Secrets to Creating a Luxurious Bathroom Spa

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Are you in the process of doing a bathroom remodel? Or just missing those special touches of luxury in your existing bathroom? If you have been wondering how the celebrity designers come up with such lavish bathroom remodel ideas, we’ve got the insight for you. There are a few items that you can splurge on that make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Here are a few tricks to help you get a designer look for non-designer prices …

Mirrors: The mirror in your bathroom is more of an important feature than some might think. It has the power to present optical illusions. Low hanging pendant lights that dip below the top of a mirror are automatically doubled for the false impression of added lighting. A wall to wall mirror will reflect upon the space making is seem larger than it really is.

Smoked Glass: If you are upgrading from a standard shower curtain to a sophisticated walk-in shower or the like with a glass enclosure then you are on the right track! Instead of going with a clear glass shower enclosure though consider going with a smoked glass. Keep in mind that it does not have to completely surround your shower either. By adding a single panel and leaving part of your shower open it created that desired spa appeal. Alternatively, a smoky glass will also provide the illusion of privacy while still being transparent enough for the room to feel more spacious. Relatively speaking smoked glass really does cost much more than clear.

Tile to the Ceiling: When updating or adding in a tiled or stone paneled shower to your spa bathroom, taking the tile all the way to the ceiling in lieu of stopping at standard head height will make your space seem taller and more higher end than a traditional bathroom. Many homeowners elect to tile one or two complete walls from floor to ceiling to really make the right statement. For those that desire a little more drama in their space or even if all walls are in the “splash zone” and you want to tile all walls you may consider a classic subway tile. It won’t break the bank and you still have the opportunity to add to its design with the color of grout that you choose!

Lighting: Simply having natural light available in your bathroom is a sign of luxury in itself. Many homeowners dream about skylights and windows with beautiful scenic views. Let’s face it though, in a bathroom that can be a commodity that is not accessible. In these instances make sure to add plenty of lighting throughout the room with focused brighter areas around make-up application stations. Dimmable lighting should be used above the tub to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to have an existing window with no close neighbors then let the light shine in! If it’s necessary to add a covering stick with a sheer or other treatment that will still allow natural light to shine in.

When it comes to creating the perfect luxurious bathroom spa, the possibilities are endless and ultimately rely on your wants and needs for the space. For homeowners like you that may need help with the design build phase of your bathroom remodel, we recommend that you get in contact with TWD in Peoria, Arizona. They have an on-staff design team that will work with you through the entire project to turn your dreams of a new bathroom into a reality. You can see their extensive portfolio they have built since 1996 by visiting and you will quickly realize why so many others have trusted them with all of their remodeling needs!