The Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2019 – What's Hot and What's Not?

The Hottest Trends in Bathrooms for 2019

Open concept design for bathroomsWhat’s hot and what’s not?

If you have been contemplating a bathroom remodel, it’s time to take the plunge. 2019 is bringing in new exciting design trends and revamping a few outdated ones with a revitalized fresh new look.

We’re talking about bathroom design trends that you can expect to see this year. Get the scoop on the most current trending styles in the industry for your upcoming bathroom remodel. From sinks to vanities, fixtures and color options, we’ve got you covered right here. Whether you are building a new home, hiring an experienced general contractor to remodel your forever home or are looking to make a few upgrades this year, this list is sure to get you inspired.

  1. Open-Concept Design

    The past few years the term “open-concept” has been thrown around like candy when talking about the layout for your home. Most commonly in terms of the living area and kitchen becoming one fluid barrier-free space, but this year that term will begin to creep into your Master Suite. Open-concept designs will begin taking over the bathroom this year. Forget about closing off the doorway and needing privacy when getting ready for work. Showering and getting ready in the open air is amazing. Barrier-free walk-in showers will be prominent with glass being used when needed for a barrier. No more boxed in showers and closed doors this year.

  2. Black is BackBlack is back in style

    The spa-like bathrooms that have been trending over the past few years will be returning … to the day spa that is. This year’s bathroom trends will include bold and sultry designs that scream high-end. Black is the ideal color palette to invoke that indulgent feeling of modern elegance and make no mistake, it will be in full force this year.

    While gray has been the recent go-to color in bathroom remodeling, it’s all going to change this year. Gray is still great and will continue to be popular, but black is stealing the spotlight. Utilizing black in your bathroom design, whether you are mixing finishes or matching can completely change the look of your space. Choosing matte black faucets, showerhead or vanity hardware is sleek and alluring. Just look at Moen for example. They ramped up their matte black offerings in their existing lines, in addition to their new bathroom lines as they wrapped up the end of last year coming into 2019.

    For our gray palette lovers out there that may be hesitant to dark tones, there’s a happy medium. Gray embrace black accents beautifully!

  3. The New Modernized Tub & Shower Combo

    This is not your mothers’ tub and shower design. Free your mind of that dated bathroom style because 2019 gives that term a new meaning. The new modernized tub and shower combo is all about creating a ‘water space’ or ‘wet room’, where both the freestanding bathtub and the spacious shower are in the same open area with merely a simple glass barrier. These freestanding tubs are being presented in more stylish designs that appear to have an art deco vibe. With all the right curves and a high back, the tub is sure to add that touch of elegance you’ve been desiring. Homeowners deserve a place to unwind in the manner they choose. Having a wet room to retreat to accomplishes just that after a long day.

    Another great benefit of utilizing this layout in your home is that it separates the water space from the rest of the bathroom, while creating the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. That’s a win-win.

  4. Eye Catching Mirrors

    Unique and interesting mirrors will be all the rave this year. The plain wall to wall mirror shall be added to the history books because these new statement pieces are taking over. Trends have been headed this way with round mirrors rolling in strong over the past few years, however this year we’re declaring the rounded rectangle mirror and more creative shaped mirrors as king. From curvaceous and custom shapes, distinctiveness will dominate this year.

  5. New Tile ShapesNew tile shapes & designs

    This year we’re breaking the monotony of subway tile or large format tile and are focusing on new shapes and graphics to revive your bathroom. Be on the lookout for new and improved shaped tiles from hexagon, diamond, fish scales, chevron patterns, arabesque and more in new colors, configurations and textures.

    If you are looking for a smaller scale upgrade to make that will liven up your bathroom, this is one of the best trends to incorporate into your existing space. These eye-catching tiles can be used on the floor, walls, ceiling or backsplash to accent and add the pop you’re looking for.

  6. Time to Expand.

    Bigger is better right? Depends on what the topic is, but in the case of bathrooms the answer is YES! The bathroom has gone from a utilitarian space where you did your business and went about your day to one that is more focused around creating an experience, a place for rejuvenation and relaxation to take place. We need space to feel refreshed, so it’s time to expand this year. Where will you compromise giving up the extra space for your bathroom retreat? The bedroom, closet area or possibly a guest bathroom on the other side of the wall are all viable options. If pushing out the walls is just out of the question, look for ways to create optical illusions that you’ve increased the space.

  7. Industrial Style

    The industrial look is pushing its way into the bathroom. This year you are likely to see more exposed hardware and piping shining through in a beautiful way. We’re not talking an antique flair, rather more industrial with clean sleek lines and modern elegance. The metal finishes on the market right now, combined with wooden accents and vanities make this edgy style one you’re likely to fall in love with.

    This urbanized feel pairs perfectly with pops of color, gold or brass accents, and matte black. If you’re looking to bring this trend into your shower, talk to your kitchen designer about integrating an industrial metal edging around the shower enclosure for a little extra architectural flair.

  8. It’s All About The SlabIt’s all about the marble, porcelain and quartz slabs

    Marble slabs dominated the market for years in bathroom remodeling, that is until man-made products like porcelain and quartz joined the party. No matter your material preference, this year will be all about the slab. You may just find yourself wanting to say goodbye to tile with grout lines in your shower that you need to keep clean. Slab panels will cover your shower walls to create a smooth seamless feel, allowing its veined design to become the focal point of your space. You may just want to save that gorgeous tile selection for the floor or decorative wall application!

  9. Take It To The Ceiling

    Standard sized backsplashes are a thing of the past. For 2019 it’s all about covering the full wall. You don’t want just 4” of that stunning decorative tile you fell in love with now do you? It’s time to get creative and take that tile to the ceiling. Opt to bring in various shapes, patterns and even colors to add a fresh look and create your very own masterpiece in your bathroom. Whether you go with multicolored or monochrome, it’s time to bring some originality into your bathroom retreat.

  10. Let’s Get Techy!

    There’s no denying technology! Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Technological advances are changing the way we do our everyday tasks, making our time spent more effective and safer for our family. Many of these tech options are available in the bathroom. A few of these luxuries that you’ll want to consider for your bathroom remodel this year are motion detecting faucets with water-saving features, automatic temperature regulators, smart showers, mini fridges and heated towel racks. Exciting right? Now, you’re probably asking yourself what a “smart shower” is. Imagine having the capability to set your shower to automatically come on at a particular time so that when you wake up in the morning or get home from work, your shower was hot and ready for you! Add in voice activated features for a built-in blue tooth speaker system, lighting and temperature controls. The possibilities are endless.

    Speaking of smart upgrades, bathroom mirrors will never be the same. Many now have such features as built-in LED lighting, television and integrated touchscreens. Visualize getting ready for work and checking the weather forecast or watching the news on your bathroom mirror! Modern day technologies are transforming bathrooms into a more personalized space in your home.

    Plus, don’t forget about the tushy technology that is gaining in popularity. Toilets are reaching new technological breakthroughs for their features and cleanliness with motion activated open and close capabilities, self-cleaning technology, ambient lighting, heated seat controls and more. Debuting in 2019, Kohler Konnect will allow you to interact with their product via voice control to add further personalization.

  11. Statement Walls & Art

    Powder rooms and guest bathrooms have always yearned attention, but this year they will be heard and in a big way. Over-sized patterned wall coverings will be taking over the spot light. Bright, bold colors combined with large and in charge florals and prints. It’s time to ramp up the drama in your small space. You’ll never look at your bathroom the same.

    Especially true for spaces lacking natural light, many homeowners will be seeking to insert color and texture into the room by means of unique works of art or wall coverings.

  12. Color That Pops

    Last month we focused on the hot trends for kitchen remodeling. If you read that article you’ve overheard that blues and greens will be popular in kitchen remodeling, and the same holds true in the bathroom. Particular colors promote feelings that set the mood for your space. Color psychology says that hues of blue are said to invoke relaxation levels and the feeling of trustworthiness. Greens bring about feelings of self-wellness and nature. Both of which are ideal color schemes to incorporate into your personalized bathroom retreat this year.

  13. Wood Accents Are Making A ComebackVessel sinks

    Wood accents pair perfectly with many of the 2019 trends that you’re now excited about. It compliments white, blue, green, and especially dark colored bathrooms. It is the ideal duo for industrial elements and adds warmth to your design, so it’s no surprise that wood accents are expected to be trendier than ever this year.

  14. Vessel Sinks

    Make room on the vanity, vessel sinks are coming in hot this year. Used as a focal point in the bathroom, you’re likely to begin seeing more unique shaped and artistic pattered sinks this year. Kohler has launched their latest vessel sinks in their Artist Edition line anticipating this bathroom trend.

  15. An Eye On Wellness

    As mentioned in our recent blog Top 15 Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2019, Americans are more aware than ever about going green, and keeping a healthy eye on their wellbeing. It’s all about health, wellness and relaxation going into any new year. That chance for a fresh start to live a healthy lifestyle, and this trend will be lingering on especially when it comes to bathroom design.

    Designers are beginning to see more vanities in front of windows. Not only is the natural light great for a bathroom, but who doesn’t want to enjoy a beautiful view while standing at the sink. Not to mention, all of the “saving” features that are now on the market to help reduce your water use.

No matter what design style is featured in vogue or on HGTV, it’s no surprise that a clean and refined bathroom style will remain the most popular. These key trends we’ve covered are meant to be tweaks or updates to include in your bathroom, while practicality will always rule the land of home improvement and remodeling.

No trend will last forever. At some point the popularity begins to fade and we find ourselves refocusing on what’s new and exciting in the marketplace. Now that we’ve shared the up and coming design concepts for 2019, are you prepared to say farewell to some of the past years trends? Here’s some of the prediction of trends making their way off stage …

  • Cherry CabinetryWhile cherry used to be the go-to cabinet color to add warmth to the space, this year the focus will shift to blues, greens, grays and black painted cabinetry for both modern and traditional design styles.
  • Accent WallsDramatic colored accent walls have overstayed their welcome. Single colored walls are making a bigger impact by creating more balance.
  • MarbleYou heard us right! Marble, although many still love it, it will be taken over by ceramic and porcelain materials that have the stunning look of marble without the high-maintenance needs.

Are you ready to update your forever home, or to get it ready to put on the market in 2019? Studies show that an attractive and well-designed bathroom can change the mind of a potential buyer and get you the sale price you’re asking. Regardless of your reason for remodeling, we hope these trends have gotten you inspired and your creativity flowing.

A bathroom remodel is a big project to tackle for any homeowner. Despite the fact that some choose to do their updates one at a time, others find it easier to get the entire job done all at once. It is important to know what is popular, as well as your overall goal for the project and a comfortable budget that you have to spend on the renovation before starting any home improvement project. An experienced general contractor can help you through the intricacies of home remodeling to ensure that you get the most out of your money and are left with a beautiful bathroom that you will love.

Before calling your professional contractor, take a moment to consider your answers to a few key questions they are likely to ask:

  • What are you wanting to accomplish with this remodel?
  • How long do you plan on living in your home?
  • What is your budget you have in mind for updating your bathroom?
  • When would you like to begin your bathroom remodel project?
  • How many household members do you have that will utilize the space regularly and/or at a time?
  • Are there any special needs that should be taken into account with the design (example: ADA compliance, small children sharing the space, pet friendly needs, etc).

During the interview process with your general contractor, the designer will want to get to know you and your daily habits. Determining these things will aid in their ability to suggest materials that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

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