Shopping for a New Toilet


The first step in your ultimate remodel is the research and planning phase. Now that we have discussed choosing the perfect tub for your lifestyle and finding the ideal stone for your beautiful countertop, we are going to explore the world of toilets. Time and time again, the toilet is overlooked during a remodel or thought of as a standard model necessity. If you think every toilet is the same, then we have a lot of information to uncover!

7 Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Find the Toilet Just Right for You:


  • 1. What is the rough in measurement that you currently have in your home (if you will not be making any necessary modifications) … 10”, 12” or 14”? The “rough in” is the measurement of the placement of the waste hole beneath the toilet to the toilet.
  • 2. Do you have a floor mounted or a wall mounted toilet currently? Plumbing modifications will be needed in order to switch, so make sure that you factor the cost of plumbing relocation into your budget if you are considering a toilet that mounts differently. Typically, the wall mounted models have more of a modern or contemporary flare. There are many varieties to choose from in both categories to suit your style.
  • 3. Would you rather your new toilet be the standard lower bowl height or closer to a chair height? Some people have come to appreciate the comfort of the chair height toilets, not to mention they make it easier for those that may have difficulty getting up and down from a lower sitting position without assistance.
  • 4. Do you favor a round or elongated toilet bowl? This is a simple matter of preference on the look and feel of the seat.
  • 5. Is a one or two-piece toilet system on your preference list? One-piece systems are known to be easier to clean being that the bowl and tank are one solitary unit without any gaps.
  • 6. Is water-saving technology important? Consider looking for a toilet that has dual flush capabilities in order to save water versus a standard single flush system.
  • 7. What color? Plumbing supply companies carry numerous color options to choose from. We recommend going with a white or almond color if you are contemplating selling your home in the near future.  An interested home buyer simply may not have the same color preferences that you do. If you are planning to stay in your home for years to come, choose a versatile color that will match your current and possible future decorating trends.

We hope that these questions have enlightened you on what type of toilet to start shopping for. Make sure that new gaskets, seals and wax rings are included in your shopping list if you are planning to switch out your toilet. Anytime you need to remove your current toilet during the remodel process, we recommend new rings to ensure everything seals properly upon re-install.

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