Discovering Your Neutral Paint Color

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There is an endless array of paint colors on the market, so how do you choose the right neutral color for your home? We have comprised a few tips to help you choose from the most popular hues.

  • Pearls of Wisdom – Pearl white is a naturally refreshing color. With an endless variety of pearl colors, you are sure to find one that you love! “Painting a room white is like giving it a big, tall glass of water. It’s an instant cleansing of the palette,” as described by designer, Elaine Griffin.
  • Warm Grays – Gray has been called the new brown and the new black, but is it the new white? Warm grays can be the cozy neutral color that you are looking for in your home. With the slightest of tint, gray can warm up your living space. Better Homes and Gardens helps explain “To figure out if you’re choosing a warn gray, put it against a taupe swatch and a blue swatch, A warm gray will look closer to the taupe; a cool gray will veer toward blue.” Flatter your new wall color with darker shades from the same scheme as an accent.
  • Ivory - Does your room have an over abundance of natural light? Consider painting with an ivory or a darker creamy white. Brighter whites should be used in homes that lack light. Ivory tones are great for using various shades to create a layered look in your home. The change in lighting throughout the day will shift the color ever so slightly.
  • Ice Coffees and Creamy Lattes – Picture your morning coffee, then add in your favorite creamer. That creamy coffee mixture is a great shade for a neutral paint color in your home. Don’t just let your latte comfort you in the morning, paint your space with these relaxing hues to caring that feeling throughout the day.
  • Blacks and Charcoals – Say it isn’t so, black walls? Black and dark charcoal color on your walls can be a bit overwhelming and cave-like if not offset correctly. Pairing these dark colors with planes of white and/or patterned finishes can make your room pop and create a warming effect. Blacks, mixed with other neutrals can create a dynamic and timeless look to your home.

Are you going for a white on white scheme for your room? A small amount of contrast is still needed in order to make these rooms pop. Consider painting your trim and woodwork (ie door casing, baseboards, crown moldings, etc) with a brighter white shade versus your white wall color. Carry your trim color throughout the other rooms in your home to keep the flow going.

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