Flo By Moen Detects Water Leaks

The Flo By Moen water detection system will alert you if there is ever a leak or higher than normal water consumption. The system also gives you the ability to shut off your water remotely to avoid flood or water damage. Ask your TWD designer today about incorporating it into your remodel design.

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Inspiring Paint Colors for Your Home Office

Is it time for a fresh coat of paint in your office space? Here are 3 colors that you may want to consider … Red, Green or Blue. Particular colors can influence creativity and focus. Which color is right for you?

Red – Attention grabbing, allows your eye to focus on the details thus reducing errors.

Green – Promotes physical grown and natural changes. Try incorporating live (or fake) plants for added effect.

Blue – Supports calmness, is encouraging. A good color for conference rooms and brainstorming areas. Using blue folders and post-it notes can aid in this effect as well.

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TWD is a Wellborn Authorized Dealer

Often we get asked why we decided to bring on another cabinetry supplier. It’s simple … Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is made in the USA, has consistent lead times like clockwork that we can schedule around, are delivered in air-conditioned Wellborn trucks by actual Wellborn employees with excellent quality that they stand by with a limited lifetime warranty. It was a wise decision.

TWD – Design. Build. Remodel.

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