything you want.  Your designer will work hard to incorporate what’s now trending, while providing a seamless blend into adjacent rooms.

Before calling your contractor, take a moment to consider a few things first. The answers to these questions are vital for improving the work flow of your kitchen and getting the most out of your remodeling dollar.

  • What is your goal for the remodel?
  • How long do you plan on living in your home?
  • How do you use your kitchen now?
  • How is the traffic flow during various times or events within a day (cooking, dining, entertaining, etc)?
  • How many cooks do you have in the kitchen at a time?
  • Will you remain living in the home during the construction process?
  • What is your budget for updating your kitchen?
  • When would you like to begin your remodel project?

Be prepared to dig in and create an in depth understanding of your kitchen habits. Your designer will likely ask you to fill out an extensive questionnaire getting to know you, the members of your family, your typical routine, cleaning rituals, and more.  All of these details are used in the design and planning process for your kitchen, so don’t hold back.

While houses can have similar layouts, every homeowner is unique. How you cook, clean and entertain will not be the same as anyone else, and your kitchen shouldn’t be either.

When the time comes for you to remodel, the choice is simple for Phoenix homeowners … TWD. They have been in business since 1996 with hundreds of 5-star online reviews. As a full-service general contractor, they have the experience and capability to help you with your kitchen remodel. Visit them online today at to see what other homeowners have to say about working with them. While you are there, be sure to request your free consultation in their gorgeous Design Showroom. TWD; a name and a family you can trust.