Money-Saving Tips for Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, Part 2


Previously, I shared with you Part 1 of this article, which showed you ways to save money on a kitchen remodel in Phoenix. Now let’s continue on with Part 2, which shows you still more ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality…

Rethink Recessed Lighting When Doing a Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

Sure, recessed lighting is beautiful. But the labor and parts add up quickly, due to all the drilling, wiring and insulation. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel in Phoenix on a budget, then talk to us here at Todd Whittaker Drywall to find beautiful lighting alternatives at an affordable cost.

Use Sweat Equity Wisely When Doing a Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

Doing some of the work yourself saves you money on kitchen remodeling in Phoenix. However, you won’t save money if you try to do tasks that require skills that you don’t have. Be honest with yourself before using sweat equity to save money on a kitchen remodel in Phoenix.

Can you do demolish work? Sand? Paint? Sometimes saving money is as easy as doing the clean-up work yourself, which then gives you extra money to invest back into your kitchen remodeling project.

Carefully Plan Your Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

There are some projects that quickly add to the cost of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix, such as moving the kitchen sink. If the design is to move it only a couple feet, that’s generally not a problem. But if it is moved more than three feet, you’ll see plumbing costs tacked onto your kitchen remodel in Phoenix.

Consider Alternatives When Doing a Kitchen Remodel In Phoenix

Maybe your plans for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix call for an expensive material, like mahogany, granite or marble, but your budget doesn't quite allow for these materials. If this sounds familiar, don’t toss your kitchen remodeling dream aside. Instead, talk to your expert kitchen remodelers in Phoenix here at TWD. We can help you select lower-cost materials that still give you the look and feel you want.


You don’t have to break the bank with your kitchen remodel in Phoenix, especially when you work with us here at TWD. So contact us today to see what we can do for you – we’d be happy to discuss your plans for kitchen remodeling in the greater metro area!