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When planning your bathroom remodel in Phoenix, there are numerous materials that play a key role in your color selection process. From cabinetry to flooring and countertops, you will want to make sure that you select complimenting colors, styles and textures to make your space pop.

Stone is one of the more colorfully diverse, yet mysterious materials involved in your kitchen remodel. So where does your stone come from? We spoke with Frank at Cactus Stone, which explained "There are hundreds of quarries located all around the world … Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, to name a few, but we see a lot from Italy and Brazil mostly." Typically they purchase the stone in 110' x 60' blocks on average, depending on what is available. Changes of color and movement in any given quarry dictate what they purchase. He went on to say, "For that reason, Cactus Stone never takes their slab inventory for granted. We are carefully selective on what we bring in for our customers. It really is worth seeing. The best usually is!"

Selecting the perfect stone for your countertops will set the mood for your space. While some take on a very thick textured look and others are more two-toned, each piece of stone that is mined has its own personality. Dark versus light, with and without veins … it all starts at the quarries. In the world of stone and countertop selections, color options change more regularly than the seasons!

Depending on the mineral and sediment content in the earth it can cause variations in the look of the stone, meaning that each time mining is done from the mountain the outcome will be different. There are no two pieces of stone alike. For example, these pictures are of two pieces of black onyx stone that became available only a few weeks apart, but take on two completely different looks.

Some buyers and customers may not fully appreciate the possible variations that can occur. The Heirloom Quartzite slabs, in particular, can vary drastically due to frequent dark gray veining. These photos portray the variations that occur. The top is of a bundle of Heirloom that was acquired in November, while the below photo is what is currently coming out of the quarry today.

That is how dramatic stone can change and what makes it such an amazing product. As you can see, the selection of your perfect slab is ultimately up to you and the different variations that showcase your style. Want to see firsthand how these raw materials are mined? Cactus Stone has compiled a video of this miraculous process that can be seen on YouTube at

Once you have chosen your perfect stone to use in your remodel, the next step is to determine the finish for your countertop. Top off your countertop with a polished, honed, leather or even a hydro finish, which is a very rough textured surface to give just the right appeal. Next, you have your choice of edging. While some people like more of the straight line feel of the squared look, others may be drawn more to the rounded bullnose edging for a less dramatic touch. Below are the most common countertop edges to choose from. Depending on the look that you are going for, your designer or general contractor can assist you in these additional selection options. Having the opportunity to select all of the materials for your project in one location can be more of a life saver than a convenience. Not only will it save you time and money not having to go to multiple locations, but it will provide you the ability to see all materials together making it easy to mix and match your color scheme and select the ideal materials for your home that will work together to showcase your personality. You may find a floor tile that you love immediately in a store, but finding out during the install that it clashes with the gorgeous countertop stone that you have already selected is recipe for disaster. For this reason, TWD has gone the distance to bring all of the very best material suppliers, colors, textures and patterns, including beautifully selected stone options from Cactus Stone into one centrally located showroom in Peoria! Visit their website at for more information on the services they have to offer and for details on their home remodel showroom located at 9201 W. Grand Avenue in Peoria, Arizona.