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5 Tips Before You Start Your Next Remodel

5 Tips Before You Start Your Next Remodel

5 Tips Before You Start Your Next Remodel

Peoria, Arizona 5 Tips Before You Start Your Next Remodel

If a bathroom or kitchen remodel, custom media wall or other major home improvement project is on your to-do list then this blog is directed at you. Before you start work on your home or making purchases that could cause regret down the road, we’ve got 5 tips to help you minimize any possible mishaps. Yes, some mishaps are bound to happen, but proper planning can easily prevent most common mistakes.

Measure Twice!

You know the saying. “Measure twice, cut once.” Well it’s just as important in the planning stages of your remodel. By measuring your furniture and other pieces you can effectively plan for adequate design space and even doorway widths that will be a necessity. Tip: Before buying new furniture use masking tape to mark the shape on the floor or use boxes so that you have a visual of the size to make sure it will fit and the walk room that you will have around it.


Consider how your room will be used and by whom. Plans for your remodel should cater to function first. If you are planning a custom media wall for the family then you would want to consider space for kids games, low accessible shelving the kids can reach, cubbies for toys, etc versus a custom media wall for an established married couple that would need space for family heirlooms, artwork and such.

Collect Ideas.

Many homeowners just like you start thinking about their upcoming remodel when they run across inspiring photos online or in a magazine. Creating an idea book or pin board can be beneficial for keeping your ideas fresh. Once you are ready to begin the design phase of your remodel with your local general contractor, you will want to take your ideabook with you to show your designer styles and looks that you love. It may be hard to believe but showing your contractor materials, styles or trends that you despise can also assist in how they come up with the ultimate look to present to you.

Establish Your Budget.

Before visiting your local general contractor, you will want to make sure that you have prepared a budget amount that you are comfortable with. This number should include a little cushion room for any unknown circumstances that could arise such as faulty wiring, a plumbing leak or worse yet mold remediation. It’s always better to plan ahead than to run out of money during the midst of a remodel or needed repair without being able to proceed. It’s recommended that you share this number with your contractor so that they can provide material suggestions that will be price friendly for your wallet and even suggestions for alternative finishes that have the same look and feel that you are dreaming of while staying within your price range.

Hire A General Contractor.

You may think that hiring a designer or general contractor will not fit within your budget. However, working with a good contractor will pave the way for wise material choices that will not only enhance your home but also the value of your home. They will handle all of the details that you simply don’t have the time or knowledge to do. Plus, they have contracts established with material suppliers to get special price breaks that a regular homeowner does not have access to. A general contractor will also coordinate the schedule with all suppliers and subcontractors to make sure that your project stays on track and on budget.

Have these tips got you thinking about projects that you would like to start in your home? If you answered yes, then you are well on your way and are ready to put tips #1-4 into gear. What about tip #5 you ask? That’s simple. The team at TWD has been helping homeowners like you since 1996 bring their visions to life. They are conveniently located with a full home remodeling showroom within their office in Peoria, AZ to assist you. You can visit their website at www.twdaz.com for more details and will quickly see why so many others trust their skilled team with their remodel projects. TWD – Design. Build. Remodel.

5 Tips Before You Start Your Next Remodel
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