Saving Money on a Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix

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So you’re thinking about doing bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, but you’re also concerned about your budget. If so, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of folks who’re looking to do home remodeling in Phoenix want cost-cutting measures that don’t sacrifice quality.

The good news is that it’s possible. Read on to discover tips for saving money on your bathroom remodel in Phoenix…

Rethink Resizing When Doing a Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix

If your main goal is to expand the size of your bathroom, then this isn't something you can avoid. However, if you’re just looking to use a bathroom remodel in Phoenix to update the room, then avoid resizing if you’re trying to cut costs.

Don’t Move The Toilet or Tub When Doing a Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix

Another factor that adds dollars to bathroom remodeling in Phoenix are the plumbing costs associated with moving the locations of tubs and toilets. Sliding them over a foot or two isn't a big deal, but moving them more than a few feet will incur plumbing expenses on your bathroom remodel in Phoenix.

Consider Your Priorities for Your Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix

Safety will need to sit at the top of your list when you’re doing bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. For example, if you have mold, then you’ll need to replace your drywall. Or if your wiring is out of date, you may need to upgrade it to get it up to code.

Once you've factored these necessities into your budget for a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, then you can start budgeting for the things you want (but don’t necessarily need).

Give Your Bathroom a Face Lift

If the necessities take up a big part of the money you've set aside for your bathroom remodel in Phoenix, then you’ll want to consider renovation ideas that make a big impact while saving money. For example, updating fixtures, lighting and mirrors can really change the feel of the room without the costs associated with bigger renovations, such as replacing the tub or flooring.

Talk to Expert Bathroom Remodelers in Phoenix

Your best allies when it comes to saving money on your bathroom remodel in Phoenix are the experts here at TWD. We've been doing home remodeling in Phoenix and the greater metro area since 1996. And that means we have experience plenty of experience doing bathroom remodeling in Phoenix that fits your budget. So contact us today by going to -- and let’s talk about all your home remodeling needs!