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Repairing Drywall Nail and Screw Pops

Repairing Drywall Nail and Screw Pops

Repairing Drywall Nail and Screw Pops

Peoria, Arizona Repairing Drywall Nail and Screw Pops

Chances are that somewhere in your home you have nail and screw pops in your drywall. Nail holes can be caused from minor settling or even from a nail that has lost its ability to hold thus creating a larger hole than needed. Not only are they common, but rather unavoidable. So do you call a professional drywall repair contractor to help you with these pesky household repairs, or do you typically make the repairs yourself?

Repairing minor nail holes and screw pops in your drywall can be easy if you are willing to take on the task. Don’t be tempted to push the faster or anchor further into the wall and just fill the hole, as this will only be a short-term fix. Below are the steps needed to correctly patch these minor blemishes and get your home back in tip top shape.

  • Remove the existing nail and install a screw. Drive the new screw into the hole until it is flush without breaking through the drywall paper. This will reattach the drywall.
  • Next you will want to fill the damaged area with a lightweight spackle. You can purchase spackle compound at your local hardware store, and it comes in a variety of brands. You will want to use a lightweight one, so as to not sag and typically they are very quick to dry. Application is easy with a flexible putty knife making sure the hole or damaged area is completely filled smooth. It is recommended that 2-3 coats be applied only after the prior coat is completely dry to eliminate larger clumps that may not dry effectively and cause crumbling.
  • Once the area is completely filled and dried, you will want to take a fine sanding paper such as a 200-grit paper to lightly sand the patched area providing a blending effect to the existing wall. Brush off any existing dust from the sanding leaving a clean surface.
  • Now you are ready to prime and paint! Always make sure that you have extra matching wall paint left from your previous project to make these minor touch ups.

For larger or more complex damage beyond minor nail holes, we recommend calling a drywall repair contractor in Phoenix. Their experienced crews can effectively and efficiently repair any type of drywall damage. On larger repair areas it takes a skilled hand to match the specific wall texture that you may have in your home for a seamless finish. With the variety of drywall finishes, such as skip trowel, knock down, orange peel, splatter and others, each requiring their own special touch and material coverage, it can become tedious work. The last thing that you want is to spend the time making the repair, only to be able to see the repair after the work is painted and complete.

Visit Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. at www.twdaz.com/drywall for a complete list of the most common drywall finishes and differences between them. As one of the top drywall contractors in Phoenix, they have been serving homeowners in the Valley since 1996.

Repairing Drywall Nail and Screw Pops
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