Include These Universal Design “Must-Haves” in Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Universal Design tips for Master Bathroom

If a master bathroom remodel is in your future, you are sure to appreciate these bathroom “must-haves.” Universal design is really catching on in Phoenix, and with nationally certified professionals on staff, TWD is keeping up with the latest in remodeling features. Here are a few keys to remodeling in a way that will not only serve your guests now, but will make life more convenient for you as you age.

Flooring - Slip resistant flooring is the key to making your bathroom safe for old and young alike. Look for what flooring manufacturers call the COF (coefficient of friction) value of .60 or higher.

Shower – First and foremost, the shower must be easy to get in and out of. This requires a very low threshold, and for a wheelchair, it should be level with the floor. Look for a “curbless” shower to meet that need. What keeps the water from running all over the floor? The shower floor must be ever so slightly lower than the house floor and slope toward a flush drain. Curbless showers have a very modern look, and are appealing whether you need the accessibility features or not making a walk-in shower the hottest bathroom remodel trend on the market today.

Walk-in tub – If you don’t intend to give up relaxing soaking baths then a walk-in tub is a key detail for your bathroom remodel. Getting from a semi-reclined position to your feet in a wet environment can be quite hazardous without the proper safety precautions. These allow you to continue to enjoy bathing long after a normal tub becomes unworkable.

Lever-style handles and faucets – Whether in sinks, tubs or showers, knobs can be difficult to grab and turn. Levers are much easier to manage and should be your new go-to style as you age.

Shower seat – An essential element for anyone who can’t stand for very long, a shower seat provides a safe and comfortable way to enjoy showering. Several alternatives are available including flip-down seats that are out of the way when not in use. Built in seats can be tiled or made of wood which add an elegant, furniture-like addition to your bathroom.

Hand held shower – When you can’t gyrate to get every part of your body under the shower stream, a hand-held shower is the answer. Since modern shower heads are available with a variety of massage options, you can relax and direct the pulsing water directly to the tight muscles, without twisting yourself up to get them under the showerhead like you would have to with a fixed shower. This option is beneficial to those of all ages when incorporated on an adjustable slide bar. An additional benefit of the hand-held style is that it makes cleaning the shower much easier!

Grab bars – Now, we’re not talking hospital style bulky grab bars. There are many new decorative pieces on the market that double as a grab bar. Anyone with stability or leg strength concerns will appreciate such added safety measures. They provide support for standing, but also make it safe to step up and down and help with getting on and off of the toilet for those who have trouble changing positions easily.

Looking for other helpful ways to keep you and your family safe in your home at any age? Stop by our design showroom in Phoenix to see these great innovations and other outstanding design features. Our universal design certified professionals on staff are uniquely qualified to assist you in incorporating highly functional and stylish elements into your master bathroom remodel. You can get their full contact information and browse our project portfolio by clicking here: While you are there be sure to request your free consultation today!