New Year’s Resolutions You Can Stick to—Home Version


Every new year, we make resolutions with the best intentions, but chances are, we won’t stick to them for long. Here are a couple of resolutions for your home that are easy to accomplish and pay off big.


Everyone wants to declutter and have less to worry about, and your home is a great place to start. Getting rid of junk you don’t use is number one, but when it comes to your home itself, you can cut maintenance requirements by using these products that are designed to be durable and trouble free.

LED light bulbs – rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, LED bulbs save money over the life of the bulb, but what you may not realize is that they also save your time. Trips to the store, finding the right bulb in your closet, hauling out stools… these all take time and attention, so cut down on all of that with the couple of dollars more that LEDs cost. You’ll save those dollars in the long-run anyway with their lower power requirements!

Exterior painting is a major task, and not a favorite for many people, so consult with an experienced contractor about getting your home painted and protected this year. While they are there ask for maintenance tips that you can easily do yourself to get the most out of the lifespan of your paint.

Ceramic tile for walls and floors is stylish and wonderfully stain-resistant and durable. Forget replacing carpet every few years, and worrying about scuffing hardwoods, by having a remodeling contractor install tile floors.

Breathe Easy

Even if you don’t get to spend as much time at home as you’d like to, you are there quite a bit, especially when you sleep, so clean indoor air is a must. The simplest thing you can do is make sure to maintain your HVAC system. High quality filters are worth the cost, and be sure to change them as the manufacturer instructs.

During home renovation, ask your general contractor to use only low-VOC paint. Otherwise, you’ll be breathing fumes much longer than you notice the smell.

Vent kitchen and bathroom exhaust to the outdoors. Humidity from the bath and smoke or cooking fumes from the stove should go directly outside the house. Make sure fans work to remove them efficiently.

Fireplaces and wood stoves can also be sources of contamination. Real wood is the better choice because there may be undesirable chemicals, including formaldehyde, in pressed wood.

Another great way to save yourself time and get your home repairs and remodeling done is to hire a reputable general contractor. TWD is a full-service remodeling contractor so we can take care of all home repairs and remodeling projects efficiently. Now you have a company you can rely on for all of your projects in the coming year.

TWD’s design experts can help you choose the materials that fit your Peoria and Greater Phoenix lifestyle, and that will age in place with you, cutting down on future investment of both your time and money.