Preparing to Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Bertholf Residence Bathroom (After)

Now that you have determined the appropriate budget for your bathroom remodel, you have met with the best designer you could find and come up with the perfect combination of luxury fixtures and blissful layout for your spa-like bathroom, now what? Construction is getting ready to start, but are you ready? There is no doubt that the construction process is a bit of an inconvenience, though will be completely worth it when the final product is revealed!

What to remove?

Complete bathroom remodel projects will typically include a mass amount of demolition to remove the vanity, countertops, tub and shower, and even flooring. Make sure that you remove all items from your existing bathroom so that it is ready to start when your remodeling contractor arrives.

Tub and Shower: Soaps, shampoos, razors and shaving necessities, washcloths, shower mat removed, bath toys, sponges

Toilet: Anything sitting on the toilet, toilet cover, mat around the base of the toilet, toilet brush, trashcan or cleaners nearby, reading material stored in the vicinity. Discuss with your general contractor who will be removing the toilet. They may have it included in their time allotment for demolition if not previously instructed that you will be removing.

Sink and Vanity: Soaps, tissue, linens, hygiene products, candles and anything sitting on the countertop. Anything stored inside the vanity cabinet should also be removed whether a new vanity is being supplied or not, so that there is convenient access to plumbing if needed during the construction process.

Walls: If you are replacing walls or having demo work done in the shower area, it is recommended that you not only remove any items from the walls in the bathroom, but also on the other side of the wall. Sometimes demolition can cause a little bit of a shake to the wall and you will want to make sure that your wall hangings do not have the opportunity to fall or become damaged. Remove any towel racks, grab bars, medicine cabinets and fixtures. Check with your general contractor to make sure that this work is not already included in their contract.

Bathroom Remodel

Having your items and fixtures removed and relocated prior to the job starting will enable your general contractor to get right to work building your new sanctuary. During your bathroom remodel, the construction crews working on your home will need to have a direct line of path to the exterior of the home. The tradesman will be traveling in and out carrying debris and materials. Having a clean and clear pathway determined will help the building process run smoothly. Talk with your general contractor about the steps they take to contain construction dust and daily clean up routines as well. (Photo Shown: Compliments of TWD)

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