Top 15 Home Remodel Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Top 15 Remodel Trends You Need To Know About For 2021

When it comes to remodeling your home, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or other shared living space, you ultimately want it to be functional, comfortable, and clean. While these needs never change, the start of a new year brings a fresh forecast of exciting design ideas and trends that you're likely going to see in the months ahead. More so than any other year, 2020 forced a new way of living upon us and 2021 finds us all in need of home improvements that help accommodate our new lifestyle. Experts across the nation are making their predictions of styles that will shape the year ahead.

We've gathered the top design trends out there that you're likely to see leading the market this year. Before you start your next Phoenix home remodeling project, here's what you need to know ….

DESIGN TRENDS: The Top 15 Revealed

  1. Floorplan changes

    Wide-open floorplans have dominated the residential housing market for years, but COVID-19 has exposed the flaws surrounding an open-concept. Having kids in virtual homeschooling and parents doing their best working from home, it is difficult to find a quiet space to jump on that conference call or Zoom meeting. Creating dedicated home offices and enclosing once open lofts or under-utilized space will be a top priority for many Phoenix families.

  2. Multi-level islandsKitchen Remodeling Phoenix - Islands

    2020 brought us home. We found new ways to work at home with ease and spend more time together as a family. The kitchen has become the ultimate multi-functional room that provides not only plenty of meal prep space but a place where kids do homework and schooling, adults have set up a place for virtual meetings and work areas. Let's not forget that we're now eating more as a family as well. Multi-level islands and countertops provide comfortable seating options for all members of the family throughout the day.

  3. Welcome to the dark side

    Dark kitchen countertops are gaining in popularity again. From dark shades of color to deep-toned wood, a high contract look in the kitchen against white or lighter toned cabinetry will be catching your eye this year.

  4. Clean linesBathroom Remodeling Phoenix - Showers

    Full access frameless cabinetry has been on the rise and that will continue in the year ahead. Clean lines, hidden cabinet hardware, solid panel cabinet doors, and touch-release designs all lend to the minimalist style. By not having handles or knobs on your cabinets, it puts more emphasis on the beauty and grain of the cabinetry.

  5. Tile with a modern retro feel

    Subway tile has been a top choice by Phoenix homeowners doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling. This year though we'll see more texture and color variations giving modern tile an ancestry touch. Patterns and solids alike with an almost handmade Morocco feel. Move over smooth porcelain or glass tile, and make way for artisan tile similar to a Moroccan zellige appearance. This look lends more to slimmer or nearly invisible grout lines. Not only will these eye-catching tiles be used in kitchen remodeling projects, but they'll be making a splash in bathrooms as well.

  6. Smart toilets and bidets

    According to the recent NKBA 2021 design trends report, smart toilets and bidets are finding their way into post-pandemic homes. While toilets are usually not the hot topic anyone likes chatting about, they have come a long way and are worth the investment. They offer hands-free components for touchless flushing and self-closing lids reducing the spread of germs. Many have self-cleaning and sanitizing features, cling-free bowl surfaces, and hidden plumbing nooks making them easier to keep clean.

    Toilets with bidet seats have definitely sparked some interest and are in high demand. Could it be due to the fact that many Americans experienced what we call the great toilet paper shortage of 2020? Possibly so.

  7. Energy-efficient windows

    While water efficiency has been a hot topic of the past years with plumbing manufacturers pushing out new water-saving features, in 2021 we will see an increase in requests for energy efficiency. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of good energy-efficient windows and their impact on utility bills and our footprint on the environment. Another plus is the enhanced view creating a strong connection to backyard amenities. Time to trade in those heavy window treatments for a simpler window design and an unobstructed view of your outside oasis.

  8. Increased storage and cabinet organizersHome Remodeling Phoenix - cabinet organizers

    The past year has changed how we cook and eat in. We've become at-home chefs and with that we've purchased new appliances, cooking tools and increased our grocery purchases. Kitchen and bath designers in 2021 will focus on storage with special attention on pantries, long-term food storage, and small appliance placement. The freezer is the ideal place for long-term food storage. You're likely to see layouts that allow for a bigger refrigerator with more capacity or designated space in the home for an additional standalone freezer.

    Home Remodeling Phoenix - storage and cabinetsMany homeowners found themselves purchasing air fryers, Instant Pots, and coffee/espresso makers last year to enhance their increased time at home. Kitchens are now working harder to accommodate this shift in volume. Countertops are precious commodities, so placement and storage of these new appliances will be key. Larger cupboards and cabinet organizers will accommodate our new tools and abundance of dry goods.

  9. Warm tones

    Meet greige: Warm tones combined with cool grays will create a calming environment for your home. After a year of stress and uncertainty, we are all looking for ways to evoke a feeling of comfort, compassion, and tranquility. Similar to wanting comfort-food after a long hard day, we crave comforting colors in our home for a sense of normalcy after a long hard year.

    Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) is a warm, rich gray-brown that was named for its sense of serenity and stability. As described by Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin Williams in a press release, "Urbane Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal." A likely mantra for the year when it comes to remodeling and home improvements.

  10. Two-tone kitchensTwo-tone kitchens remodels in Phoenix

    Gone are the days of having only one cabinet color in your kitchen. Two-toned cabinet combinations hit the market a few years back gaining traction, but are predicted to skyrocket this year. Mixing a darker cabinet with a lighter cabinet in the same space adds depth and character to the design. There's a good chance that a third color in the mix will gain some popularity votes as we continue to push the boundaries of design in 2021.

  11. Decorative hoods

    The transition from hidden ventilation in the kitchen to incorporating beautiful range hoods as a focal point in the overall design has begun. The emphasis will be on the type of material used – slab materials, veneers, metals, and it's noteworthy to mention that this is an ideal spot to bring a wood element to your kitchen design.

    Following the move for clean lines, you'll be seeing square-shaped hoods making their way into the spotlight this year that compliment your modern or eclectic style.

  12. Solid surfacesSolid Surfaces

    Continuing with the ever-so-popular minimalist style, this year you're likely to see more one-piece solid surface backsplashes in the kitchen. Taking the countertop slab onto the wall eliminates grout lines giving your kitchen a seamless look that's easy to clean and hard to take your eyes off of.

  13. Mixed materials

    Homeowners and designers will be taking chances with mixing materials more than ever. By introducing a wood element, such as in the hood, bar or butcher block section of countertop it will help create an eclectic layer within the design.

    Dramatic veined countertop slabs, multi-toned cabinetry, varying textures, and finishes will all add to the creativity that we are in store for.

  14. Technology

    Smart technology has opened our eyes to so many new products that have helped us in our effort to become more aware of germs in our homes. Touchless faucets and other motion-activated products are still in high demand, but we're pushing the limitations with extra voice-activated features.

    Technological advances in the kitchen and bathroom are in full force. Products that pair with Alexa and Siri are assisting us in being more hygienic and productive. Faucets are now measuring our water for our dinner recipes in the kitchen and pre-warming our shower to the precise temperature we need. Smart mirrors give us the weather forecast and news report while we get ready for our day. Refrigerators inform us when we are running low on our favorite foods, while our coffee makers are programmed to have our hot cup of joe ready when we are. Lighting that can be controlled remotely. All of these technological advances that we're learning to embrace and more will be important trends this year.

  15. Supporting your local community

    Last year really made us think about those around us. The impact that the pandemic has had on local businesses and the move to support (or save) our local favorites. That feeling of shopping local and/or shopping "small" will be a big focus as we continue to think about where we source things. Community farmers markets, local suppliers, family-owned businesses and utilizing materials with a handmade unique feel to them will have emphasis.


  • Barn doors

    Say it isn't so! Insider Magazine is predicting that barn doors are likely going to be replaced by pocket doors, classic French doors or other types of statement entryways.

  • White on white rooms

    While white will never go out of style and will forever be a color in your home, the uninspiring white on white style trend is beginning to fade.

  • Faux anything

    This year will see more natural and organic materials being used in homes. Say your goodbyes to plastic materials, faux plants and synthetics. Opt for low-maintenance houseplants if you're thumb isn't so green. Natural woods and stones, cotton, leather and textiles will be a big topic.

  • Open-concept layouts

    If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we have to be flexible. When we work, play, relax and live confined in our homes, we need designated spaces that we can retreat to that are separate from our workspace. This year we will be seeing more intentional and creative space designs.

As we were all excited to say good riddance to one of the most challenging years in modern history, we are optimistic about the year ahead. Our outlook on the world, our home vs work-life balance, and self-care will forever be changed. We find shelter, connection, and comfort in being home with our families that may have been lost over the hustle and bustle of prior years, and for that, we are grateful for the needed reminder to slow down.

On the contrary, the Phoenix housing market has definitely not slowed down. Home sales are hotter than ever right now with prices inflating from week to week, bidding wars happening on current limited inventory, and houses not being on the market for more than a few days. While it's a great sellers' market for those moving away or downsizing, most Arizona homeowners are using this spurt of energy in the marketplace to reinvest in their homes.

When you're ready to remodel ….

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