Kitchen Remodel Design Trends for 2023

Kitchen Remodel Design Trends for 2023

2022 was a successful year for Phoenix home improvement projects. However, we expect 2023 to be even better! While some of the more common trends from 2022 will continue, others will fade. This year's outlook excites us about what's in store for innovative remodels and designs.

Experts from all over the nation have been making their predictions of the top trending state-of-the-art kitchen remodel designs and materials for the year. To make your upcoming kitchen remodel project as beautiful, functional, and efficient as possible, we have created this list of the top trending recommendations you need to know about. These trends are expected to dominate the year and are a great way to refresh your kitchen to give it the revamp it needs!

Kitchen Design Trends: The Top 10 Revealed

  1. Double Islands for Maximum Efficiency Do you ever feel like your kitchen does not suit the needs of in-home entertaining? Double islands are a great functional feature to add to your next Phoenix kitchen remodel. With a double island, homeowners can host and entertain larger groups, as they will have double the storage space for cooking and meal prepping. Not to mention, guests naturally gather around the island, which can crowd the cook if a dedicated secondary space is unavailable. Typically one island will be used for functional purposes like a sink or dishwasher, while the second island may be used as an entertaining space where there may be barstools for guests to enjoy themselves and relax in your home.Many families in the Phoenix home market are multi-generational and even have multiple members of the household cooking or working within the kitchen simultaneously. Having double islands and even doubling up on other kitchen features like sinks and appliances allow all family members to be productive while sharing the space.
  2. Concealed & Specialty Storage Concealed & specialty storage added this Phoenix kitchen remodelAre you lacking storage in your kitchen? Additional storage is a common request from Phoenix homeowners looking to remodel. By utilizing an experienced remodeling contractor with design services, they can design your space to take advantage of every inch of your kitchen by incorporating specialty and even hidden storage features. This will not only make your kitchen look clean and organized but is a convenient way to optimize your space. Built-in storage like kitchen and pantry cabinetry, deep pull-out drawers, or an on-counter appliance garage are great ways to conceal the clutter in your kitchen. Pull-out spice racks are ideal for storing dry ingredients, spices, and even cooking utensils, keeping them within reach and not taking up prime countertop space.Major cabinet manufacturers, such as Wellborn Cabinet and others, have released cabinet options that are made specifically to conceal paper towel rolls, knives, oversized cooking sheets, brooms, footstools, step ladders, and more. Kitchen upgrades focused on concealed storage are destined to be big this year. By hiding kitchen tools and appliances, it allows your kitchen to have a more clean and more simplified look. Homeowners will be able to accommodate storing all of their kitchen essentials without them becoming the room's focal point!
  3. Merging Spaces with Expansive WindowsMerging spaces with expansive windows in this kitchen remodel in Phoenix This year we predict an increase in the popularity of merging spaces. Expansive windows are a timeless way to deliver an indoor/outdoor feeling to your kitchen. Over-sized window walls and strategic window placement will bring in natural light and fresh air. Another bonus they give is the illusion that you've added square footage to your space with a more open-spacious feel.
  4. Applying Mixed Metals No need to decide on one metal finish for your kitchen remodel. Mixing metals is a key kitchen trend that is a great way to add interest to your home. Experts suggest that mixing metals adds a look "far beyond 2023". However, it is suggested to add no more than 2-3 metals to avoid it looking disjointed. The ideal way to mix metals is to mix both cool and warm metals to provide a balanced atmosphere.
    Whether you are a homeowner looking for a chic, modern, or classic look- mixing metals is an excellent idea for your next Phoenix kitchen remodel.Curious about how to effectively bring multiple metals together into your home? "Mixing Metals: The Do's & Don'ts for Your Home Remodel" blog does a great job providing tips to get you started!
  5. Installing a Scullery or Butler's PantryInstalling a scullery or butler's pantry as part of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix A key trend on the rise for kitchens is installing in-home sculleries or butler pantries. Kitchens are the center of the home, so they must have lots of storage, be kept clean and tidy, and be inviting to guests. To explain, a scullery is a hidden kitchen, which gives the homeowner additional space to meal prep, clean dishes, etc., away from the crowd in your home, and has more places to cook. A butler pantry usually is smaller than a scullery and can be used as a storage space; this could also be a walk-in pantry. A butler pantry can give a homeowner the perfect addition of space for smaller appliances, storage for extra linens and dishes, beverages, an overflow area for meal prep and more. The inclusion of a scullery or butler pantry depends on the spacing of your home, but both will transform your home and provide functionality.
  6. Designated In-Home BarDesignated in-home bar done as part of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix Love to entertain and host events? Renovating your Phoenix home to include an in-home bar is an ideal place to enjoy cocktail hour with friends and family while remaining in the comfort of your own home. Depending on space, there are several ways to implement an in-home bar remodel. A built-in bar, bar cart, cabinet, or outdoor bar are all great ways to add a place of enjoyment to your home. Monet Masters of Forbes notes that "centering your home on hosting is among the top design trends in 2023". In-home hosting will not go away and is expected to continue in the years going forward. Designating a place in your home for an at-home bar is a great way to entertain and increase social activity within the home. Professionals like Chicago kitchen designer Mick De Giulio "agree that the at-home bar is being requested more often to create a beverage center in the home". To design the best in-home bar, consider bold colors, open shelving to show off your drink selection, countertops that stand out, and unique light fixtures.
  7. Colorful Kitchens Need a revamp in your kitchen? Just add color! Phoenix homeowners planning a kitchen remodel are feeling bolder in 2023 with the touch of colorful colors to accent. Adding bright hues as an accent wall, backsplashes, or fresh paint can be all your kitchen needs to have a new look. Color inspiration can set the mood of the room, so it is important to pick the right one. According to KBB Publications, we should expect to see more and more color present in kitchens in the upcoming years, with the most common color trends being green/blue cabinets, bold backsplashes/details, and black appliances.
  8. Hidden Electrical Outlets Even though electrical outlets are essential in your kitchen and home, there are several ways to hide or conceal them to be more pleasing to the eye. Electrical outlets can be hidden behind appliances, decor, or fixtures. Pop-up outlets, installing electrical strips underneath cabinets, or even placing outlets inside a drawer are all great ways to hide outlets from plain view in your home. If you are planning a new remodel project in Phoenix, consider hidden outlets to minimize interruptions of your backsplash or wallpaper.
  9. Extending Kitchen Cabinets to CeilingExtending kitchen cabinets to ceiling done as part of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix Extending cabinets to the ceiling is a kitchen renovation that has many benefits and will continue to be a popular layout request in the years ahead. Extending kitchen cabinets will make your ceilings appear higher and make the most of every inch of the kitchen. It presents your kitchen as if it were custom-built, making it feel more elevated and high-end. Extending cabinetry upwards is less intrusive, and you will not need to start from square one having to gut your entire kitchen in order to make it happen (unless you want to!)..There are a few ways of extending your kitchen cabinets that are affordable and deliver the extended cabinet look. Adding open shelving cabinets on top of already existing cabinets to create additional storage space or adding cabinets with a glass door is a great way to fill that empty space stylishly. There are several ways to achieve the look of extended cabinets and freshen up your kitchen. Talking with an experienced remodeling contractor like TWD, will help determine the possibilities for your home, whether you are considering adding on to your existing cabinetry or an extensive remodel.
  10. Two-Tone Cabinetry (Blending Light and Dark)Two Tone Cabinetry used in a kitchen remodel in Phoenix Two-toned cabinetry is an easy way to create instant interest in a home. A dual-color cabinet design may be just what your kitchen needs, creating a distinction between your upper and lower cabinet space. There are many ideas to create a two-tone feel in your kitchen, such as adding pops of color, mixing wood with white, or playing with patterns paired with a solid cabinet. Blending lights with darks is the easiest way to incorporate multi-tones in your space. This could be done by having a white or cream upper cabinet and a darker lower cabinet, such as a gray or black one. Working with a designer, they will also suggest doing the perimeter cabinets in one color and the island(s) cabinetry in a separate color or shade. This look is trending for its gorgeous simplicity and clean lines.

The "IT COLORS" of 2023

The "IT COLORS" of 2023 for kitchen remodelsExperts are forecasting that the top trending colors for 2023 will be earthy tones with warmer neutrals. These colors carry over from 2020-2022, but are getting softer to create a more inviting and comforting feel. Implementing warm, earthy tones in your next home remodel will open your home up to endless opportunities for unique and timeless designs. According to Better Homes & Gardens, a popular home movement is "solidifying nature-based colors indoors," which will liven the mood of a home. When determining how to incorporate earthy tones in your kitchen remodel, it is important to note these hues pair with almost any existing color.

To feature earthy, warm tones in your future kitchen design, it is important to create a palette of desired colors that is not overwhelming. An example of this could be a combination of colors like light brown, garden sage green, and a rust tone. This is a great color combination to achieve an earth tone scheme design that will not overwhelm you.

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