Popular Home Feature Trends From 2014

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This year brought many home improvement and remodeling trends to the market. Years ago we maintained our home from normal wear and tear, but these days homeowners upgrade and remodel to match their changing style and to provide more convenience and luxury to their daily routine. What topped this year’s trend list for popular home features? Here is your recap of the year for 2014 .

Luxury Laundry Rooms

Larger and More Customized Walk-In Closets: Just decades ago walk-in closets were only for the rich. These days, many homeowners will not purchase a home without one or are on the market for a custom closet remodel to better fit their needs. This year trendy custom closet designs include shoe racks, tie bins, jewelry hooks, built in laundry hampers and more.

Luxury Laundry Rooms: Washers and dryers are no longer stuck in a closet, corner or the garage. Dedicated laundry space (and preferably on the first-floor) are now preferred and have become an essential feature in a home. Many homeowners are remodeling to add extra convenience such as tucked away ironing boards, sinks for hand washing, hidden trash bins, areas for hanging drying clothes and laundry separation.

Multi-Functional Kitchens: Kitchen remodels top the list for 2014. Many homeowners love their neighborhoods and are ready to make remodeling improvements to plan on staying in their home for the long haul. This year the kitchen has transformed into the multi-purpose room for entertaining, room for those working from home, children’s homework time, hobbies and dining space. The kitchen is no longer just for food prep.

1st Floor Bedrooms, But Not the Master: Though popularity is growing with having a bedroom on the first floor of a two-story house, it is certainly is not the Master. Guest bedrooms on the bottom floor provide easier access and comfort for elders coming to stay or for mother suites.

Energy Efficiencies: From electric to water, many appliances and fixtures are being offered with higher energy efficiencies and rebate savings. Water saving toilets, programmable thermostats, energy-star washers and high-tech electrical strips with energy saving features are just a few of the popular ways to save in your home. Energy-star rated windows also top home improvement list for energy savings this year.

Spa-Like Bathrooms: There is no such thing as a standard bathroom anymore. Homeowners are now adding luxury features to create a spa-like bathroom experience in their home to entice all of their senses. Relaxing in a free standing soaking tub or walking into an open designed snail shower with steam options and body sprays both hit the popularity list. Custom bathrooms are now inclusive of lounge chairs, aromatherapy and musical capabilities, a mixture of lighting to compliment any mood, and various textures and finishes.

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